Apple Watch Series 5, the preview test

Mountain View’s new device shows the benefits of seamless integration between Android hardware and software. And, thanks also to the new photographic sector, take photos that can compete with the best competitors, at a slightly lower price.

As always, with the new iPhone , comes a new Apple Watch as well. It’s called Series 5, but it has little different from last year’s Series 4: indeed, in design and performance it does not differ from the previous model, but still offers several significant improvements.


Always active

The most evident novelty is the always on display: the complications, and above all the time, are always visible, as on a normal watch. A feature that is very useful in situations where it is not possible to raise your wrist or touch the screen, for reasons of convenience or good manners. Apple has optimized the dials, which are mostly with a dark background, so with the amoled display of the Watch they consume less energy because the LEDs are off. In addition, it reduced the refresh rate down to once per second to decrease the power consumption of the graphics card. The usual movement of the wrist activates the maximum brightness and brings the refresh back to 60 times per second. In our test, the always on display did not reduce battery life much, which goes from morning to night without any problems.


Don’t lose your compass

Apple Watch Series 5 adds new advanced localization and navigation features to GPS: with the integrated compass it is possible to navigate directly from the wrist. The new compass app shows your direction, along with slope, altitude, latitude and longitude, and can be added as a complication to your watch face. The Maps app has also been updated to use the built-in compass, so you can now see which direction we’re heading, just like on the iPhone. Apple Watch is now able to show the altitude: a useful function in an outdoor workout, together with the indications coming from the GPS, the barometric altimeter, topographic and Wi-Fi: while moving through peaks and valleys, running, or cycling, you can see the



With Emergency SOS, Apple Watch mobile calls local emergency services, notifies emergency contacts, sends your current location and displays your medical record on the screen. Just press and hold the side button. It is possible to call the local emergency services in over 150 countries, and there is no need to be connected to the iPhone: Emergency SOS works for all models with mobile phones, even if the data plan has not been activated.

Apple Watch uses custom algorithms that analyze accelerometer and gyroscope data to detect if the wearer has fallen. In the event of an accident, an accidental fall warning is sent to the watch, and if it is not deactivated, the alarm starts and calls previously selected relatives and friends. If desired, it can also be configured to alert local emergency services.


WatchOS 6: for health and beyond

With the new Noise app, Apple Watch is able to monitor the noise in the environment where we are and alert if the decibels reach a level that could impact hearing. For women, there is also an app to view and monitor the menstrual cycle. Sports activity tracking is even better, with Watch now detecting if we’re getting lazy and offering coaching to get us back on track.

With Watch Os 6 there are also apps for audio books, and voice memos to be recorded directly on the watch. There is also the calculator, as on the first digital watches of the seventies and eighties. And with the App Store on Apple Watch, it is now possible to install apps directly on the smartwatch, without going through the iPhone.


The sixth generation of the Apple smartwatch is available in aluminum, and in the new versions in titanium and ceramic with prices starting at 459 euros. With Apple Watch Studio, however, customization can go much further: both in the stores and online you can choose the size, color and material of the case and strap. In Cupertino they focus on the most advanced technology, as always, and Apple Watch remains the best smartwatch on the market. However, the old Apple Watch Series 3, not too different in design and performance, is on sale for 239 euros, and it’s easy to predict that it will be a huge success.


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