ArcheAge 7.0 – costume upgrade guide

All the latest information on the process of improving suits and lingerie in ArcheAge 7.0.

Suits have long been an integral part of ArcheAge . They serve not only to customize the appearance of the character, but also improve the characteristics – therefore they are worn by all high-level players.

Class suits

Starting with update 6.5, the costume system was changed in such a way that it became easier to choose a suit with the necessary characteristics, because, if earlier costumes had completely random characteristics, now they are divided into 4 global groups: melee warrior, archer, mage or healer, and the set of random characteristics is now limited to one of these groups. At the same time, in balancing this, the very process of improving the costume has become different. But first things first.


Before upgrading a suit or underwear, you need to purchase them first. All available options can be found in the in-game store in the “All” – “Synthesis” section. It should be noted that crystals for buying goods in the store can be obtained not only through replenishing a personal account, but also by buying 150 Crystals Tokens at the in-game auction for gold.

In particular, the suit can be obtained from the “Box with invisible suits”.

In it, you can choose one of the 4 previously mentioned types. For example, if you have a melee character, then you need an invisible fighter costume, and if your character specializes in combat spells, then a sorcerer, etc. Separately, we note that there is no suit for tanks, but a fighter’s suit will be the most suitable for them, because it has optimal protective characteristics.

Likewise for underwear, with the exception that there is no pronounced option for tanks.

Feature set

If earlier a universal suit offered 35 random characteristics, and getting 5 needed was a really difficult task, now, depending on the type, their number has been reduced to 21 – 24, which greatly simplifies the task.

Below are tables with the characteristics of the suits and underwear that are up to the maximum.

As you can see, melee warriors have the widest set of available characteristics: it is the only one that allows you to get parry and blocking in a suit necessary for those who want to make a tank out of a character.

The process of improving the costume and lingerie

Universal Alchemy Crystals

After Update 6.5, the process of improving costumes and lingerie has also been changed. If earlier, for improvement at different ranks, different types of alchemical crystals were needed, now all of them use one type called “Universal alchemical crystal”, while they are mined several times in smaller quantities than before.

Universal Alchemical Crystals are mined in a sealed form and become available for use after opening.

Each universal alchemical crystal gives 100 experience in the synthesis of a suit or underwear, and also spends 1 silver and 15 work points. Applied in the “Equipment Upgrade” – “Synthesis” window.

Below is a table of the required experience at all ranks, as well as the cost of work points (we omit the cost of silver as insignificant).

Methods for obtaining universal alchemical crystals

The following are all possible ways to obtain universal alchemical crystals.

Disassemble your old suit or underwear

If you still have an old universal suit or underwear that has random characteristics of all classes, then they can be disassembled with a new moon stone, which is purchased at the store of useful trifles. You will receive universal alchemical crystals in an amount depending on the rank of this costume or underwear. How many crystals the player will receive can be seen from this table.

If you compare these values ​​with the previous table, it turns out that there will be just enough crystals from a disassembled suit or underwear to raise a new suit or underwear to the same rank. And starting from the era of legends, there will be enough crystals for the same rank + to fill its scale by 100%: that is, go to the next rank. For example, dismantling an old costume from the era of myths can improve a new costume to the era of the Twelve, and dismantling an old costume from the era of the twelve, you can improve a new costume to the era of the twelve from 100%.

It should be separately mentioned that new costumes and underwear cannot be disassembled with a new moon stone. Before update 6.5, old suits or underwear were taken apart when unsuccessful characteristics fell out in order to get a clean suit or underwear in order to try to improve them again. Now, if unsuccessful characteristics drop out, nothing can be done about it. Fortunately, the number of random characteristics has significantly decreased, and the replacement of characteristics with the help of the Iramian fortune-telling runes has been simplified, which will be described below.

Retrieve from Obsolete Alchemy Crystal Sacks

Prior to update 6.5, dungeons from dungeons could drop bags of dull alchemical powder. After the update, these bags stopped dropping and they were renamed “bags of universal alchemical crystals.” From each such bag, you can get 1 crystal. When opened, 230 work points are spent. This method of obtaining is available only if you played before update 6.5 and managed to stock up such bags.

Recycle obsolete alchemical crystals into universal

Again, this method is only suitable if you played before update 6.5 and managed to accumulate a supply of obsolete alchemical crystals. Any of them can be processed into a universal one at a rate of 1 to 1.

Next, we will talk about new ways to obtain universal alchemical crystals.

Buying Honor Points in the Shop

The most disadvantageous way. 1 crystal costs a whopping 2500 honor points, and to upgrade a suit from zero to the maximum, which requires 650 crystals, you will need 1,625,000 honor points. However, this content is for high-level players, and this condition meets it.

For quests for dungeon bosses

In the shop of useful trivia, licenses are available, according to which the player receives daily quests to kill dungeon bosses. 5 quests that allow you to receive a total of 8 crystals per day, which is also not fast, but not as expensive as for honor points.

Received for in-game events

From time to time, various events and events take place in the game, where you can get universal alchemical crystals as a reward.

Purchased from the in-game store

The easiest way. In the in-game store in the “All” – “Synthesis” section, you can purchase universal alchemical crystals an unlimited number of times. A set of 50 pieces will cost 500 crystals. Immediately, we remind you that crystals can be replenished by buying Tokens for 150 crystals at the auction.

Replacing characteristics

As before, the available characteristics do not open immediately, but gradually with the rise in rank, and the full set becomes available starting from the era of miracles.

Every time a player raises the rank of a suit or underwear, he gets one free opportunity to replace an unnecessary stat with another random one. Thus, for the entire pumping from zero to the maximum, there will be 10 free attempts. At the same time, you can have 5 free attempts. Their number is displayed in the description of the costume or underwear.

The “change of characteristics” window is located in the “equipment upgrade” section, which is opened by clicking on a special button in the inventory. To replace the characteristics when the free replacements run out, you need Iramian divination runes.

Iramian divination runes can be purchased in the Honor Points shop for 30,000 honor points, or in the in-game store in the All – Events section for 250 crystals and no more than 1 time per month. Also often found at various in-game events.


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