All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

During a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase today (or should I say Monster Hunter Direct), Capcom introduced a new Monster Hunter title exclusively for the Nintendo Switch called Monster Hunter Rise.

It features a similar action RPG that MH fans will be familiar with, but thanks to Wirebug’s new mechanics, players will be able to shoot objects for a quick tour and can even be used to achieve combos during matches. encounters with monsters.

Rise will also have new monsters added to the game, as well as many fan favorites from previous titles. Here are the confirmed monsters so far for Monster Hunter Rise.


The Almudron is a new monster that looks a bit like a catfish.

It uses mud for its attacks by throwing it at its enemies and it can spray a golden liquid from its tail that acts like quicksand below its target.


All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

The Somnacanth is a new monster for the series and looks like some kind of creepy mermaid monster. It can spew sleeping powder from a thick organ on its neck, so hunters must be prepared or else they will end up taking a forceful nap which can be annoying.

This beast doesn’t like when people invade its territory, so once you see it, be prepared for it to be very aggressive.


Bishaten appears to be a hybrid monkey, bird, bat or something like that. It can hang from high places like trees and throw fruit at hunters, causing them to get damaged and lose their foothold.

This long tail of this beast is sure to cause problems for hunters, so getting this cut should be a priority during missions.

Great Wroggi (returning)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

The Great Wroggi returned as a baby, and this dinosaur / snake creature can expel venom from this pouch around its head. But this monster is just a different type of Great Jaggi, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem during hunts. This is definitely one of those rookie monsters that you can easily defeat on your own.

Royal Ludroth (back)

Royal Ludroth is returning to the series and brings its fluffy outer shell and water-based attacks. Ludroth is generally a starter monster that helps you master the game’s mechanics and controls, and is very lovable when rolling on the ground.

Just be careful, because once a Royal Ludroth gets wet, it can use the liquid to scoop it up, so don’t allow it to get near lakes or other bodies of water.


All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Magnamalo is Monster Hunter Rise’s flagship beast, a terrifying fang Wyvern that “hunts its prey with relentless cruelty.” And judging from the purple energy emanating from the monster in the reveal trailer, it appears to be a Dragon-type Wyvern.

Capcom didn’t want to share too many details about the monster just yet, but you can expect to see more of this bad boy during the game showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2020 later this month.


Aknosom is a large Wyvern bird that can shoot fireballs from its mouth directly at your hunter. You can also change the shape of your shield to attack hunters and adapt to the current combat situation.

If it hits you, it can potentially hit you right on the map, which won’t be fun at all if you’re in the middle of a sick combo or something.

And according to the official Monster Hunter Rise website, it is “fiercely territorial, and whenever it encounters intruders, it spreads its wings and spreads the eye-shaped crest on its head to terrifying effect.”

Great Izuchi

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Next up is the Great Izuchi, which is a Wyvern bird that usually moves around the map with three little Izuchi creatures. In the trailer for the reveal, we can even see a timed attack from several of them that seems extremely irritating.

Since Monster Hunter Rise will be a four player online game, it is probably recommended to have friends with you during this fight to distract the little enemies.

Its scythe-shaped tail is sure to do some serious damage if you’re not too careful, so cutting this fool with sharp weapons will definitely give players the edge against this Wyvern.


And the last monster to be shown during the presentation was this amphibian crocodile / frog / dragon creation called Tetranadon. It eats anything in sight, including gravel, to grow without attacking hunters.

Although he is slower while his belly is full, his attacks are much more powerful and can really knock down your health bar. It can also jump really high in the air and essentially perform a hit on the ground, so this is something to watch out for if you don’t want to turn into a pancake.

Arzuros (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Arzuros is one of many returning monsters making their way to Monster Hunter Rise, first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The monster looks like a certain type of bear mixed with a scaly dragon and is a type of Water element and is sensitive to fire, ice, and thunder.

It has been known to use its powerful claws to attack hunters, and it is very good at moving quickly around the map, so heavy weapon users may have a hard time taking it down quickly.

Goss Harag

The Goss Harag is a new monster that can be found in the Snowy Plains. He has a thick fur coat to keep him warm in freezing conditions and he inhales cold air to freeze his body fluids and spray them on targets.

When hostile, he turns red and uses his icy breath to make an ice blade in each of his arms.


All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Arachnophobics look away! Rakna-Kadaki is essentially a fire spider monster that will use its webs to trap you in place before releasing scorching gas to finish you off.

To make matters worse, Rakna-Kadaki also carries his offspring on his back and calls them to arms when he fights. Just to give you one last thing to think about!

Anjanath (back)

A Brute Wyvern-type monster, the Anjanath more or less resembles a large T-Rex. Returns after appearing in Monster Hunter: World and its Iceborne expansion.

The Anjanath can be found patrolling the ancient forest in search of Aptonoth. This monster will attack anything it sees without warning, so be prepared.

Barioth (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Barioth is a Wyvern-type flying monster and previously appeared in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World.

It is an ice-type creature that uses its tail and front legs to launch sharp attacks, and uses its ice breath to blow a frost tornado your way. It also has a jump attack that you will want to be careful of.

Barroth (back)

This water-type Brute Wyvern monster has appeared in the series several times before. Left to his own devices, he will search for ants to feed on and mark his territory with mud.

His main attack is a charge attack in which he uses his thick skull to obliterate his target.

Basarios (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

The Basarios return in Monster Hunter: Rise, with their scaly, stone-like skin. It is a smaller flying Wyvern creature that burrows underground, mimicking rocks and ambushing unsuspecting prey.

Watch out for random rocks you find, it could be a Besarios in disguise!

Chameleos (back)

Chameleos is another longtime fan-favorite monster in Monster Hunter: Rise. As the name suggests, this elder dragon is essentially a large chameleon.

When cloaked, players will not be able to see or block it. It can also steal items like potions from you using its long tongue from afar.

Heck (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Another long-standing monster in the series is the Diablos, who returns in Monster Hunter: Rise.

Most often found in the desert, this flying wyvern-type monster uses its massive horns to charge enemies and will use a loud scream to stun enemies for long periods of time. Better bring earmuffs!

Great Baggi (back)

The Great Baggi is another returning wyvern bird in Monster Hunter: Rise, having previously appeared in MH3 and MH3: Ultimate.

Its main attack comes in the form of its Sleep Attack where it will try to stun you with a tranquilizing liquid before invading you. The smaller Baggis are also accompanying him and will join you, so be careful!

Jyuratodus (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

After making its debut in Monster Hunter World, the Jyuratodus returns in Monster Hunter: Rise.

It is a wyvern-type pool monster that uses mud to catch its prey before it starts attacking them. Make sure to use Watermoss or attack the monster when it gets covered in mud, as it acts as an extra layer of protection.

Khezu (back)

This terrifying Wyvern-like flying monster returns in Monster Hunter: Rise. He lives in icy areas and has a weakness for fire, so take all your firearms with you for the trip.

Kulu-Ya-Ku (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Having debuted in Monster Hunter World, Kulu-Ya-Ku makes another appearance in Monster Hunter: Rise.

It is a wyvern bird-like creature that steals eggs from other nests in forests and wastelands. You’ll want to be on the lookout for his jump attacks as they can deal massive damage.

Lagombi (back)

The Lagombi has only appeared in Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate, but is now also coming to Monster Hunter: Rise.

This fanged beast-type monster will use snowballs to try and catch oncoming hunters, before using slide and jump attacks to deal damage and finish you off.

Mizutsune (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

This leviathan originally appeared in Monster Hunter Generations, but he also brings his water and bubble-based combat to Monster Hunter: Rise.

This creature can also secrete a strange foam that allows it to glide across the ground and attack its prey. So, in other words, he slips and makes his way into combat. We are evaluating this.

Nargacuga (back)

The Nargacuga needs little introduction, having appeared in many games in the series prior to Monster Hunter: Rise.

It’s basically a large, poisonous bat creature. It’s incredibly fast and agile, which means you’ll want to use the lock at all costs. It will use its tail to deliver hammer blows at its targets.

Pukei-Pukei (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

A flying wyvern that is known to have poisonous toxins in its body. It has been seen keeping scatternuts in its mouth or tail, covering them with venom and spitting them out under threat.

The Pukei-Pukei uses poison-based attacks to slowly reduce the health of hunters over time. You’ll want to bring thunder-type weapons or items into this fight to quickly take care of this large boi lizard.

Rajang (back)

This fanged beast-type monster originally appeared in Monster Hunter 2, but will return to our screens in Monster Hunter: Rise.

These things are deadly normally, but they get even scarier when they go into their “rampage” mode and turn yellow. They will use sweeping and sweeping attacks to try and hit you from afar.

Rathalos (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

This flying wyvern-like creature has appeared in every Monster Hunter game to date.

It falls from the sky and tries to do damage with its possessive claws and flaming breath. You better get your running shoes ready for this one!

Rathian (back)

Another great traveler from the Monster Hunter series returns in Monster: Hunter Rise, the Rathian is a flying fire-type wyvern. It will use its poisoned tails and powerful legs to try to harm you.

If you want to spawn one, find its nest and take its egg. Soon the Rathian will float above you, ready to protect its young.

Tigrex (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

A fan favorite, the Tigrex originally appeared in Monster Hunter Portable 2, before returning to Monster Hunter World.

He will also appear in Rise, bringing his swift attacks and deafening roars to the world.

Tobi-Kadachi (back)

A fanged Wyvern that flies through the trees of the ancient forest. Their penchant for scrubbing the ground and trees while moving generates static electricity in their fur.

The Tobi-Kadachi can charge on its own, dispersing electrical charges through its fur, dealing damage to any hunter in the vicinity. You’ll want to bring some water to the rain on her parade and give her a scare!

Back (back)

All monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

This creature, covered in thick red shells tough enough to withstand magma, is back to ruin your day. Its rounded body is perfect for rolling on hot surfaces and its long tongue is ideal for catching prey. Their saliva emits a paralyzing toxin that should be avoided.

The Volvidon is a fanged beast that will curl into a ball and attempt to crush you at high speed. It also has a long tongue that can catch or repel a target.

He can also use a stink cloud defensive attack that inflicts the “Stench” status effect, preventing you from using consumables and recovering.

Zinogre (back)

Zinogre is a thunder-fanged wyvern that originally appeared in Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate. It recently appeared as part of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborn expansion.

Zinogre will use his thunderous attacks to hit you in an instant or try to sink you to the ground. Your best chance to hurt him is when he starts howling, indicating that he’s charging.

All the little monsters from Monster Hunter: Rise

Small monsters can be food / bait to get bigger monsters or as allies to help you in some way in your monster hunting adventure. Here are the confirmed little monsters that will appear in Monster Hunter: Rise.

  • Altaroth
  • Bnahabra
  • Bombadgy
  • Bullfango
  • Felyne
  • Gajau
  • Gargwa
  • Izuchi
  • Jagras
  • Kelbi
  • Melynx
  • Remobra
  • Wroggi

And these are all confirmed monsters for Monster Hunter Rise, So far. Once new monsters are revealed, we’ll be sure to update this list accordingly.

Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. For more information, check out the trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2 or read our rave review of Iceborne, a major expansion for Monster Hunter: World.


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