Armor Island Pokémon Guide: Cheats, Secrets, and Tips

Since June 17, 2020, Pokémon Sword and Shield already has its first expansion known as The Isle of Armor available . In this DLC content, players can visit a new region of Galar full of new Pokémon, challenges and secrets to discover. As part of our complete guide to the Nintendo game, on this page you will find everything you need to explore 100% The Isle of Armor.

  • Note: this guide is currently under construction, its contents will be expanded in the coming days.

How to acquire The Island of Armor?


  • Release date:Available from June 17, 2020.
  • Price:99 euros (sold in conjunction with Las Nieves de la Corona, the second DLC planned for the end of 2020).

If you want to get the Isle of Armor, you must buy the Pokémon Sword or Shield Pokémon Expansion Pass . It is priced at 29.99 euros and is exclusively digital . It can be found in the Nintendo Switch eShop , although some specialized stores such as GAME in Spain also allow the purchase of a physical card that includes downloading the content.

Be careful , this expansion pass is individual for each of the deliveries , so when making the purchase it is very important that you pay attention to what you buy the pass for your edition. That is, if for example you have Pokémon Sword then you must buy the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass.

How to travel to the Island of Armor?

Once you have purchased the expansion pass, you can travel to the Isle of Armor if you meet some very basic requirements . Taking the trip is something that may pose some doubts for some players, that’s why we have prepared a short explanation with everything you need to know to pack and start this new adventure through the hot islands of Galar.

Pokédex Armor: All Pokémon in the DLC

The Isle of Armor adds a total of 210 Pokémon already known in the franchise and also new faces thanks to its own Armor Pokédex , which you receive when starting the expansion. In our guide we thoroughly review all the Pokémon in this Pokédex and how to get them , which ones are exclusive to the DLC and each edition and much more.

Keep in mind that, mainly, these are the Pokémon that The Isle of Armor adds:

  • New Legendaries: Kubfu and Urshifu .
  • New Galar Shapes:as Galar’s Slowpoke .
  • New Pokémon Gigamax:like Venusaur Gigamax, Blastoise Gigamax , Rillaboom Gigamax, Cinderance Gigamax, Inteleon Gigamax or Urshifu Gigamax.
  • Ancient Pokémon:Over 100 old acquaintances, even seen in Galar and regional forms.

All of these new Pokémon that are part of the Pokédex Armor are only available to players who purchase the Expansion Pass . For players who do not acquire the pass, the Pokédex will also be updated for free, but these new Pokémon can only be obtained through exchanges or using the Pokémon HOME function .

Kubfu and Urshifu

We also teach you how to get Kubfu , the true Pokémon protagonist of The Isle of Armor. It is a legendary Pokémon that can evolve into Urshifu , which has two different styles, Rough Style Urshifu and Fluid Style Urshifu . This evolution also has a Gigamax version that can be unlocked by following certain steps.

Alola’s 150 Diglett Hunt

We’ll activate the largest secondary task on Isle of Armor shortly after arriving in this region, and it’s nothing more and nothing less than a 150 Diglett search for Alola . They are scattered throughout the island and buried in the ground. Only their three yellow hairs and a little of their heads can be seen, but don’t worry, because we show you the location of all of them and the rewards you will receive for returning them to their owner.

Everything about the Maxisopa and the T-shirts

The Maxisopa is the new unique special dish from The Isle of Armor. Following the history of the DLC, they will teach us how to prepare this recipe, for which the Maxttes , which grow in the caves and forests of the island, are needed as ingredients. Thanks to the Maxisopa we can teach our Pokémon to gigamax or lose the Gigamax factor if they already have it.

The Cramobot and its combinations

In the Master Dojo of the Island of Armor we will meet little Idrán, a very intelligent boy who has built the Cramobot, a recycling machine in which you can insert 4 objects to result in new ones . There are dozens of combinations and objects to get, take a look at our guide to discover them all.

Get Duralium Shards

The Island of Armor is a place where the mysterious fragments of Duralium can be found , a very special and quite scarce mineral that can serve us for several different very useful tasks, such as restarting the effort points of our Pokémon or teaching them new movements . Don’t despair if you can’t find them, there are two very easy ways to get hold of them .

Master Dojo improvements

The central location of La Isla de la Armadura is the Master Dojo run by Mostaz. Here part of the DLC adventure takes place and you can rest with your Pokémon in addition to other tasks. Among the available options it is possible to add things such as a Rotomi PC or a hairdressing service thanks to the improvements to the Dojo that Tania can carry out if we deliver the quantities of watts necessary for it.

The new Movement Tutor

What would Pokémon Battle be without its moves and attacks ? How could it be otherwise, in The Island of Armor we can meet a new Movement Tutor who is in the Master Dojo building. To learn their movements we must spend Duralium, but surely it is worth it since there are new and exclusive ones such as Burning Envy or Phyto Impulse .


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