ALL the puzzles and solutions of Resident Evil 3 Remake

We tell you how to overcome each and every one of the Resident Evil 3 Remake puzzles. Don’t let any obstacle stand in your way to flee from Raccoon City.Throughout Resident Evil 3 Remake we will find a series of obstacles that will prevent us from moving forward. In most cases it will be enough to find a key object with which to open this or that door, but in others you will have to solve a small puzzle or challenge in the form of a jigsaw . Although they are not very frequent, here we will help you solve them. Keep in mind that, in addition to the usual puzzles, we have safes and locks .


  1. The jewels puzzle
  2. Substation switches
  3. Control room puzzle
  4. Security Deposit Keypad
  5. Warehouse fuses
  6. Synthesis of the vaccine

Jewels puzzle

It’s downtown, in the safe room of the Redstone Street subway . On the map it appears as “Monument” , but we are going to call it ” Puzzle of the jewels ” as many will surely call it. It is in the safe room of the subway through which you exit at the beginning of the game, next to the trunk. What you need to do is use three key objects :


  • Decorated Chest 1:In the safe room of Moon’s Donuts, the donut shop down the stairs on Redstone Street. Examine the Embellished Chest you find for the Red Jewel . Cannot be achieved in Nightmare or Hell Mode .
  • Ornate Chest 2:On Redstone Street, on the left side of Main Street, there is a building with a red top where it says “Supermarket.” Wait until you get the Padlock Cutter to open the door, inside there will be another Chest adorned with the blue jewel inside .
  • Ornate Chest 3 –Again, on Redstone Street, at Raccon Toys. It’s the blue building on the same street as the Supermarket. Enter through the southeast corner when you have the Lock Pick and you will find another Chest with the green jewel

By placing the jewels, you will get the Tactical Stock (Shotgun), a Hand Grenade and a Fanny Pack .

Substation switches

This puzzle consists solely of locating the four switches in the substation, taking care of the Deimos (those disgusting cockroach monsters). Ideally, you should go to 1, from there to 2, run to 3, take the stairs next to the third switch, cross the platform and activate 4. Keep in mind that it takes a few seconds to activate the lever and, if a Deimos attacks you , the process is interrupted.

Control room puzzle

When you go to the Center, after restoring the power, you will have to use a series of switches to get to Fox Park. The solution to the puzzle of the subway tracks is the following:

  • RE-01
  • FA-02
  • RA-03
  • SA-02
  • FO-01

Security Deposit Keypad

An old acquaintance of the police station that we saw in the remake of Resident Evil 2 , and now returns, but something simpler. There are no extra keys this time, so you can only insert the following combinations:

  • 104:Battery (Key Object).
  • 106:Assault rifle ammunition.
  • 109:Hand grenade.

Warehouse fuses

In the sub-basements of the hospital, shortly after moving forward, you will have to get three fuses to continue. The thing goes like this. On these lines you have the video, and under them, a map and the explanation. Keep in mind that the area is full of enemies, and there are also items that you could collect.

  • Raise the hydraulic platform in front of your starting position, far right, to find the first Fuse.
  • Go down the ladder next to the fuse, go south-southeast and cross the bookshelves.
  • Do not go down the hydraulic platform, go up the stairs, cross it, activate another hydraulic platform and go down to find the second one.
  • Go backand at the top of the stairs you will see a door. Cross the hall, turn left, go down the ladder and you will find the third one.
  • From here, go up the stairs and go back to the elevatorto use the three fuses.

Synthesis of the vaccine

In NEST 2, when placing the base vaccine in the machine, you have to solve a puzzle of proportions to complete it. The solution is the next:

  • Left:
  • Center:
  • Right:
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