What does antepost mean in sports betting?

The ante-post bets are very popular among sports enthusiasts. But what exactly does the term ‘ antepost ‘ mean in betting? The question is more than legitimate and in this article we will immediately try to give a clear answer with lots of examples.

Let’s start by saying that there is nothing too complicated to understand. The antepost bets allow in practice to predict the winner of a tournament, a cup, a championship .

In short, the focus is on a team or an athlete within a sporting event (not a single match) with different odds depending on the case. Here the classic signs 1, X and 2 have little to do with it because through an antepost bet you try to guess what will be the final outcome of an event that can last days, weeks or months.

Famous examples are the World or European football championships, but also the various national championships. For example, you can bet ten euros on Germany champion of the World Cup or on Juventus champion of Italy.

AAMS bets offer the possibility to also indicate the final winners in sports such as volleyball, basketball, Formula 1 or Moto GP. We could therefore bet on winning Vettel or Valentino Rossi.

When are ante-post bets placed?

Let’s get one thing clear. Ante-post bets can be placed both before the start of a competition and during the competition . The odds can therefore vary over time and you have to decide when is the best time to bet.

It often happens, for example, that at the World Cup a favorite team suffers from a false start and therefore its share could rise after the first games.

Instead, several national football leagues have a team that historically dominates the rankings. We certainly think of Juventus in our country but also of PSG in France or Bayern Munich in Germany.

Here, if you want to bet on the scudetto of these teams you can not wait to get to the heart of the season, usually. Taking a look at the odds you will understand that maybe it makes sense to focus on the very favorites only in the autumn, because then the balances become clear and in the spring the games could already be virtually closed.

What types of ante-post bets are there?

There are several types of ante-post bets that can be placed. The most popular is obviously the winning antepost , with which we are going to predict the team that will finish first in a certain competition. Sometimes you can also bet on the winner of the first round, therefore on the so-called ‘winter champions’.

The group winning ante post is instead used to indicate the team that we believe will prevail in its group in a group competition. The ante-post shift round indicates the team that will pass the round in a knockout match. With the winning team nationality antepost  you predict the nationality of the team that will win a particular competition (such as the Champions League).

There is also the possibility to place a head-to-head ante-post bet (or better than the list), or to predict which of the teams on a given list will get the best position in the standings at the end of the event. For example, long-distance duels between two teams from the same city in the league are exciting. Let’s think for example of Rome and Lazio or Genoa and Sampdoria.

Then there is the ante-post scorers , with which we can bet on who will win the top scorer in a championship. Or even here we can choose between two options, in a thrilling distance challenge between bombers. Staying on the subject, the ante-post under over goal player is a classic under over bet, referring however to the final sum of the goals that a player will score in a given competition. Example: Will Cristiano Ronaldo score more or less than 30 goals in this Serie A?

We can also indulge ourselves with antepost best attack or best defense : you bet on which team will have the best attack or best defense at the end of a competition.

And again… How about a demoted yes / no antepost ? You bet on the relegation or not of a single team. Or a nice antepost resignation yes / no ? You bet on the exemption or not of a particular coach.

These are all examples that make you understand the meaning of antepost odds: you do not focus on individual matches but on entire competitions, not necessarily before their start. Clearly, with ante-post bets a little more knowledge is required in order to win, compared to bets on a single match. Good luck to all, then!


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