Amnesia Rebirth Walkthrough;he Complete Guide

Detailed guide to completing all story levels, finding objects and solving each puzzle in the game

At the start of a new “Amnesia” press any two keys from the WSAD to resist, and then crawl forward and pick up a jar of sedative. Sitting in a chair, take the magazine. It has two columns – “Reminders” and “Memories”. In the memoirs, you can find out the names of all members of the expedition (scroll to the left), as well as see blurred images. All of them are unlocked as the game progresses.


Go to the cockpit and try to answer the doctor. Then take a look at the door on the left, pick up the handle lying near it, open the inventory on the TAB, select the item and place it on the door. Go outside and go to the right where the nose of the plane is pointing. You will move along a canyon, there is one path, and it leads to a cave. Before entering, examine the suitcase on the right to find a postcard with text. Also, be sure to hide from the sun in the shade, otherwise you will get a lethal dose of radiation.



Walk forward to see signs of human presence. After the memory, take the photo of Salim and Tasi from the box. Go to the adit on the left to find the matches, the mine project, and a photo of Alex and Richard. A little further on the box is Yasmine Chabani’s pass, and on the chair is a letter from Jonathan. In general, there are a lot of notes in the game, and they do not affect the passage in any way, but they reveal the lore. Therefore, here you will decide on your own whether you should stay for a full inspection of the cave. There are some more matches in the suitcase next to the bowler hat.

The most interesting thing is in the adit on the right in the direction of travel. There will be the corpse of Eva Ritter, a couple of notes and a photograph of Lucas Ritter, lying, apparently, on his own grave. Follow forward until you see a lit fire. Turn into the gap on the right and under the stones on the right you will see a page from Salim’s diary. Walk forward to the fork. You will find yourself in a dark part of the caves. Remember that spending time in the dark gradually increases Tasi’s fear, and she starts to go crazy. Therefore, periodically light matches and various flammable oils or straw scattered all over the place. Take only left turns. After one of them, you will see a slab that you need to climb over. And in the stones to the right of the slab there is another page from the diary.


Walk into the light, look into the room with the altar on the right to take a break. Go further, along the boards, until one of them cracks. After falling down, follow the only route until you find floating stones. Go to them, get the amulet at C and move through the rift.


Move on, go through the door and climb to more stones on the hill. Take out the amulet, as a result of which you will fall down. At the fork, turn right and squeeze between the walls on your left. Go where the amulet points. Look into the small cave with the corpse of the archaeologist, leave it and get the amulet to find the descent down. After going downstairs, go through the rift. Then continue moving along the location with many frozen bodies. In the end, moving down the narrow bridges, you will find yourself on the sand and will be able to pass through the next rift.


Eventually, Tasi will end up in the nursery. You can examine the book to the right of the bed, look at the diagram and the photo on the table to the left (there is a note in the table). Then go through the door to get into the same room, but with Salim and Alice. Walk up to the crib and wait for everyone to disappear and the new part begins.


Walk forward, jump down and move through the dark cave until you find a rift. Open it up and follow along. Once in the cave, go right. The next fork doesn’t matter as both paths are parallel, but there are two torches on the left and matches in the wall on the right. Then turn left and go to the other side along a thin stone bridge, and then, picking up a note from the box on the left, go down the stairs to the right.


Continue moving, go down below and go to the adit, where Salim’s body will be. Pick up the lantern on the left and read the note. Now you can use the flashlight at any time by pressing F, but keep an eye on the charge level. Move on until the cave has collapsed, and then follow the glowing sphere that will indicate the door.



Walk through the desert until you find yourself at a locked door. You can go up the hill to the left to find a note inside the tent. To open the door, go around the gatehouse on the right, break the boards and make your way inside. You can open the cabinet on the left by lifting the hook and pick up the matches. Also look at a photograph of a woman with a topless breast. Hold LMB on the red valve and turn it clockwise until the bolt rises. Exit the gatehouse through the same hole and open the door.

Before entering the fortress, go to the right and find matches in one of the boxes. And if you go down from the entrance and turn right, you can find a box with a dossier on Hank. Enter the fortress.


Go to the territory. The door on the right is locked, and if you go up the steps, you can see the cannon. To her right, in a bucket of kernels, is oil. You can fill your lamp with oil. Now go left.

See the blue door? Now you can go through it, but do not rush.

Follow the door to the left, go under the arches and find a small pool of water. Examine it to see your reflection and get the secret achievement Narcissus. Return to the blue door. There is a tank on the right. His weapon is aimed at a massive door that Tasi cannot move. To the left of the massive door is a passage with a sign indicating that this is the path to the Quartermaster’s supplies. However, the door to the warehouse is locked. Return and go through the blue door, the only one available in the location. We proceed to the next stage of the passage of Amnesia Rebirth

Inside the fortress

Walk forward and see on the right a room with a walkie-talkie that Dr. The door is closed, so follow the other doorway. Walk left. Climb the stairs to the left, where the corpse is lying, to find yourself in the radio operator’s room. There are a few notes here. Go down and go left. You will find a broken elevator. There is a diagram next to it. It says that a winch is needed to operate the hoist. There is a dead end in the room on the left, but if you walk around the perimeter counterclockwise, you can find a dossier on Dr. Metzir.


Return to the corridor. It is circular and most of the doors are locked. Follow to the new part of the corridor. In the place where there is a corpse on the barrel, there is a table with a crossbow. There is also a winch (looks like a reel). Take it, return to the elevator and install the winch in the hole in front. To the right of the elevator (if you look at it) is a board leaning against the wall. Place it inside the elevator so that you can stand on the board. Rotate the winch to reach the top.

On the second floor, go left. A barrel will roll down the steps. If you climb them, go left and remove the boards from the box to find an unfinished letter from the archaeologist. This will unlock the secret achievement “Historian”. Here you can jump down the rubble and beams to return to the first floor (since the elevator itself went down).

Go around the corridor and find a place with cracks in the floor. Tasi herself should pay attention to it, and it is under this floor that the room with the radio is located. You can jump, but the woman’s weight will be small. Go back. See the cannon? Two wheels are missing on it. The first wheel lies nearby. Just put it back in place. The second wheel can be found in the room with the corpse of an officer and three soldiers, behind the cannon (there are actually more wheels there). When you take the wheel, the monster will close the door. Look through the gap in the wall of the officer, and when the monster escapes, boldly open the door. When leaving the room, there is a note in the corner on the left. And through the room to the right with a hole in the floor, you can get into the adjacent room with other notes. Either way, with two wheels on the cannon, push it forward. After breaking through the floor, jump down and get to the radio,


Go to the passage on the left, to the door, blocked by bags. Remove the bags and quickly run away from the ghoul. Exit through the door on the right. Don’t worry, the monster can’t get out because it is afraid of the sun. Go to the center of the fortress. See the huge door on the left? It must be destroyed in order to pass through the mountain pass. To do this, go around the tank standing opposite, open the second door and climb inside. Try to fire the cannon. It won’t work, you need a shell. There is a locker with a key to the left of the cannon. Take the item.



Together with the key, return to the beginning of the fortress and open the door on the left to get into the arsenal. Read the note in the box on the left, go downstairs and find yourself in the armory. On the table on the left is a note from Quartermaster Delacris, who said he took the saltpeter. There is a note on a nearby workbench that says sulfur can be obtained from sulfur ointment. And on the plate above the workbench is a recipe for gunpowder — sulfur powder, crushed coal and saltpeter.

First, let’s find sulfuric ointment and coal. Move along the corridor to the left, but do not rush, because there is a trap in the form of small arms (something like a crossbow). Follow to the very end of the corridor, ignoring the room on the right. You will find yourself in a dark room, and in front there will be a part fenced with a grate. Examine the corpse sticking out from behind the grate to find a key in his hand. But don’t rush to open the grate! Tied to it is a hook with a cable connected to a grenade on another dead man. If you open the grate, an explosion will occur.


Go to the left of the grate, behind the hanging fabric, and you will see a slightly open door. Jump onto the boards to the left. Having done this, open another door. Return through it into the room and close the previous door. Once again, climb onto the boards and jump to the right, since now the open door does not block the path. Make your way inside the part of the room that is behind the bars. Go to the left of the sarcophagus and get a sedative and sulfuric ointment from the box on the left. You can search the room for other notes, matches, and sedatives. Remove the hook from the door and open it with the key (if you haven’t done it earlier; the key is in the left hand of another corpse sticking out from behind the grate).


Exit to the previous corridor and enter the room on the left. There is coal in the box on the right. Remove it, place it in the nearby thresher, cover it with a lid, and then turn the handle clockwise until you get coal powder. There is a door on the left, barricaded with various objects. Remove bags and chairs to open it. There is a tile to the right of the door in the same room. Light a candle at the bottom, pour sulfuric ointment into the top and cover with a lid. Wait. When the candle goes out, remove the cap and take away the sulfur powder.


Return to the workbench and pour in the sulfur powder and crushed coal. It remains to get some saltpeter! Return to the Quartermaster Rooms from where you ran away when the monster was chasing you. Having done this, go up the steps on the left, go through one door and you will see a storage room ahead. Look inside and pick up the saltpeter on the shelf. Go back to the armory and toss the saltpeter into the capsule, and then lower the lever to craft the projectile. Insert it into the gun inside the tank. Pulling down the lever to the left of it to discard the empty cartridge case. And then shoot.

You don’t have to aim too much, since the point is different.


After the shot, the tank will go underground. Rotate the tower to open the door and get out. And before that, you need to hold W to remove a piece of metal from the belly. Get out of the tank and climb the steps to the side. The door in front is closed, so look to the right and see a valve. Turn it to drain the water, and then remove the piece of the slab and move down the tunnel. From below, you will feel a child kicking. Pat your belly while holding X. The note on the left says that in order to continue exploring, the group needed boards and ropes to build the scaffolding.

Go further, turn the valve on the right and move to the opening on the left. Get out on the other side and go down to the room where you need to light the torches. Having done this, look around. There are interesting notes here, and a flask is hidden in the chest to the right of the passage leading further. When interacting with her, you will learn about Tiana the Blessed, the queen who could not have children, but whom the alchemists gave eternal life.

Keep moving until you see a monster. Hide in the corner behind the table on the right. When everything calms down, go to where he appeared and lift the next door by turning the valve. Eventually you will reach three valves. We need to solve the puzzle!

Turn the left valve first. Last time the same valve extended the bridges and opened both hatches. But now one of the hatches (left) is blocked. However, turn the left valve anyway to open the bridges and the right hatch. Move the suspended weight with the middle valve so that it connects both bridges. Cross over the left bridge and cargo to the right. Having done this, follow through the tunnel and unlock the left hatch, removing what prevents it from opening. Return to the valves. Turn left to slide both bridges. Move the weight slightly to the right with the middle valve, in order to then lift it up with the right valve (note that it moves only along the slots). While the load is being lifted, extend the bridges with the left valve. The load should linger on the bridge to the right.


Run to the open left hatch, follow through the tunnel, but this time move up to the green light, where you saw the monster earlier. This path will lead you to the dark catacombs, and soon the monster itself will appear. Hide from him in a dark corner. Hold CTRL so that the enemy does not feel you, even if it is nearby. And then take a moment and go down the stairs. Follow the left and find a tunnel. Move along it, jump into the water. Bend down and move through the flooded corridors until a monster appears. It will appear on one side, and you break the pipe in the grate on the other. Take the only way, lift the grate with the valve and wait. Falling into the water, go forward along the gorge. There is a hole at the top, but you can’t reach it. Walk back and see a ghostly light. Follow the spirit through the hole on the right and wait.


Desert again

Again, you need to go through the desert. Collect various notes and memories, talk to the doctor and get to the canyon with strange debris. On the right you can open a rift. And even if you do not, then, having passed a little forward, fall through the sand.

Alchemy laboratory

Move forward until you find a room with strange tiles in an incomprehensible language. You can study the recording in the tube of the room with the bed. A triangular figure stands on the floor. Take it and place it so that it activates two stones in the room. They should be green, and the button should be green a little further.


Click on it to open the door. Open the next door ahead. You will see a device that highlights three symbols, thus setting up the columns. For now, leave him alone and go right. There is a box on the table to the right. Remove the cover and take the orb. There is another triangular pyramid on the table on the left. Take it and go back. There is a locked door in the hallway to the left. Carry the pyramid to it, and the light should hit the symbol above the door. Open and go outside.


Go downstairs and see a woman connected to a strange apparatus. Remove the Leyden jar from the device on the right. To the left of the woman is a tube with the alchemist’s note. Study it. Take the second Leyden jar, which is on one of the stands opposite the woman. Go back to the room with three columns and a panel with strange symbols. Take the triangular pyramid with you. There are cubes in the stand to the right of the columns. You can get them out of there and put the pyramid. Once done, place two Leyden jars in the slots under the pyramid (stand).


Now lower the lever on the pedestal between the columns and place the sphere there. Approach the panel with strange symbols. Do you see three symbols in the next room on the top of the wall, to the side of the door? Highlight the same at once using the red frame. Once done, click on the button. The sphere must be exposed to blue light from three columns. Click on the same button on the stand on the right where you installed the pyramid. She teleports to the next room. Take the sphere and run into this room, as the door is now open there. Get the amulet at C and go through the rift.


Follow Alice until everything collapses. Move forward, remove stones and go into the adjacent room. Throw the rock onto the cracked slab on the right and then head downstairs. Take the only route inside the tomb. To do this, open the rift at the very end.

Go down inside and light torches in a circle. There are several faults. You are interested in the second one from the left. Move there, up the steps and forward along the only corridor. Then run from the appearing growths until, in the end, you leave the location through the main door (before that, you will need to remove obstacles from the path and even go down the stairs).

Hall with a portal

First, go to the center of the hall and look around. There is a portal on the left, but so far it is inactive. Insert the sphere into the same stand. Walk left into a long corridor leading to several tents. There is a lot to see here, including scraps, blueprints, matches and lamp oil. After collecting all this, return to the hall with the portal and find a wooden staircase on the left. Climb up it and go to the rift inside the wall. The stairs lead down to a dead end, so go around the wall ahead and go through the green door.

You will find yourself in a hall with huge columns. The left column does not rotate, so its symbol is already set up correctly. The middle and right columns can be rotated. But first, inspect the panel. In addition to moving the red frame up and down, it can also be rotated left and right. You need to check all combinations with the first character (from the left column and the other two). Rotate the panel clockwise or counterclockwise twice (one result). Then select the symbol from the column to the left with the red frame and two identical symbols, somewhat reminiscent of the letter m. See the screenshot below! Set up the same symbols on the middle and right columns, and then click on the top button of the symbols panel. Everything should be activated!


Return to the room with the portal. Turn one of the remote controls at the side walls the ring to the other two. Press the button inside the portal, but something will go wrong. It turns out one of the Leyden jars is empty! Throw away the empty one and take the full Leyden jar with you. Having done this, go to where the tents are. Turn into the passage on the left, where you saw the memories of the team of archaeologists. Open the panel to the right of the grate and insert the Leyden jar there. The grate will rise, and you can go through the door in front.


As you understand, you went here in search of the second Leyden jar. Take the only way until you get into a circular corridor. Read the note and learn that the archaeologists sent the boy Rashid to mark all the passages with paint. Move in a circle and you will see a passage that is marked with white paint. Follow through it and run into the door to which the arrow points. Go through the opening on the right and throw stones at the board supporting the door. When it breaks, you can go further.

In the end, you will find yourself in a labyrinth. Walk to the right and remove the block from the stone slab to open the way a little further. Soon you will find yourself between many columns. Walk left to the light source (fire) until the path is blocked. Fences will appear on the sides, a monster will run at you, but do not worry, this is how it should be according to the plot. The creature will recognize you and leave you alone.


Then you will need to move through this entire maze and look for an exit with a rising lattice. The closer the exit is, the closer the monster itself will be. And, in the end, you will see a light corridor, from where the enemy will reappear. Run from him, hide and wait. When he passes by, go into the light passage, bend down and make your way under the grate into the lighted room.


Move on until you find yourself below. Remove the cage on the right to find yourself in a flooded room. Having done this, bend down and make your way under the shutters on the left. Go up the stairs to the right, open the hatch and climb forward. Walk past the strange car until you see the monster torturing Richard. Open the door by lowering the lever, go into the room and talk to Richard. He will say that the monster will hear, so lock the door of the room the monster is in and then turn the lever until you free Richard. Watch the video, and then resist the aggression.


Turn right and follow the steps until you reach the dead end with the Leyden Bank. She’s charged. After taking it, lower the lever and return to the room with the red liquid. Climb the steps on the left, first lower the left lever, and then the right. Go to the sliding shutters in the passage. Swing the cage so that it falls into the rotating mechanism on the left. Now you can climb further. Find the lever, lower it and go up the stairs. Get out of here the way you came. Take the Leyden jar from the hole on the left and with two try to return to the portal. Unfortunately, you will find yourself underground.


Return to the portal

We continue the passage of Amnesia Rebirth. Take the only route through the ruins until you go downstairs and find a green door. Open it.

Further there will be long catacombs. All monsters are sleeping, so just go around them by choosing other routes. When you see a luminous dot, follow it. Ahead is a monster. So find a small hole on the left. Remove the beam and destroy the support. Laz will fall asleep, and the monster will wake up. Move back and hold CTRL to hide. When the monster leaves, follow on. Climb along the tunnel, turn left twice to find yourself in a lighted room with a green plant. Push the curbstone in the opening in front and jump down into some kind of bedroom.

Move through the rooms, and then – a hall with many monsters (follow to the right). When the enemy in front moves away, go further, through the hole in the wall to another room. Exit it and get to the blocked opening. Follow the left and find a broken lever. Remove the panel and start rotating the mechanism clockwise. When he hits the button, click on it to remove.

Repeat the steps several times until the device breaks.

Run to the opening, move the tube and escape from the monsters.

Eventually, you will be able to return to the portal. Set two Leyden jars and then turn all three rings to the center. Activate the portal.

Dark world

Move forward without paying attention to the first triangular pyramid. Follow to the dark hall with chairs, go downstairs and go under the raised grate (you need to bend down) to find the second pyramid. Take it to the first room and leave it in the corridor to the right. A little further carry the second pyramid to open the door to the lighted room. Take the third pyramid from there. Place two pyramids in the corridor that leads to the auditorium, but so that they glow. Carry the third pyramid inside the auditorium with chairs so that the light falls on the red lamp below (it turns green and the room will be illuminated). Done

Pull the lever, but nothing happens. Lower the lever on the right and you will see a dead man. After analysis, pull the large lever to take the corpse further. Then again pull the lever on the right, climb the stairs and climb inside the cage. After the scan, study the child, and when the red button starts blinking, interact with it to learn about the disease. The spirit of a woman will appear, promising to help. Pull the center lever and climb inside the cage to drive further. After getting out, go downstairs. Move along the tunnels of iron, where you can get through the gap in the wall on the left.


Amari’s Treatment

After getting out, iditol into the building on the left. Get to the room where the spirit will tell you how to heal. First you need to start the station by supplying energy. And for healing, you still need to create vitae. Walk to the right, across the room, where there is another remote on your left. He activates the funiculars from below. Go further and in the farthest room you will find a triangular pyramid. After picking up the item, go back, but be careful, as there is a monster with a lantern. When the pyramid catches fire, he will know about it, so drop the object and hide. Walk past the funicular control panel. You can activate them, and then go downstairs and take the funicular without helping Amari. But keep in mind that you will miss the opportunity to heal her.

If you want to help her, carry the triangular pyramid to the first room with an armchair. The room will be lit. Find a plate that looks like a chip on any table. Place it on the control panel in front of the man in the cage. Then find torture devices. Insert sharp thorns into four paws (fifth, upper, do not touch) (all the same objects). Then press the button on the right to activate the remote control. After that, lift the lever on the remote and hold it until the dots on the left turn white. And then sit in a chair to inject.


After the injections, take the pyramid to the previous room and activate the remote control by lowering the lever. Go downstairs, lower the lever and enter the funicular. Wait. In the end, you will find yourself in a location with many capsules with people inside. Creatures with lanterns will start looking for you. Hide from them using the walls of your own funicular. Until they disappear. And then Tasi will jump down.


Move between capsules avoiding glowing monsters. Go through the door and go down below. Remove the stones from under the other door and walk forward. You will soon be leaving the location.

Walk forward past the capsules with people, duck and find the corpse. There will be a note and 4 capsules of red liquid. She must destroy all the cars with the vitae. Remove the syringe from the broken panel on the right. In the inventory, fill it with red liquid and stick it into the work panel in the previous room. Turn the valve and hold it until the machines are infected. After the explosion, get out.

Next there will be another segment with a monster using a lantern. Follow through the water, and if something happens, you can even dive under it, hiding from the light. Move from one side to the other, use the climbs and soon you will reach the far right corner, where you will need to activate the elevator. Go through the rift at the very top.

Village and tower

Move to the village, go through it and enter the room. When Yasmin frees you, run forward until the doctor appears. Help Tasi using the mouse and looking at the doctor. Then he will run away with the child. Run after him, move through the desert to where the wind blows and where the child’s voice is heard. Eventually, you will have to go to the tower.

There, try to use the elevator, enter it and lower the lever. But the elevator will get stuck. Lower the top hatch and climb onto the roof. Look for a hatch in the wall on the side, lower it and move through it. Follow to the very end until you find Malik’s corpse. Having done this, go down the stairs, remove the cable from the hole on the left, feeding the left elevator. Break off a couple of rods in the fence on the right and insert a cord through the hole. Insert it into the right elevator power hole. Go back. When you see a monster with a lantern, go downstairs and hide in the room ahead, closing the door behind you.


The final

After taking the elevator, enter the throne room and listen to Tinan. Follow her and take the child in your arms. After that, you can choose how to proceed:

  1. Put the baby in the crib and go to Tinan.
  2. Pick up the child, and then inspect all three rooms and stick a syringe with red flesh into the consoles. One of the rooms is locked, so remove the Leyden jar from any other hole and insert it into the empty slot. When you have done all three injections, you will see the final video.
  3. Pick up the child, hide from the empress and get to the door that leads back to the portal. When you go through it, insert the Leyden jar (you need to pull it out of the device in the room with the crib) into the remote and activate the portal. Destroy the wall ahead.



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