Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Fish Locations Guide

One of the more realistic features added in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the secondary activity of fishing. In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla fish locations guide, we’ve provided detailed information on how to fish in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, including the fishing locations and rewards you receive.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Fish Locations

Fishing is considered to be one of the carefree activities of the game.

For this activity, you must first unlock the fishing hut, catch your fish and trade them with Arth and his grandfather to receive your rewards.

How to fish

Fishing in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is unlocked at the fisherman’s hut; available after the mission to England, where you have been assigned a task to increase the influence of your city.

For this mission, you need to build houses and buildings for the members of your settlement.

After reaching rank 2 in the settlement (costs 600 supplies and 45 raw materials), you will unlock the fishing hut.

The first step in fishing is to go to the river, where you will catch some fish.

Once in the position, simply press the D-pad and a menu will appear; select your line from the fishing icon.

Once equipped, you need to focus on two things; aim and cast your line. You can aim using L2 / LT as for throwing, use R2 / RT.

After catching the fish, use R2 / RT to hook it and press X / A to take it out.

This method takes a lot of time and patience and if you don’t like to wait, we have an alternative method for you!

The alternative method requires barrels of oil. If you have some, you can throw them in the water, shoot them to cause an explosion.

This method kills any nearby fish, which you can simply grab once they are on the surface.

Once you’ve caught the fish, you can bring it back to Arth and his grandfather to exchange it for rewards such as runes, craft supplies and tattoo designs.


There to 18 tradable fish that you can find in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, few belonging to the same place.

Below is a list of fish you will encounter along with their respective locations.

Arctic char / hake / mackerel / redfish: Found in Rygafylke and Hordafylke (Norway).

Sturgeon: found in Cent, Suthsexe, Hamtunscire.

Shad: found in East Anglia, Lincolnscire.

Salmon: found in Lincolnscire, Eurvicscire, Snotinghamscire.

Perch : found at Ledecestrescire, Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, Oxenefordscire, Sciropescire, Lincolnscire, Snottinghamshire.

Halibut: found off the coast of Grantebridge, East Anglia, Lincolnscire.

Bollock : found in Cent, Essexe, Suthsexe, Hamtunscire.

Bream : found off the coast of Cent, Essexe, Suthsexe, Hamtunscire.

Brown Trout: Found in Ledecestrescire, Sciropescire, Lincolnscire, Eurvicscire, Glowecestrescire, Nottinghamshire.

Bullhead : found at Ledecestrescire, Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, Oxenefordscire, Sciropescire, Essexe, Lincolnshire, Eurvicscire, Glowecestrescire, Nottinghamshire.

Burbot: found in Oxenefordscire, Cent, Sciropescire, Suthsexe, Glowecestrescire, Hamtunscire.

Cod: You can find it off the coast of East Anglia, Cent and Essexe

Anguilla: found in Ledecestrescire, Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, Oxenefordscire, Sciropescire.

Flatfish : found off the coast of Cent, Essex, Suthsexe, Hamtunscire.

Gray Trout: Found in Cent, Essexe, Suthsexe, Hamtunscire.

Legendary Fish
The legendary fish in AC Valhalla is a prodigious fish, whose location can be found in the merchandising shop.

All you have to do is scroll up and down the list of tattoos to buy to end up in a list of legendary fish locations .


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