Why is atonement of sin necessary? Ways to get rid of sin

Do we get forgiveness of sins? How to atone for sin? Is our instinct a sin? Is there any redress for our sins? What is the way to salvation? Let’s know the truth of sin and atonement!

Atonement for sin – two sides of a coin 

This question is as important as our relationship with God. Sin and atonement are two sides of the same coin. If there is sin in our life, then we must also atone for it. If we turn away from God because of sin, then atonement brings us closer to God. Sin without atonement will ruin our lives.

After all, what is ‘sin’ and ‘atonement’? Let us understand these two things one by one.

What is sin?

Sin is something that keeps us separate or away from God. It can be our thinking, our feelings or any of our business. Sin is not just murder or theft or any evil thinking, but also an incurable disease or our natural instinct which causes every little thing wrong done by a man against God. We do not become sinful by sinning, rather we are sinners from birth, so we commit murder. We have all sinned and turned away from the holy God.

Man is born in sin!

So if sin is our natural tendency, what are its types?

According to the Holy Scripture Bible, sin refers to these tendencies – arrogance, greed, lust, jealousy, gluttony, or gluttony, anger and laziness. The sin of man is seen outside as these seven evil tendencies. It is because of this sin that our relationship with God and with others around us has deteriorated, which we need to fix.

But if sin is our natural tendency, then God has also given us the power to make atonement so that we can get back close to God and other people.

What is atonement and what are its forms?

Atonement means ‘to turn away’. That is to change the direction of your thinking. If we change our mind, our perception will change and our behavior will change accordingly, because sin reflects in our thinking, behavior and feeling. There are three types of atonement. We have to change the way we were thinking till now.

But the question is, how and where do we change our thinking? Which way should we move our thinking?

God says in the Holy Scriptures that our thinking is completely different from God’s thinking. We must turn our thinking to God.

This is how we can atone for our sins

  1. Changing Your Mind
  2. Mourning for your mistakes and sins
  3. Confessing your sins and apologizing to God for them
  4. Not thinking wrongly or doing wrong things
  5. Turning Back to God

The atonement mantra can be read in a way that is a prayer to God

“O God, I want to change my mind because they always make me sin.” I am sorry that I have sinned. I confess my sins to you and apologize to you. I will not fall into this sin again. I come to you after atoning my sins. You accept my request I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. ”

In the Bible, Jesus Christ said that if we pray in his name, God will accept our prayers.

Along with all this we should also try these measures of freedom from sin

  1. keep on praying
  2. Reading and meditating on God’s Word Bible
  3. Confessing your sins and apologizing to God
  4. Accepting and believing the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for our sins
  5. Always be in the company of believers of Christ

We can also read the sin prevention mantra with confidence near God. This will save us from sins. This mantra or prayer is something like this:

“God, forgive me for my sins.” I consider Jesus Christ my Savior. I accept this sacrifice for my sins, on the cross. You save me from my sins. Do not let me fall into any test. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. “

We will have to do this mantra or prayer with faith as God hears our prayers. You can contact us to know more about sin and atonement.




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