ALMOND: Natural aspirin

Considered a “remedy for all ills”, aspirin is the medicine most popular, widespread and accepted. We have all experienced relief produced for its excellent analgesic, antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (against fever). But it also presents its problems: can cause gastric ulcers, allergies and injuries renal, and is contraindicated in some cases.

The natural alternative for these problems may be to eat a handful of almonds, although their effects are slower. The explanation is simple: a group of North American researchers has discovered that almonds (like potatoes and almost all fruits, although these are less grade) contain a good proportion of salicylates, salts formed by salitic acid and a base that constitute the main active agent of the aspirin, which is responsible for the miraculous effects of this popular drug.

But as if that were not enough, almonds also have a high caloric value and proteinaceous. They are ideal both in diets for athletes or for loss of weight (combined with fresh fruits or natural juices). Almonds help to the regeneration of the nervous system and are a good intestinal antiseptic. In South America are used to cure diarrhea, irritations in the urinary tract, bronchitis and pneumonia, almond oil being considered a good remedy for chilblains and earaches.

The types of almonds and their properties

There are mainly two kinds of almond: one bitter and one sweet. The Bitter almond has always been used to obtain oil from almond and liqueurs. A toxic substance is also extracted from it (amygdalin, between 2 and 3%); by hydrolyzing, acid is obtained hydrocyanic. In its composition there is also 50% essential oil, albumins and sugars. With them bitter waters are made to combat coughing and vomiting. It also appears in the composition of some medicines. Likewise, bitter almond oil is used as base for massage oils, due to its pain relieving properties

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