Among Us – how to change your nickname

The Easy Way to Change Among Us Nicknames on PC and Mobile Devices

Among Us for more than two years, but it has managed to reach its peak in popularity over the past few days. This multiplayer team title uses roughly the same formula as Mafia or Town of Salem: players find themselves on the same spaceship, complete simple tasks and try to find the impostor. The latter sabotages their actions, tries to disrupt the work and, if possible, kills the survivors. The players on the team must be careful, notice different actions and, if necessary, collect everyone to vote for who should be removed from the team (who, in their opinion, is an impostor).

Many people have a desire to change their nickname in order to hide their identity, to simplify the game as a traitor, or just to have fun. you indicate your nickname at the very beginning and save it throughout each round. You may have mistakenly assumed that this is done once and for all, since the game does not indicate the possibility of changing the nickname. Here’s how to do it.

Select the Online section and click on the field at the top of the screen where the nickname is displayed. This way you can edit it by changing the character name for all future games. And you can change your nickname an unlimited number of times!

The process is almost identical on mobile devices. Select the Online section and click on the field above the host and enter the desired name. This feature works exclusively before or after a match. You cannot change your nickname during the same match.

Choosing the right name can confuse random players or teammates. For example, playing as a gray character, enter the nickname Black. As a result, if a team has a black character, some players may become confused about who to vote against.


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