Archiving and hiding photos on Instagram: here’s how

The photo social network now allows you to make old posts private, so that they are visible only to the account owner. We explain how to do it.

Instagram has introduced a new post archiving feature, very useful for removing an old compromising, ugly or simply no longer suitable photo from your profile for public viewing by other users.

Until now, the social network, part of the Facebook family since 2012 , did not allow you to perform any similar operation, all posts in a profile were automatically public, unless the profile itself was set as private.

To use the new storage function, just open the photo to be hidden and then tap on the icon with the three dots at the top right.

Among the options that will now appear in the menu there is also “Archive”. From the same menu, you can disable comments on the photo, edit the post text, share it or delete it. The cancellation, before the last update, was the only (drastic) solution to prevent the public display of the post.


Archived photos remain visible to the user on a separate screen, which can be accessed from the clock icon at the top right of the user profile. If you want to restore the public visibility of the post, just select the image, tap again on the three dots at the top right and then on “Show in profile”. The photograph will revert to its original place in the user’s feed, based on the date it was originally posted.

“Your profile is a representation of who you are, and it evolves with you over time,” they said from Instagram to motivate adding the storage option. “Thanks to [this feature], you now have more flexibility in shaping your profile while retaining the moments that matter.”


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