Analysis – Fade To Silence

Fade to Silence is a survival game set in a rough and snowy landscape. The catastrophe has struck the world, turning the earth into a desolate place. Still, all is not lost. You play as a survivor named Ash who, along with his daughter, is trying to rebuild a new life.

“THE VOICE” That atrocious voice that will corrupt your mind

Throughout the adventure, a ghost known as The Inner Voice taunts and reprimands for attempts to regain what was lost. The world is dead , and the eldritch creatures feast on its remains. This wasteland also has many dangers, such as blizzards, snow tornadoes, and even cars falling off a floating structure known as The Eclipse.

Fade to Silence is a survival game at its core, but there’s so much more to it. Traversing the vast frozen tundra of a post-apocalyptic world to search for resources is a big part of the game, but there are also base-building elements, role-play sections, and even a combat system with some complexity.

Fade to Silence offers you two options when you start a new game. There is an exploration mode that makes the game much easier and the survival mode , obviously, the latter mode is the one that makes things more complicated.

Survival mode provides only a handful of lives , limited resources , and more deadly monsters . You have three lives when you start, known as Flames of Hope . Once you lose all of them, you die permanently . The next game you start, you can keep the benefits of your previous game.

The problem with Fade To Silence is the excessive punishment that the player performs when he fails ; And the fact is that, even if you select the level of exploration, as you die, you lose resources , resources that take a long time to collect again.

The game is a very slow snowy mayhem show

The game is slow . We have a spectacular setting, the ability to move freely, however Fade To Silence becomes a boring and repetitive exercise very quickly.

The experience should also improve in the playable aspect, so that no matter what you lose, you always return to something new. Fade To Silence fails at this, you ‘ll have to do the exact same things over and over again , each one taking an incredibly long time, and logically, in the end, the result is sheer boredom.

Once you’ve unlocked your shelter or base early in your game, you can start gathering resources to fill your stash. In addition, it is possible to construct production buildings, huts and defenses to reinforce your base. To do that, Ash needs to find more followers . Each companion has their own specialties, and you will find them at various points of interest on the map where an event takes place.

Incorporating this build-and-build system is an ambitious exercise in introducing these mechanics into a survival video game. The result, a constant feeling of clumsiness and glue sticking .




The combat system is poor and bland


The combat also becomes memory and insipid , with that foolishness present. Fade to Silence only has a handful of enemies. Some have improved versions: different colors, the same function .

The hitbox is a joke, our player sometimes gets stuck in the textures when you find yourself fighting a horde, (very funny), the fact that some ranged shots can hit me when I am behind a rock also makes me quite excited.

Graphically, Fade To silence looks good in general and ugly in particular . Blurred textures, a somewhat unstable frame rate, the faces of the characters feel very strange , in addition to the fact that the synchrony between gestures, mouth and voice follows a slightly synchronous pattern.

However, he achieves his goal of expressing the hopelessness and misery that cover this frozen post-apocalyptic world .

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