The art of being a good manager without needing superpowers

The new world of the manager asks for a person who is much more dynamic to make quick, human and correct decisions. There are no magical superpowers, just knowing how to choose the right team, taking care of improving skills, using the right resources and a lot, but a lot, notion of where you need to step.

The market requires some essential skills that may even be native to some people, but all of them need to focus on people management, mastery of technology and humanized attitudes as fundamental pillars of a new efficient management.

The perfect combination of these factors is an advance in the look of management with much more noticeable results. Now, there are other points that need to be considered in this journey through the art of being a good manager . And believe me, it does n’t have to be superpowers, just skills learned, perfected and developed with study, practice and knowledge.

The ability to solve problems

You can master all the numbers of a commercial operation and know how to handle orders like a good boss, but if you don’t have the ability to create a flow to solve simple and complex problems during day-to-day, you’ll have management outside of the emergency reality that world of sales and results they need today.

For those who want to become good managers , the trust they have to have each other between the front line of an industry and their team is really a must. Your entire team needs to know that one of your skills is to be able to solve something or to delegate someone to solve it whenever he needs support from another level of support for something.

There is no longer that time when the manager was just the one in which we copy in e-mails to ensure that we are making the best decision, every team today needs to participate in the processes in an integral way and together , arrive at a combination of intelligences to solve problems as efficiently as possible.

The boss can no longer be that intermediary between product, team and customers. The ideal management today is one that is made by a partnership doubly committed to creating solutions that are viable, sustainable and accurate.

Encourage team members’ autonomy

Do not get used to centralizing everything that needs to be done under your sole and exclusive responsibility. Call on people to help you overcome the challenges.

Make sure to incorporate recognized skills from your team’s talents to contribute to decisions you need to make and don’t even have to demonstrate difficult situations to deal with.

Obviously, some decisions need an author to be carried out, but instead of creating an environment of fear through initiatives between people, get used to promoting collective tasks that can generate collective learning and even if you make mistakes or get them right, learn to deal with that collaboration.

Do not make your team a kind of children dependent on your endorsement all the time, always be the one who is concerned with distributing responsibilities and generating maturity.

Never miss the culture of creativity

Many managers find it difficult to create new things due to the multitude of tasks they need to carry out during the day. Learn to identify one of your differentials to learn how to create new ways of making, creating and innovating management processes, products, methodologies and policies.

Go after to understand how you can obtain a differentiated technology that brings different results, how you can work your prices more in line with the market, research how you can build new ways of facing the standard market, how you can create new ways of carrying out a service outside standard, and how to adapt to the new customer’s experience.

Never put aside critical thinking about everything you produce . Always be willing to reevaluate your behaviors , your products, your brand, the way you face people management and the type of thinking and approach you are used to carrying out daily.

Leaving the commonplace is the principle of creative and most profitable ideas. Do this often and see new challenges in a much clearer way and you will know honestly how to create actions not to be left behind.

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Take care of people and invest in emotional intelligence

It is no secret that to be a good leader, we must learn to deal with people. The guy who knows how to guide people, is always at a more advanced stage when it comes to having increasingly increasing sales results.

Some people seem to have a natural ability to deal with all kinds of people, but being able to manage people, handle task assignments , be competent to delegate functions intelligently, manage demands and empower people for an increasingly complex market and competitive, it is also an exercise in caring for people and learning to see where each one fits the process in the best way.

When managers are unable to deal with the idea of ​​leading in a humanized way , they automatically do not know how to deal with their own emotions.

It is not difficult to find people in management positions taken by the despair of disorganization, inserted in an environment of constant nervousness, acclimated with discouraging pressure and full of discouragement in the face of their inability to manage tensions without showing anxiety, emotional instability and abusive demands on their teams.

Try to avoid known problems with effective methods

To mitigate this, it is necessary to learn more about yourself, about the limits, about the primordial capacities and create an environment that can see more broadly how to harness the right team in the right place.

It is evident that the difficult ones will always exist, but it is possible to deal with these problems. When we are committed to conducting business management that is capable of predicting behaviors , using a tool that facilitates a viable, organized and safe work model, that records all steps, and creating a more tangible analysis of reality, generating agility in ability to judge decisions, amateur problems become less frequent.

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