Art and adolescence;How teens can participate in art

We call art some human activities that have an aesthetic and communicative purpose. And although sometimes others are included, generally what we understand most by art are: painting , sculpture , architecture , music , dance , theater , cinema and literature in all its variations. Photography or fashion is also considered by some to be artistic disciplines.

Bringing teenagers closer to any of these activities, either as artists or as spectators, brings many good things to their lives.

How teens can participate in art

There are two ways to make teens enjoy art. The first is that they themselves carry out an artistic activity, the second is that they access it as spectators.

  • Perform artistic activities. Many teenagers paint, sculpt, take photographs or belong to a theater group, but there are also many for whom art is a very foreign activity. In the case of the latter, it is a good idea to bring them closer to those that we believe may be to your liking.
    For example, teens are often interested in photography. Many of them only because they use the camera of their cell phonewithout being aware that what they do can become an artistic activity. If our adolescent is in that case, we can make what has only been a way of spending time become an activity that gives him many advantages for his life. For this we can take you to see photography exhibitions, provide you with web addresses of artists in this discipline, bring you photography books or find a course in which to learn the fundamentals of artistic photography.
    We can do the same with any of the other artistic activities. It is indisputable that the contemplation of works of art by the best artists gradually educates the eye, if that becomes a frequent activity, our adolescents will acquire, whether they practice it or just contemplate it, their own taste for objects artistic and critical ability to judge them.
  • Access art as spectators. There are people who do not have or who are not interested in developing their own artistic capacity. If our adolescent is in that case, that does not mean that he cannot enjoy art and take advantage of the benefits that it can offer him. In this case we can make it a spectator.
    In order for boys and girls to become interested in art, they must be encouraged to access it. The best thing is to try to enjoy as many artistic disciplines as possible but adolescence is a very complex period, at that time boys often reject parental advice, they may complain that art is a “roll” or reject it just because they we propose it. So, in those cases, you have to find a strategy.
    If we can interest them in a single art form, interest in the rest will come later. What we must do is look for the one that is closest to their interests or hobbies, perhaps cinema or literature, or perhaps, architecture. In any case, whatever it is, we must try to get it deeper.

What art brings to teenagers

Whether as creators or spectators of artistic activities, art brings many good things to the training of adolescents:

  1. Express emotions. That is the first of the characteristics of art, it is a form of expression of emotions. As creators they can express what they feel much easier and as spectators they can find emotions like theirs in others.
  2. Understand the world. Being a form of communication of emotions, art serves to better understand the world. And that is very useful during adolescence when boys and girls are discovering their surroundings and looking for their place.
  3. Increase your creativity. The constant relationship with artistic objects makes all people more creative.
  4. Expand your interests. Both cultural and social because it brings them to very different ways of seeing the world.
  5. Increase your critical capacity. An essential characteristic for intellectual maturation, the development of critical capacity , is made easier with continuous contact with art.
  6. Feel pleasure. Enjoying art brings great pleasure and that is something that can help make teens’ lives better. A source of pleasure and knowledge can make the problems, changes and fears that most live at that stage more bearable.


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