ArcheAge: family life

Everything about the benefits of the family in the game: const-party, chests, scarecrows, craft reputation and more.

What is a family in ArcheAge ? For some, it’s a const-party, but for others, it’s an easy way to get in touch with twins. Now I will talk about why the family in the game is necessary, at least between two people.

Family creation and its bonuses

A family is created by inviting one player to the family to another. It is enough to right-click on the player’s panel or on a nickname in the chat, and then select “Invite to family”. To do this, you need a “Registration Form”, which is sold in useful trifles for one gold. In addition, the form will be needed in order to expel a player from the family, or he himself will need a form to leave it. If a family consists of two players and one of them leaves, the family will break up.

Registration form

The family is created. All family members automatically receive a 20% experience increase buff when engaging in a craft. This buff can be improved, but for this it is necessary to develop it by completing family trials.

First level family buff

Family level and tests

The family has three levels of development. For each level, a new bonus is added to the buff, that is, only two additional bonuses. For the second level, a modifier will be added to the experience bonus, which increases the speed of carrying cargo on the back, and for the third level it gives a rather dubious ability in the form of an increase in the duration of the “Tailwind” effect for a fishing vessel and a merchant schooner, that is, literally a couple of seconds are added. You should not count on these bonuses seriously, since they are minimal to what you will receive for testing your family.

The level of the family is swayed by tests. Every day at midnight Moscow time, challenges in the calendar, in the guild and in the family are updated in the game. The family window opens with the Shift + V keyboard shortcut or the “Community” button in the lower right panel of the game, and then the second “Family” tab, and then select the “Family Challenges” tab. Open all the challenges and look into them every day before starting to do them, otherwise the task will not work. Despite the obviousness, some tasks can be completed and not receive a reward for the challenge.

Family tests

There are three of them and each has its own condition:

  • Regional community development
  • Epic challenge
  • Delivery of goods from factories

The first test “Regional Community Development” is available only if you have a house located in any location on the eastern or western mainland – this is not available on the original mainland. To complete it, you must submit materials to the regional community. In this case, it is enough to take a task for resources from an NPC next to the regional community in the location where your house is located, for example, a hundred earthworms. For this, you will receive a craft reputation and a regional community bill. The bill must be handed over to the regional community, to the left of the NPC there is a machine, to which it is handed over for 100 work points. Please note that the bill is valid for one day.

Regional community

The second Epic Challenge is done by the whole family, even with two players. Each day the challenge changes, but has a specific amount, so they will be repeated:

  • If you build, then for centuries – the extraction of wood (from two to three players)
  • Domestic apiary – harvesting wool from a golden sheep (two to three players)
  • Nearly Golden Fleece – Honey Bee Extraction (2 to 3 players)
  • Breeding Riddle – Breaking the Thick Pumpkin Skin (2 to 3 Players)
  • Dinner Party – Soup Cooking (two to three players)

To get a task, you need to take it from the same NPC from whom you completed the first test. After that, you will have a temporary item in your inventory. For example, let’s take a larch that needs to be cut down. Place one larch on the ground like any seedling. Next, the players choose different roles (it is necessary that everyone pays attention to the color of the role and that everyone takes a different one) and one of them presses the “All together” button to start the test. Once it starts, players have ten minutes.


Larch gains health, and players skills under the “R” key. This skill inflicts damage to the larch, but only at the moment when the icon appears under the health of the larch: red, blue or green. Each player also has his own color for his role, thus, the player must press the skill when its color matches that on the larch. After the test is completed, it remains only to use the skill on the larch itself for the test to be counted. The rest of the tests are done in a similar way, be it a bee or a sheep. For this, you will receive a crafting reputation.


Delivery of goods from factories is often called “pack for coal”. To do this, you need to buy a pack at one of the trading posts of the eastern (dawn peninsula, singing land or inistra) or western (two crowns, Solrid peninsula, shooting stars peninsula) of the mainland from the NPC Trading post of the trading post, but first take the quest. If it is not, then either it has already been taken, or you forgot to activate the family trials. The players of the eastern mainland need to buy the western pack, and the players of the western mainland, respectively, the eastern pack. To purchase it, you need a merchant certificate sold at the auction and in the craft reputation shop, available in the family window and in the character statistics window.

Buying a western pack in the east

In the east, it is convenient to ride from the singing land to the rainbow sands, and in the west from the peninsula of dawn to the forest of Gwynedar. On a donkey, on a tractor, on a car, and maybe even on a hitchhiking ride in someone’s convertible. The NPS pack is leased to the exchange of goods of factories. For this quest you will receive 20 charcoal. You can sell it, you can leave it for craft. Well, and accordingly, you get a craft reputation for testing the family.

Exchange of goods of factories at the regional community

Features and conditions of the family

  • Each challenge gives 100 family experience points. From the first to the second level, twenty thousand experience is needed, and from the second to the third, forty-five thousand experience is needed, after reaching the third level, the experience ceases to raise the level of the family.
  • If you have a chest at home or on a scarecrow, then the family can open access to it. Family members will be able to put something in and take away.

Large chest

  • If a family of two loses one, then it falls apart.
  • A family loses 10% of experience if one of its members leaves.
  • The family level cannot go down.
  • A family can have a maximum of twelve players, when creating a family, only eight slots are available, and for the last four, a family certificate is required, which is sold in the game store and at the auction. The first slot requires one certificate, the second two, the third and fourth four.


The family is needed to gain a crafting reputation, which is in demand as currency. Family can also come in handy for those with many twins. And finally, family is just friends or a whole const-party. It makes no sense to decide whether you need a family or not – because everyone needs it.

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