Are you an alpha woman?

Being a more confident, determined and well-resolved woman is possible for everyone, isn’t it? This is the alpha woman. A person who is independent and confident of himself, who is very strong and inspiring, and stands out before others, thanks to his strong and firm personality.

An alpha woman knows exactly what she wants. She doesn’t wait for things to happen. It is she who takes center stage in her story, in search of achievements, always putting her needs first.

Being an alpha woman is having a lifestyle. You are not born but you become one. Enough of a life full of frustrations, without courage and goals. The time has come to become a winner!

So, understand if you are already an alpha woman and discover the 20 main characteristics to become one!

20 characteristics of an alpha woman

We have listed the 20 characteristics of the alpha woman for you to recognize whether or not you have this profile. Check out!

  1. The alpha woman is not afraid to be alone

One of the great fears of most people is being alone, but not the alpha woman. Believe me, she prefers to be alone with bad company! To be with someone, this type of woman needs to have her priorities respected, because she wants a partnership that makes her even happier than she already is alone .

Thus, this woman never gets involved with someone just for lack of affection, since she already supplies her need for affection and attention, and does not seek this recognition in the other. In fact, when the alpha woman ends a relationship , she knows she will get over it faster, because she has the confidence and courage to continue.

  1. Likes challenges

Certainly challenges are part of life, but not everyone knows how to deal with them. This is not the case for the alpha woman. She likes and knows the value of difficulties, never running away from them. In addition, she always recognizes the value of victory and does not give up after defeats.

In everyday life, work, study and professional life, the alpha woman likes and takes even more risks in the daily challenges. Thus, it is happier and more successful, as it does not escape anything. By the way, in addition to knowing how to win, she also knows how to lose and recognize the value and merit of other people.

  1. It’s a highlight wherever it goes

Do you know that woman who stands out wherever she goes, causing admiration and even envy in some? So, this characteristic is also part of an alpha woman!

The alpha woman has a strong personality, her own opinion and personal magnetism. She is always seen as the center of attention wherever she goes, even on days when she doesn’t even want to stand out.

The good thing is that she always gets what she wants more easily, after all, all eyes are on her – be it in the sense of flirting, work or relationship. The downside is that she can handle other people’s envy and sabotage, but nothing that undermines the confidence and attitude of a true alpha woman!

  1. Demands respect

The disrespect is still great with women, but many do not accept this type of treatment anymore, they impose themselves and repel this attitude. Of course, they repudiate with class and education, but without being intimidated.

Furthermore, the alpha woman does not tolerate lack of respect. Therefore, she “cuts” the people in her life who do not add and are disrespectful to her, whether in verbal communication or in attitudes. This woman’s motto is “rather than accompanied only”.

  1. Treat people well

Another striking feature of an alpha woman is her way of treating other people: politely, cordially and, above all, friendly, without distinguishing people.

  1. Don’t be prejudiced

Prejudice is typical in closed-minded people, isn’t it? But that does not suit an alpha woman, who is open minded by nature. For this reason, it is a characteristic of this woman not to have prejudices, respecting each one in their individuality and choices.

  1. Doesn’t compare

Comparison is one of the causes of people’s constant dissatisfaction. However, a woman with an alpha personality does not fall for comparing herself with other people and women. After all, she knows that each person is unique: each with their own qualities and defects. Certainly the act of comparing oneself is a big mistake, because each person has a story.

Unfortunately, another way to compare is via social networks. Many women believe that various posts by social influencers or media personalities, for example, are true to reality, causing sadness and even mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.

Thus, it is necessary to avoid the habit of comparing on the internet to become more and more an alpha woman. Know that she does not compare her beauty with that of other women, nor her achievements or defeats with those of other people.

  1. Take risks

It is not uncommon to find people who are afraid to take risks, avoiding situations that go beyond their comfort zone as much as possible. However, this habit causes stagnation of life, facilitating the situations of unhappiness and sadness, because, “life does not walk”.

All of this, in contrast to the alpha woman, who loves to take well-calculated risks, but nevertheless does not shy away from possible disappointments, facilitating her conquests in all areas of life.

  1. Is wise

An alpha woman acquires maturity much faster than others. This happens because of your wisdom. This type of woman does not allow herself to be taken in by external opinions and guesses, and analyzes everything carefully. Furthermore, she makes decisions based on her convictions and character.

  1. Let others shine

An alpha woman is well resolved, as you can see, right? In this way, something she does naturally is to let others shine and stand out. She knows how to recognize the value and talent of each and, above all, does not boycott the success of others. Thus, she gains even more admiration and respect from the people around her.

  1. Are you aware that you don’t know everything

Despite all the confidence and attitude that an alpha woman has, she is aware that she doesn’t know everything. Thus, she avoids giving opinions and meddling in matters she does not master.

  1. Competes with herself

Competition with other people is not part of the alpha woman’s life. She is more concerned with competing with herself, that is, exceeding her own limits.

Many people pay attention to winning others, but fail to achieve their own goals. That is why they live a stagnant life with no prospects.

The alpha woman is determined and, instead of paying attention to the achievements of others, she runs after her dreams and focuses only on her goals, not measuring herself with the success or failure of others.

  1. Don’t criticize

Criticism is seen by many as normal and even acceptable.

However, the alpha woman knows that this posture is harmful and does not add anything to her life and the people around her. Furthermore, she tries to change others by example, and not with harmful criticisms that do nothing to improve the situation.

  1. Independence is your verb

The alpha woman does not know how to be dependent, whether from the circumstances of life, husband or other people in her life. This kind of well-resolved woman does not ask for permission nor does she wait to do her daily activities.

In addition to working, the alpha woman also studies more and more to gain better positions in her career. In this way, it is not dependent on the economic scenario, much less on other people.

  1. Has high self-esteem

Self- esteem is important to be an alpha woman! This type of woman is confident of herself, of her power and value, and accepts no less than she thinks she deserves. This goes for relationships, work and friendships.

  1. Likes the good things in life

As the alpha woman is more focused on herself than on the lives of others, she makes better use of her day to day, enjoying more of the good things in life, such as: travel, moments with family and relaxation with friends.

  1. Misunderstood

The woman, who is or wants to be an alpha, needs to know that she will be misunderstood. Many people judge the alpha woman as superficial and insensitive.

Unfortunately, society still judges women who stand up, run after their ideals and don’t bow their heads to anyone. But obviously, an alpha woman doesn’t care about those opinions.

  1. Giving up is not part of the vocabulary

One of the biggest problems to achieve the dream is to give up halfway. The alpha woman doesn’t know what that is, after all, she never gives up on her true ideals. She is persistent and determined in achieving her goals!

  1. Is balanced

Despite having characteristics of intense people, the alpha woman is far from being out of balance. She values ​​a balanced life in all areas – love, work, social or family.

  1. Take care of your health and well-being

The alpha woman is committed to herself!

Thus, she does not neglect her health care and well-being. Her routine includes responsibilities for food, exercise and regular doctor visits. She knows that it is necessary to be physically well to cope with the countless chores of her daily life.


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