Applications Of Agrogenomics: Genomic Sciences + Agricultural Sciences

Agrogenomics is defined as the application of Genomics and its technologies in the areas of agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, forestry and other related areas, and that makes use of the knowledge and tools from other fields such as Cell Biology, Molecular Biology , Genetics, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

Being an interdisciplinary field, Agrogenómica seeks to solve the need to produce food for human beings through the identification, characterization and exploitation of potential genetic resources, while seeking its continuation through the protection and promotion of ecosystems and the biodiversity associated with them.

In a timely manner, the introduction of the next generation sequencing became the essence of scientific advances in this field, being that currently the applications are multiple and have been translated into the discovery of genetic traits of interest, in schemes of health and food safety and genetic improvement programs.

Here are the applications of NGS sequencing in Agrogenomics :

  • Characterization and monitoring of genetic variants

Genotyping with microarrays (genotyping arrays)

Genotyping by sequencing ( GBS)

  • Discovery of complex traits (genotype-phenotype association)

Genetic association studies (Genome-Wide Association Studies)

  • Breeding programs

Marker assisted selection (Marker-assisted selection)

Genomic selection (Genomic selection)

  • Sequencing of complete genomes (bacteria, fungi, viruses / plants, animals)

Genomes small full (small whole-genome sequencing)

Genomes large full (large whole-genome sequencing, of assembly novo)

  • Ecology and microbiology

Characterization of population genetic structure (population genomics)

Characterization of microbiomes, viromas and resistomas ( microbial genomics and metagenomics )

  • Health and Safety

Disease monitoring ( Disease profiling and pathogen surveillance )

Food safety (Food Safety)


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