What is apple cider? How good? Why to eat?

Apple Cider Vinegar is a fermented vinegar obtained from mixing fresh apples with yeast and has a sour taste and has many health benefits. Due to rich in vitamins And many minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, iron, folic acid, biotin and potassium etc.

How good is the apple cider ?

Control blood sugar levels

  • One small study suggests that Apple cider may help increase insulin sensitivity. Which means Your body may be sensitive to the way insulin transports glucose from the bloodstream. Enter your cell
  • Nevertheless The study is unclear whether it has long-term benefits. From using apple cider To control blood sugar levels And for people with diabetes Should be careful when eating

Good for bowel health

  • Apple cider Contains probiotics that are intestinal friendly And an antioxidant from plants called polyphenols that break down in the body and become food for good bacteria. In your intestines

Strong immune system

  • Apple cider may help increase the performance of certain immune system cells. Including cells that contain bacteria Therefore, eating an apple cider in the right amount Will help strengthen the immune system

Get rid of fat

  • Acetic acid contained in apple cider Can help reduce appetite Makes eating less And helps get rid of bad cholesterol in the blood Which is good for people who are obese Or want to control weight

However, consuming apple cider vinegar before bed It can be dangerous because it can destroy your enamel. And for pregnant and lactating women Should be careful when eating For safety reasons, should consult a doctor first.


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