Apricot and peach: how are they different?

If you think that apricot and peach are the same, don’t miss what we have to tell you. We explain their differences and their possible culinary uses.

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Within the wide spectrum of fruits we can find some that are part of the same family and that share a series of characteristics in common. A fairly typical case is that of apricot and peach. Both foods have similarities, but also differences. We are going to explain them to you.

Before starting, we must emphasize the importance of consuming fruit on a regular basis. These foods have antioxidants in their composition, capable of preventing the development of complex pathologies. Its regular intake is associated with a delay in aging and with a better state of health.

Main characteristics of apricot

The apricot is a fruit that stands out for its vitamin A content , a nutrient that has been shown to be essential for maintaining good eye function. It is a food that can be consumed fresh between the months of May and August.

In addition to its sweet taste, it is also characterized by the presence of antioxidant compounds, such as tannins. It has, on the other hand, carbohydrates, fiber and micronutrients such as iron, potassium and calcium .

Peaches and apricots are rich in beta carotene and vitamin A.

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Main characteristics of the peach

The peach, despite being also a summer season fruit, has a semi-acid flavor, like strawberry . It is smaller than the apricot and its outer part is rougher. It is best to consume this fresh and raw fruit.

This food stands out for its content in vitamin C, this being an essential nutrient to stimulate collagen synthesis, according to research published in the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine . It is necessary to remember that this protein is the most abundant in the human body and is responsible for the elasticity of muscles and tendons.

Despite its sweet taste, the peach has a fairly high carbohydrate content, as well as being notable for the presence of fiber inside. This substance has been shown to be essential to avoid constipation and gastrointestinal ailments.

In the same way as apricots, it also contains beta carotenes capable of undergoing a transformation into vitamin A. Thanks to the presence of these nutrients, it is possible to affirm that peaches and apricots have an antioxidant power that can help reduce the risk of developing pathologies complex and chronic in nature, slowing down the natural aging of cells.

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Culinary uses of apricot and peach

Although the recommendation is to consume both fruits fresh, natural, it is also possible to make different culinary preparations with them. The marmalades stand out in the first place.

These are an excellent way to preserve these fruits, since oxidation and microbiological risk are eliminated in them, thanks to the addition of sugar . However, it is a product that should not be consumed regularly, due to its impact on metabolic health.

It is also possible to make smoothies and smoothies with both fruits, choosing apricot if you want to achieve a sweeter flavor and peach if the goal is to enjoy a sour touch. Even with the peach you can make a traditional dessert known as dried apricots . To make them it is necessary to dry out pieces of the fruit, although with this method some nutrients present in its pulp are lost.

It is also possible to include peaches in certain savory recipes. By adding acid touches, unlike apricot, sauces can be made with said fruit that pair well with some types of meat.

Types of peaches

Although apricots are almost all the same, it is possible to find different varieties of peach depending on the color of their flesh . In this way, they can be differentiated into those with yellow pulp, white pulp and pavia type.

While the first two are characterized by a soft meat that comes off easily from the bone, the last one has a hard pulp that is more difficult to pull. Depending on the geographical area, it will be more common to find one variety or another, since the weather conditions necessary for its cultivation are different.

The culinary use of these fruits is preferred in season, although the manufacture of sweets prolongs its use.

Eat peaches and apricots in season

The peach and the apricot are two fruits of the same family that share several characteristics in common , but also certain differences. Be that as it may, it should be noted how beneficial it is to include them in the usual diet, since they have essential nutrients to guarantee an adequate state of health.

If you are going to prepare sweet recipes, a great option is to opt for the apricot. When adding it to a savory dish, opt for the peach. In spite of everything, one of the best options is always to consume them fresh and natural during the summer periods. In this way, it will be possible to take advantage of all its flavor and nutrients, essential for the human body.


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