All Ranks and Maps in Counter Strike:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been proclaimed as the latest version of this famous game, which has been marked in everyone’s hearts over the years. Throughout this article, we will talk about all the ranks and maps of Counter Strike Global Offensive mode.

All Ranks and Maps of Counter Strike Global Offensive

Despite the fact that many people have a certain preference for those old ways that were practiced in the first release of Counter Strike. The developers have maintained their loyalty to the content, committed to delivering the best to their community .

That is why this update has revolutionized the opinions of the players, since the improvements are not limited only to the graphics. But also the game mode, weapons, analytical system, among other aspects.

Therefore, today we will talk about two very important points within Global Offensive. Which consists of the playable maps and the ranks that many individuals aspire to achieve.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive competitive map system

One of the biggest benefits that the latest Counter Strike update offers is the ability to have a ton of maps to select from and set your games , so many that it seems endless.

However, not all qualify in neutrality for competitive methods , which is why they are not used frequently by players, in order to avoid disputes or advantages on the part of the opposing team.

Due to this, many users decide to omit the selection of those who are part of this small group, which is unfortunate, because they miss out on testing the dynamism that enables fun within this style of games.

Therefore, here we will reflect a Top 3 of the most used maps to perform competitions , and thus achieve a correct ascent through the ranks of the game.


Considered one of the oldest and statistically proven the most used by veterans and new players of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Set in the Middle East, it is a map that allows the practice of strategies made by the players , in order to obtain the best result at the end of the game.

Regarding the competitive method, it is one of the favorites, as it consists of a balanced area for both sides , totally depending on teamwork and the ability of each player to emerge victorious from the game.


Enabled for some time and feared by some players, Train is characterized as one of the most difficult maps in the game. Although it presents a slight advantage for the “Antiterrorist” group .

This is all due to the fact that it has stairs and narrow tunnels that lead directly to the points where the bombs must be placed. However, to emerge victorious from this will depend on the strategy to catch the enemy off guard.


Its appearance dates from version 1.6, but within Counter Strike: Global Offensive it presents a series of updates that does so. Like Mirage, one of the most balanced maps for both sides .

It is very popular due to the variability of its zones. Corresponding to roads, hiding places, distance between bases and the possibilities of crossing fire, prolonging the games and adding more excitement.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Ranks

The rank consists of a hierarchy established by the game system, classifying the degree of experience of each player. Likewise, Global Offensive has an analytical system directly related to ranking. Well, evaluate and rate the intelligence and strategy of each user when playing.

Sorted from the lowest to the highest, the ranking is based on the first four links of Silver. To advance up to Silver Elite and Elite Master.

Once this stage is passed, you will enter the Gold Nova section Which consists of three stages before reaching the recognition of Gold Nova Master.

From there, the important ranks of Master begin , called Master Guardian I, II and Elite, advancing to the classification of Distinguished . In addition, the Legendary Eagle and Eagle Master positions are considered the previous step to the highest ranking.

Finally, the highest positions, and which are occupied by 1% of the players, are Supreme Master First Class and The Global Elite . Knowing all the ranks and maps of Counter Strike Global Offensive, what are you waiting to start the battle ?


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