All Fallout 4 Cheats: Codes for the Command Console and its Effects

Discover all the Fallout 4 cheats and codes for the Command Console and experience the game like never before. From god mode to unlimited resources, these cheats have got you covered.We go over all the codes you can use in the Fallout 4 command console, the effects they cause, and how to access it.

All Fallout 4 Cheats: Codes for the Command Console and its Effects

If you’ve already beaten the story or want to get more out of the title, a good option is the Fallout 4 command console .In this Fallout 4 guide, we’ll show you how the RPG’s command console works, and the best cheats (by category) you can use.

Command Console: How it works and best codes

In the PC version of Fallout 4, you can open the command console to modify the game to your liking. All you have to do is enter a code and see the incredible effects it causes.

Now, be very careful, because if you use too many cheats, the game may not work properly . Try to disable all the codes you use, to avoid them accumulating.

To activate the Fallout 4 command console, all you have to do is press the Ñ key . If you have your keyboard set to English, press the Tilde key .

Once the console opens, you just have to enter the code you want to activate and press the Enter key . Be careful, because some codes require other parameters to work.

We recommend saving your game before opening the command console, as you may lose your data if the game crashes when using cheats. Remember to close the console (using the same key) .

There are tons of codes available. Some affect your own character, while others modify the world (or map) of Fallout 4. You can also alter the behavior of NPCs, enemies, or factions in the RPG.

Below, we leave you with the best codes for the command console by categories:

Codes for the player

  • tgm – activates God mode (you will not take damage).
  • tim – activates Immortal mode (you cannot die).
  • tcl – activate free mode (you can walk in the air and go through walls).
  • player.resethealth – restore full health.
  • showlooksmenu player 1 – change your appearance.
  • showspecialmenu – change the name and perks SPECIAL
  • csb – removes all traces of blood or dirt.
  • coc CellID – teleport to the desired location.
  • coc qasmoke – unlocks a room with all the items in the game.
  • player.additem ItemID # – Changes the number of units you have of an item.
  • player.setav VariableID # – modifies your character’s stats.
  • player.setav speedmult # – changes the character’s speed parameters.
  • setgs fJumpHeightMin # – modifies the character’s jumping ability.
  • player.addperk PerkID – add the perk you want to your character.
  • CGF “Game.AddPerkPoints” # – add the perk points you want.
  • player.setlevel # – changes your character’s level.
  • lock unlock – opens or locks doors, safes, lockers and other items.
  • activate – activate any element in the game.

Codes for the world

  • tm – toggles the HUD display.
  • tmm 1 – activates all map markers.
  • tfc – free camera mode.
  • screenshot – takes a screenshot.
  • sucsm # – modifies the speed of movement in the free camera.
  • tfow – changes the fog level of the world.
  • gr – changes radiation levels.
  • tg – changes the level of grass or vegetation.
  • ts – alters the design of the sky.
  • tws – alters water design.
  • set timescale to # – changes the rate at which game time passes.
  • sgtm # – modifies the game time multiplier.
  • fw WeatherID – change the weather.

Codes for missions

  • caqs – complete all mission stages while active.
  • saq – start all quests at once.
  • sqo – reveals all quest objectives.
  • sqt – reveals the objectives of active missions.
  • sqs – reveals all mission stages and objectives.
  • movetoqt – travel to the mission destination.
  • completequest QuestID – complete all objectives by the best route.
  • resetquest QuestID – resets the quest.

Codes for the factions

  • player.addtofaction FactionID # or TargetID.addtofaction FactionID # – adds your character or companion to a faction.
  • player.removefromfaction FactionID or TargetID.removefromfaction FactionID – removes your character or companion from a faction.
  • player.removefromallfactions or TargetID.removefromallfactions – removes your character or companion from all factions.
  • setally FactionID FactionID # # – makes two factions allies.
  • setenemy FactionID FactionID # # – makes two factions enemies.

Codes for NPCs and enemies

  • tdetect – disable AI detection.
  • tai – changes NPC AI to not combat.
  • tcai – changes NPC AI to be hostile.
  • targetID.sexchange – changes an NPC’s gender.
  • – Alters the movement of an NPC.
  • targetID.kill – kills any NPC, as long as it is not essential.
  • killall – kills all non-essential NPCs and creatures.
  • kah – kills all enemies around.
  • targetID.resurrect – resurrects an NPC that has died.
  • player.moveto TargetID – teleport to an NPC’s location.
  • TargetID.moveto player – movement towards an NPC or creature.
  • showbartermenu – unlocks bartering with any NPC.



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