Armored Warfare: Assault – FV101 Scorpion Guide

A story about the British light tank of the third era, its strengths and weaknesses, tactical tricks and history

Armored Warfare: Assault is a multiplayer tank action game for mobile platforms. Here you can try out both post-World War II tanks and modern technology. If you have just started playing, then read our introductory guide . In the coming days, playing Armored Warfare: Assault, you can get an exclusive tank, a bunch of gold, currency and not spend a penny.

From the history

The British Empire was rapidly losing ground in the early sixties. The former colonies, one after the other, declared independence, the dominions moved to the British Commonwealth on much more favorable terms. London finally ceased to be the capital of the world. This also forced the government and the General Staff to revise the military doctrine. From now on, the stake was placed on mobile forces that could quickly respond to threats and begin to operate anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

Based on the new doctrine, the Center for the Development and Study of Combat Vehicles has designed the FV101 Scorpion light reconnaissance armored vehicle . Its tasks included: reconnaissance, patrolling, infantry support and, if necessary, engaging in battle with enemy tanks. The vehicle received its middle name from the 76 mm L23A1 gun, which became a kind of sting for the BRM.

Scorpion in Armored Warfare: Assault

The FV101 Scorpion is a light tank from the third era. It is a devilishly compact and nimble machine that is very difficult to drive. But if you are a skill tanker, then playing Scorpion will bring you a lot of fun.

Most importantly, learn to use your size and maneuverability to the fullest. Scorpion, released to the operational space, can spin almost any car. Do the opposite of what you would do with the M113 or any other light vehicle. Show maximum insolence, circle under the very nose of the enemy. If you are confident in your skills, then dodge between opponents and use the terrain. But don’t forget that a stopped Scorpion is a dead Scorpion .

The price to pay for outstanding mobility comes from a small margin of safety and a weak weapon, which, although it has a high density of fire and excellent stabilization, does not pose a real threat. If you are able to pick a single opponent for more than a minute and not collide with any boulder, then welcome to the FV101 fan club.

Crawl around the corner, fire one or two shots and change position

If it seems to you that when controlling from the touchpad you cannot achieve a sufficiently high control accuracy, then you are right. You can compensate for mistakes in management by using the tank’s abilities. “Smoke shell” allows you to immobilize and blind a dangerous enemy at a distance. In addition, if you choose Mario Rossi as commander, then you will have the ability “Smoke Strike” at your disposal. This means that you will be able to put two smoke screens with a pause of one or two seconds.

Another feature of the FV101 Scorpion is its high stealthiness. On maps with large open spaces, the Scorpion can inflict damage from the bushes and go unnoticed for a long time. And even if you are suddenly discovered, then you can still play with the enemy, shooting back at a distance. Getting into the tiny silhouette of a British tank from the cannon of something large, such as the MBT-70, is not so easy. Although you shouldn’t flirt with opponents armed with missiles.

FV101, hiding in the bushes and keeping a distance, is almost invisible to opponents. If you are not confident in your abilities or have not yet mastered the controls, welcome!

Finally, remember that Scorpion is completely unsuitable for playing alone. Although its low-powered weapon allows for heavy fire, the final damage per minute will be low and even for a full battle you cannot send more than three opponents to respawn. It is much more useful to use Scorpion to support allies. Focus fire on those targets that have already been identified by your allies. A friendly tank will receive two or three hits less, and the team will be able to move forward.

Stay away from the point of contact. It is worth moving slightly behind or along the flank. This will allow you to see more of the space and better define your goals. Give priority to either half-disassembled and overboard opponents, or light vehicles armed with missiles. The latter are much more dangerous for the team.

Who to take on the crew?

  • The Scorpion’s mandatory assignment will be Commander Mario Rossi. The Smoke Strike ability will keep you from returning to respawn in the most critical situations over and over again. In addition, the tank’s Smoke Bullet ability, combined with the Mario Rossi skill, makes the FV101 Scorpion twice as useful as a support vehicle.
  • We take Jacob Krakow as a mechanic. “Anti-jamming” is almost a must for any light vehicle, as losing speed for even a few seconds can be fatal.
  • Let’s put Pierre Durand as an arrow. At first glance, the “Master of arson” will not help a weak gun of a British light tank, on the other – its accuracy is already sufficient and there is no need to worry about it.

What’s the bottom line?

The FV101 Scorpion is a tank for confident players. Its small size and excellent maneuverability make it elusive, but a weak weapon and low safety factor leave no room for error. Use “Smoke Strike” and “Smoke Bullet” more often and not only in situations when it becomes hot for you. Being able to knock out a dangerous enemy for a few seconds is a great way to support your team. If you do not have enough skills to play actively or come across a map without large open spaces, take the second line and work from there. Scorpion has excellent camouflage and a small silhouette. It is not so easy to neutralize him in ranged combat.

Compare the level of insolence with the level of ability, not every scrape will be able to get out whole

See you in Armored Warfare! Come into the game next week to take part in the “Iron Fist” event. You’ll get tons of money, gold, VIP days, and the chance to acquire a Legendary Tank and Legendary Commander. We recently talked about the event in one of the articles

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