All Windows keyboard shortcuts

Have you noticed that your geek friend with a simple combination of keys can perform operations that require you many clicks? You probably still don’t know the windows shortcut , that is the combination of two or more keys that allow you to quickly access a function. Knowing the Windows keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time and effort and if you don’t use them yet you should definitely start doing it. Let me start by saying that there are lots of windows shortcuts but you don’t necessarily have to learn them all; in the end those you will use regularly will not be more than 10 and with the passage of time using them will become automatic.

In this short article, without wasting too much on useless chatter, I will list the Windows keyboard shortcuts that are used most frequently.


  • Windows keyboard shortcuts
    • Shortcuts for Copy Paste
    • Shortcuts to navigate the Desktop
    • Shortcut for navigation in the windows
    • Shortcuts for Screenshots
    • Shortcuts for Files and Folders

Windows keyboard shortcuts

With the various versions of Windows, more and more shortcut windows have been introduced and now, with the Windows 10 version, you have a disproportionate amount of quick commands at your disposal. Knowing them all by heart is practically impossible as well as useless, only some, in fact, will be really useful.

Shortcuts for Copy Paste

Let’s start the list with the most used windows shortcuts ever, ie those of copy paste; surely you will already know these windows shortcuts because they are really very useful.

Combination Action
Ctrl + C Copy an item
Ctrl + X Cut an element
Ctrl + V Paste a copied or cut item

Shortcuts to navigate the Desktop

There are many Windows keyboard shortcuts for moving between windows on Windows or for navigating the desktop; some shortcuts are extremely convenient

Combination Action
Alt + Tab To move from one application to another
Win + Down Arrow Iconize the window in use
Win + Down Arrow Maximizes the current window to full screen
Win + Crtl + D Create a new virtual desktop
Win + Crtl + right arrow
Win + Crtl + left arrow
To switch between virtual desktops
Win + Crtl + F4 Close the virtual desktop

Shortcut for navigation in the windows

To navigate within a window (for example the browser) you have many Windows keyboard shortcuts that will be very convenient for you

Combination Action
Ctrl + Tab Move forward between tabs.
Ctrl + W Closes the active window.
Ctrl + N Opens a new window.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move back through the tabs.
Ctrl + number (between 1 and 9) Switch to the tab indicated by the number.
Shift + Tab Move back through the options.
Alt + underlined letter Execute the command (or select the option) used with the indicated letter.

Shortcuts for Screenshots

Below are the windows quick commands to capture the screen (screenshot)

Combination Action
Stamp Full screen photography
Alt + Stamp Photograph of the active window
Win + shift + S Opens the Snipping Tool to select the part of the screen you want to photograph
Shift + Tab Move back through the options.
Alt + underlined letter Execute the command (or select the option) used with the indicated letter.

Shortcuts for Files and Folders

If you work a lot with files and folders then you can’t be unaware of these Windows keyboard shortcuts

Combination Action
Ctrl + Shift + N Create a New Folder.
Block Num + * Displays all subfolders of a folder.
Win + E Opens file explorer.
Win + M Minimize all open windows.

You will find more information and other windows shortcuts directly on the Microsoft support pages . If you are not very familiar with Windows and want to know more, read my other guides on this operating system, you can find them all here .

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