Anthem Classes Overview: How to Play Different Javelins

Overview of abilities and features of the game for Ranger, Storm, Colossus and Interceptor


The Ranger is the most versatile javelin class in Anthem , designed to replace regular infantry in combat. Thanks to this versatility, we can confidently say that the “Ranger” in terms of development is the easiest class in the game.


Features of the “Ranger” :

  • This suit allows you to easily adapt to different conditions of the current battle. You can effectively fight enemies with melee and ranged attacks. In addition, the suit is equipped with a wide range of protective gadgets that will be useful in different situations.
  • The Ranger is best suited for attacking single targets, but this Mech is useful in battles against small enemy groups. But if you have to fight with a large detachment of opponents, then you will have to act extremely carefully.
  • Playing as a javelin of this class, you can enjoy its maneuverability and move around the battlefield with ease. The Ranger can do double jumps and more common dodges.

Ranger abilities

The Ranger uses a shock mace for melee attacks . This weapon allows you to deal a significant amount of damage, which allows you to kill many opponents. However, it has a weakness associated with its slower attack speed.

Also, “Ranger” has a rocket launcher , which is an ideal tool for killing opponents from a long distance. You can equip various launcher options: for example, choose between homing, poisonous and explosive projectiles (the latter generate a powerful electrical discharge).

The Ranger also carries grenades , which come in several varieties. In addition to the standard frag grenades, you can use incendiary, freeze, and homing bombs.

The Ranger is capable of creating an energy barrier . Depending on the installed armor upgrade, it can be equipped with various add-ons. For example, a barrier can stop projectiles flying at you or increase the damage of firearms to those inside the protective dome.

Ulta “Ranger” – multipurpose missile salvo . With the help of such projectiles, you can hit one powerful enemy or several small enemies at once.


The Storm class is great for those gamers who like to inflict a huge amount of damage in the area and establish various negative statuses on the enemy.


Features of the “Storm” suit :

  • Playing in the “Storm” costume is very much like the gameplay for a magician. Your character can use various gadgets to freeze, set fire to or stun opponents. This will allow the Storm itself or the rest of the team to attack the enemy unhindered. The latter, by the way, is preferable.
  • While playing as “Storm”, you should not pay special attention to firearms. The main emphasis should be on using the various skills of the suit to get the most out of it. You also need to try to reduce the cooldown between using abilities.
  • Class “Storm” will allow you to float in the air even longer. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is from the air that you need to attack all your opponents.
  • While playing for “Storm”, keep an eye on the condition of your armor. Dodging is still available to you, but instead of the more familiar rolls, this function is teleportation over short distances.

Storm’s abilities

The first set of Storm abilities are Focused Seals . Depending on your build, you can, for example, shoot ice shards that freeze the enemy, fireballs that set targets on fire, or cause a massive electrical discharge that will move from one enemy to another. Some of the listed skills are used only for single attacks or can be charged – their strength is greater the longer you prepare to perform them.

The second group of Storm skills are explosive seals . There is also a choice between different elements of nature. For example, your hero can summon a powerful lightning strike, an ice storm, or create a big explosion. Typically, these attacks target a specific area instead of targeting a single target.

As Storm, try to select attacks with different elements for each seal. This will increase your chances of extra damage by combining attacks. In addition, you will also have a Plan B in cases where the enemy is not susceptible to one of the elements (ice, fire, or electricity).

The third set of Storm skills are Passive Support Seals . They can be used in a variety of situations. For example, some skills allow you to reflect incoming projectiles fired by opponents, or reduce the cooldown (cooldown) of other skills.

Ulta “Elemental Storm” allows you to summon a powerful storm, attacking with a certain element of all enemies caught in the area of ​​action.


Javelin “Interceptor” – a class of suits that significantly increases the agility, maneuverability, speed and accuracy of the character’s attacks. As a result, this armor is one of the most difficult to master, especially for beginners. However, in the hands of an experienced gamer in the “Interceptor” you can work wonders.


Features of the Interceptor :

  • The Interceptor is the least durable armor class of any javelin currently in the game. Take this into account and avoid dangerous battles against powerful opponents, especially when acting alone.
  • The Interceptor class is most effective when dealing with single targets or small groups of enemies. The ideal attack plan is to hit a specific target accurately and quickly, and then move away from it and dodge retaliatory attacks before striking again.
  • This is the only class in Anthem that can do triple jumps and dodges. The second move will be especially useful when dodging long-term enemy attacks.

Interceptor abilities

The first set of skills for the Interceptor deals with assault systems . The character can be equipped with various gadgets – for example, a cluster mine, a poison bomb, or a homing spear that tracks targets.

The second set of abilities are shock systems . This skill category offers a wide variety of tools to choose from. The “Interceptor” can, for example, attack the enemy in melee and inflict stunning blows on him, create a double that will imitate and damage the enemy, or release a poisonous cloud.

The last group of abilities are support systems . The name of the category speaks for itself: you can remove negative statuses that have been imposed on you or your teammates, weaken a specific opponent, increasing the damage they take for a while.

The Interceptor’s Ultimate is called Assassin’s Blade . With its help, you can deal a huge amount of damage to all enemies caught in the range of the attack.


The Colossus class is the equivalent of a “tank”, which should attract the attention of all opponents and hold back their onslaught due to increased reserves of strength and endurance.


Features of the Colossus :

  • Playing as Colossus, you can rely not only on solid armor, but also on superior weapons. This suit class is equipped with heavy ammo that are not available to other javelins.
  • “Colossus” is excellent at attacking numerous enemy groups, while it can use the above heavy weapons or other abilities of the hero.
  • The Colossus class, for obvious reasons, is the least mobile and lags far behind other javelins in terms of maneuverability. Unlike other costumes, you cannot use dodges at all. Instead, defensive tactics require activating the shield that comes with the suit for each Colossus.

Colossus abilities

The first set of skills is related to the use of an artillery launcher . A shot from this weapon can cause varying degrees of destruction. For example, using a mortar, you can deal decent damage in the area or increase damage, but narrow the radius of damage. You can also attack opponents with electrical discharges.

The second set of abilities is associated with the use of a heavy assault launcher . You will have a choice between different attacks, and instead of performing a standard rocket salvo, you have the option to activate attacks that set enemies on fire or knock them down.

The last skill category is auxiliary gear . Depending on the build of the suit, “Colossus” can taunt nearby opponents, forcing them to attack only it (at the same time, their protective characteristics are reduced), or increase the damage resistance of all allies located nearby.

Ulta “Colossus” – “Siege Artillery” . All enemies hit by this skill take significant damage and are subject to combo attacks.

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