If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you are probably aware that we have shared tips and tricks that can be used when playing the characters Gibraltar , Mirage , Lifeline , Bloodhound , Wraith and Caustic in Apex Legends. In this article, you can instead take part in tips and tricks that can be used when you play as Octane



Unlike the previously mentioned characters that have been around since the start, Octane has been introduced at a later stage. Like some other characters in the game, including Pathfinder, Octane’s characteristics revolve around mobility.

The character’s passive trait is called “Swift Mend” and means that he automatically improves his health. If you use any type of Medkit or similar and fail to get full HP, the passive feature fills the rest.

Octane’s tactical ability is called “Stim” and means that he can move very fast on the track. However, at the expense of HP. Property can not kill you, but you should at least remember that you have less life left after it is used!

Last but not least, we have the character’s ultimate trait, which is called the “Launch Pad”. When used, Octance can place a large plate in any location. A slab that can be used to make anyone jump very high, for example up on buildings, rocks or the like.

More information about this character can be found in this exciting trailer:



  1. Do not be afraid to use the tactical feature frequently – A big advantage of Octane and his tactical feature, STIM, is that it has a very short cooldown. This means that it can be used relatively quickly after it has been used for the first time. Therefore, do not be afraid to use it frequently so that you can move over large areas quickly.
  2. Use your Launch Pad to surprise the enemy – Personally, we think Octane’s ultimate feature is very beneficial. Because it allows you to quickly get over walls, buildings or cliffs, it can be used to surprise the enemy who is waiting for you to get around the corner.
  3. Do not rely on Octane’s passive property – Although Swift Mend can be very beneficial in regaining full health, you should not rely on it in intense firefights. If you look at heal per second, it does not result in much HP.


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