Angels and Demons of Speed ​​- Complete Borderlands 3 Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

After discovering Tannis’s secret in the previous chapter, we must return to the Sanctuary to speak with Lilith and continue with this complete guide . There we will decide that we must stop the feet of the Calypso once and for all and that is why we must gather various reinforcements before going to their eridium deposit. We go down to Roland Rest and before we talk to Vaugh we will have to finish off the attackers that hit the post.

Angels and demons of speed

After doing so, we can stop on a side mission before heading to the Calypso Fort.

  • Pánfilo, the Cinéfilo: we picked this up while we did the secondary school for “the rabid floj” and it was commissioned by an NPC located in the central part of Filo Demoníaco. He asks us to enter the nearby enemy base and we project a film of his, so we must collect his ECHO from one of three 3 garbage cans, kill the local boss and replace the projector bulb.
  • Someone like Sheega:Tina will entrust us with this mission in Villabum. We will have to retrieve his skag called Enrique IV from the base of his ex, as is and with no other problem than to follow his crazy instructions.
  • The life of the party: Mordecai will entrust us with this mission in Villabum, based on attending a birthday party for a little girl. The first thing is to pick flowers and get to the place. After that, we must eat 2 pieces of cake, throw 5 grenades in the shooting range and finish with less than 30 raaks. We have to limit ourselves to honor the memory of the little girl and not exceed her records.

We go to the indicated mission point and after that we must return to the Roland base due to the strong security in the Calypso fortress. Once there we spoke to Vaughn to give us access to the Dahl mine where Tannis’s secret laboratory is located. Upon reaching this new area we can fulfill the secondary mission that Brick commissioned us in Villabum.

  • Wildlife Conservation: Brick asks us to find the Mordecai Falcon: Talon. We arrived at the mines and collected the dynamite scattered around the area to load it in the car and make our way until we reached Talon. After that, we simply finish off the nearby varkids and escort her home.

While in Konrad Grab we must advance until we find Tannis’ secret laboratory. Once we pass the varkids area, we must charge the reactor using the nearby electrical panels and after that we go to “Sandy Scar”. Even so, before we can fulfill a secondary task that is in the room:

  • Goodbye, childhood: we help Tannis to remember and with it we will discover moments from the past of characters like Jack the Handsome and Angel. We must look for the following objects: teddy bear (it is on the sofa), vending machine (behind the iron fence), turret (for this we go upstairs and shoot the small targets that work as electricity distributors) and satellite communications (we went up the stairs from the turret room). To finish the mission we return to Roland Rest.


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