ALL GTA 5 service vehicles

List of all Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online service vehicles, how to get them and which ones are the best.

César Rebolledo ·13:09 12/1/2021

Grand Theft Auto V presents us with a huge variety of vehicles to choose from. These include service vehicles . These are vehicles that are literally “public services” such as buses or garbage trucks. Some cannot be owned, and we are not going to include “fixed” vehicles , such as the cable car, freight train or the subway.

All service vehicles


Vehicle How to get it Price Speed
Airport bus Warstock Cache & Carry. $ 550,000. 100 km / h
Brickade Warstock Cache & Carry. $ 1,100,000. 105 km / h
Bus Warstock Cache & Carry. $ 500,000. 100 km / h
Dashound Warstock Cache & Carry. $ 525,000. 100 km / h
Dune Southern SA Super Autos. $ 1,300,000. 125 km / h
Festival bus Southern SA Super Autos. $ 1,842,050. 90 km / h
Rental bus Warstock Cache & Carry. $ 30,000. 110 km / h
Cab Awarded for reaching level 25 in Arena War. It can not be bought. 143 km / h
Tourist bus It cannot be owned. It can not be bought. 110 km / h
Trashmaster It cannot be owned. It can not be bought. 110 km / h
Wastelander Warstock Cache & Carry. $ 658,350. 125 km / h


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