Atom RPG Trudograd FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the global story expansion “Trudograd” for the popular role-playing game ATOM RPG

We answer popular questions that may arise during the game in ” Trudograd “.

How do I transfer a character?

The game developers have officially confirmed the ability to transfer the character from the original Atom RPG to the “Trudograd” add -on . But there is one condition that must be met: the extension accepts save files made after defeating the last boss or after joining it. In all other cases, the game will simply not see the character available for use.

How to open the knife of stalker Igor?

In the market of the suburb of Trudograd, you can buy a knife of the stalker Igor. It is sold by a trader with all sorts of rubbish. When examining the knife, you will see a code panel where you need to enter a four-digit password. But which one?

A woman and a chimney sweep are standing on the Rusty Quarter location, on the side of the Inverter plant. The woman is a trader, and you can buy the diary of the stalker Igor from her. To open this diary, you will have to apply strength, endurance, hacking, technology or other skills. If you pass the test, you will get access to the contents of the book. Among other things, there will be a page with essays, on which the combination 6507 is repeated over and over again. Enter it on the knife of the stalker Igor. There will be an expensive necklace inside (about 2,000 rubles).

How to resolve the conflict in the parking lot peacefully?

Unfortunately, you cannot end the conflict peacefully. At least for now. That is, you will have to stand up either for the man who lost his son, or for the merchant at the truck. If you tell them to figure it out themselves, then the merchant and the guard will kill the peasant.

How to break doors and other objects?

You do not need lockpicks for this. Those lockpicks that you can find, earn or buy in the game, when placed in the main character’s hand, increase the hacking skill by 20 points. To start hacking any object, approach it, hover the mouse cursor and hold down LMB. Icons will appear, including a hand with a mount. Select it to attempt a hack. If you see a red sign “Failure”, it means that luck in this attempt is not on your side, but you have at least some probability of a successful hack. Just try again. But if an inscription appears, which says that despite all your efforts, the lock does not give in, you should know: you do not have a high breaking skill, so you will not be able to cope with this lock.

How to train a dog?

There are two ways. One of them is to have high luck. In this case, you can train the dog in all three commands. The second option is to pass the test with three skills at different stages. Strength, endurance and dexterity must be high enough.

How do you make money?

There are several ways to get rich in the game. The most commonplace is completing side quests. We do not take into account the plot ones, since they are usually long, and there is usually no money reward for them. To make the most of your side quests, you need to have a high level of communication or bartering skills. The latter is mainly used. Moreover, the barter skill will help you in something else: firstly, you will be able to ask quest givers for a large reward, and secondly, you will be able to negotiate discounts and increase the cost of your goods with merchants. That is, in the second case, on the one hand, you will be able to buy all the junk cheaper, on the other hand, your things will be sold at a higher price (but not so that you buy one thing and sell it to another merchant cheaper; we are talking about loot).

Finally, another way is to search every corner of the location. Press the ALT key to highlight objects available for interaction. These can be both lockers containing loot and the items themselves that you can pick up. All of them will be highlighted in green. The objects you studied, but in which there is some loot, are highlighted in yellow. The objects that you have already searched and taken from them everything that is there are highlighted in white.

Where can I find the four Grandmasters?

Unfortunately, the May 11, 2020 Early Access version of the game does not contain all the content. Among other things, there is not a single Grandmaster in it with whom you could play Bombagan. Although, I agree, this is an interesting card game.

Where are the Ismail brothers and how to complete the “Villainous Brothers” quest?

The answer is identical to the one mentioned above: the Ismail brothers, like the old Schwartz, are not yet in the game. Wait for updates and you will soon be able to continue this quest.

Why is the police station empty?

The developers of the game will release updates in the coming weeks, and the first of them is aimed just at reviving the police station, which will allow the main storyline to continue and add a number of additional quests.

Should I give the mechanic rope and soap?

After exploring several locations and partly advancing through the plot, when you return to the suburb of Trudograd again, you will meet a mechanic at the entrance. He stands next to the snowmobiles. Chat with him and offer help. He says he can fix everything in his life if you bring him a rope with soap. Many might think that he wants to commit suicide, but in fact, a more sophisticated plan has matured in his head. He exchanges a rope with soap from a visiting merchant for a motor for a snowmobile. The fact is that the merchant really wants to take a steam bath, but he has no money for soap, and even for a rope with which to tie the horses.

How to improve skills right in the game?

In addition to the banal receipt of skill points by raising the level of the main character, there are several other ways in the game that allow you to pump skills:

  1. Fasmer lives on Kolotushkin Street. Pay him 100 rubles (in the second case – 200 or 300), and he will teach you hand-to-hand combat. Each time you will receive +5 to hand-to-hand combat.
  2. Behind Mikhalych’s tavern, from the side of the kitchen, there is a former convict chopping wood. Talk to him. If you agree to insert a bronze tooth, you will receive a modifier that increases charisma by 1 unit when communicating with bandits, but decreases it when talking with civilians.

How to find the missing northerners?

A task is connected with them, on which Iskra will send you from the Mikhalych tavern, if you decide to help the revolutionaries. After talking with the owner of the hotel, who replaced the owner at the counter, you will receive a mysterious book. You need to get to the fourth number. This is the only locked room. To open it, break open the door. If you do not have enough skill and you receive a message that despite all attempts, nothing succeeds, you will have to buy lockpicks in the market and place them in your hand. And if, in this case, you still receive the same messages, then you will have to wait for a level increase and invest in hacking. And then when you find yourself in the fourth room, place the book on the bookcase. This will reveal a secret passage leading to the underground.

How do I get companions?

At the time of this writing, you could only find one satellite. And he will be familiar to you from the original game. We are talking about Geksogen, and he lives in house number 9 on Kolotushkin Street. Just chat with him and agree to take him to your team. In addition, he has some information about Professor Goryachev.

Bug with the quest “Sins of the Past”. Can’t interact with anyone?

During this task, after talking with the wife of Valera Lyutikov, you will be able to talk to the apple seller and Stepan, who lives near the Mikhalych tavern. So, if you talk to the apple seller, then to Stepan and Camomile, then on your return to Stepan you will see people who tied him and Valera. But it will be impossible to interact with them. This is mistake. To prevent it from happening, do not communicate with Stepan. First, find out from the apple merchant about Chamomile, then talk to this prostitute, and then go to Stepan. When you enter the room, cutscenes will start, and you can talk to everyone.

How to get through the minefield?

If you have enough charisma, then you can find out why the man sitting among the tents to the left of the hotel in the suburb of Trudograd is grieving. This will start the quest “Problem with Teeth”. A man will tell you that he lost his teeth in a minefield. Go to the hole in the fence and examine the minefield. There is a pile of junk here to interact with. If you have low luck, you simply won’t see mines. And there is no mine detector in the game yet. Therefore, either use our screenshot, which shows a safe route, or choose it yourself, having saved it in advance. The location of mines in the game does not change.

What to do with a woman in a lilac coat with a child in a suburb of Trudograd?

She has the “Alimony” quest for you, but you can only get it with a high level of charisma. That is, an automatic check should work when talking to a woman.


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