All Easter eggs and secrets of Resident Evil 2

An overview of the most significant and interesting Easter eggs, references and secrets in the game

Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the original 1998 RE , released on January 25, 2019, and boasts a lot of secrets, easter eggs and references to various games or works (like the movie The Shining). Some of these Easter eggs were in the original, while others appeared only in the new project. Below we will tell you about the most interesting ones.


Unlockable modes

Like the original Resident Evil 2, Remake contains several modes that can be unlocked by playing through the game with different characters and following a specific scenario:

  • The plot for the scenario of Leon Bed and. When you first start the game, select Claire and go through her storyline on any difficulty, getting any rating. Alternatively, complete scenario B with Claire.
  • The plot for the scenario Claire Bed and. When you start the game for the first time, select Leon and complete his storyline on any difficulty and with any rating. Alternatively, play Scenario B as Leon.
  • Fourth Survivor Mode. We play for Hank. Complete Scenario B with any character.
  • Tofu Survivor Mode. We play for a huge piece of “Tofu”. Only knives are used as weapons. Complete the Fourth Survivor completely.
  • Konjac Survivor mode. You must complete the “Survivor Tofu” walkthrough. Instead of knives, the hero (a piece of Tofu) uses fire grenades and a flamethrower.
  • Uiro-Mochi Survivor mode. Complete the Survivor Tofu mode. This time, you will be using exclusively grenades.
  • Survivor Flan mode. Complete “Survivor Konjac” or “Survivor Uiro-Mochi” mode. You will be able to go through the same game segment, but this time you will be armed to the teeth. In the arsenal of the hero – a spark, a rocket launcher and a machine gun.
  • Survivor Annin Mode. Unlocks similarly to the previous one. You will have a lot of medicinal herbs, M19s and quick-loading pistols.

Unlockable weapon

There are several types of special weapons in Resident Evil 2 Remake. When using each of them, you will receive infinite ammo and durability:

  • An invulnerable combat knife. To unlock it, destroy all Mr. Raccoon figurines.
  • Pistol “Samurai Blade” with endless ammo. Complete Scenario A as Leon or Claire on Standard difficulty and attain S rank.
  • LE-5 submachine gun with endless ammo. Complete Scenario A as Leon or Claire in the Hard, attaining S rank.
  • A rocket launcher with endless shells. Finish the game as Leon on Standard difficulty at S + rank.
  • Machine gun with endless ammo. Complete the game as Claire on Standard Difficulty at S + Rank.

Easter eggs in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Monster Eyes (Birkin Fifth Form)

To see this small but meaningful nod to the original Resident Evil 2, you’ll have to unlock the true ending in Remake by completing Scenario B as Leon or Claire. This will entail a collision with Birkin’s final, fifth form, which will take place aboard the train outside Raccoon City. After you finally defeat Birkin, before the death of the monster, you will see a short scene with the appearance of a huge eye. This picture may seem quite familiar to you, because this is the eye we saw on the main screen of the original Resident Evil 2, released 20 years ago.

Herbs are an expensive resource

In any apocalyptic scenario, medicine is the most important resource. This is a logical explanation for why first aid sprays are the rarest item to find in the game. Herbs may seem like a cheap and common resource. Is it so?

It turns out that the game contains an easily overlooked note left by a disgruntled person. The next time you reach the final results screen at the end of RE2: Remake, take a moment to read the green note. It says: “For those who continue to do this: could you please stop eating greens in the office. I don’t care if you say they make you feel better. These herbs cost MONEY. ”

References to STARS employees

There is not a single room or location that Capcom has given as much attention as the STARS office. The attention to detail is enormous! The location of the items in the office may differ from the original (Wesker finally has a personal account), but there are many things here that refer us to almost all of the Raccoon City law enforcement officers, including Chris’s jacket that says Made In Heaven. In addition to her, you can find the Jill Valentine takes, Rebecca’s first aid bag and a stack of new guns, no doubt Barry’s. All this is on the tables inside the main room.

But Wesker’s office hides the best Easter egg – a small, blurry photo of the entire STARS team. It is located on the shelf behind the villain’s workstation. The same photo that Leon or Claire could have developed in the original game.

Release date of the original Resident Evil 2 in Japan

Capcom didn’t wait too long and started integrating Easter eggs from the very beginning of the remake. For the first time, you will control the main character at a gas station located on the outskirts of the city. Before you go inside and examine the source of the noise, pay attention to the various paper sheets and posters stuck to the front door. In the corner is a small note with the signature “1998-01-29”. This format of writing the date corresponds to Japan (year-month-day), but also indicates the day of release of Resident Evil 2 in the land of the rising sun. In fact, the game was released in North America 8 days earlier.

The destruction of the “fourth wall”

The fourth wall is breaking down the imaginary barrier between spectators and actors in a traditional “three-walled” theater. In the case of Capcom and Resident Evil 2 Remake, you can see how the developers are directly trying to destroy this very wall, leaving in the game numerous references to people who somehow had a hand in the project. In the reception area, at the reception, you can find one of the largest Easter eggs of this kind: the inscription “We did it!” (We Do It!). But Capcom didn’t stop there. On the base of the statue in the main hall, there is an inscription with several names of real people, not of employees of the Raccoon City Police Station. In particular, here you can find a list of people who participated in the creation of the localization of the remake. On top of that, you can see that some zombie models were based on multiple members of the development team.

Original soundtrack

Capcom’s decision to ditch the original Resident Evil 2 soundtrack in favor of a depressing atmosphere for a remake is a compromise that resulted in a truly terrifying and depressing soundtrack. However, in some areas there are ways to play the soundtrack snippets from the 1998 game. One of them will be launched automatically when you first enter the main hall of the police station, however there is another passage that needs to be activated manually. When you first enter any safe room in the lot, you can find a handy switch that, when pressed, not only turns on the lights in the room, but also triggers the original soundtrack. But don’t get used to it. When you visit these rooms again, you will no longer hear these melodies.


Film “The Shining”

Given the explicit reference that was in the original The Shining game. It is about the REDRUM inscription left on the boarded-up window. Let us remind you that this very word was constantly repeated by the boy from the film, and it is a mirror image of the more familiar word MURDER (translated from English – “killer”).

In the middle of the story campaign for Claire, the action will move to poor Sherri Birkin, who is trying to break free from the clutches of a psychopath and part-time corrupt police chief Brian Irons. The chase ends with the intervention of the mutated Birkin, ending the pursuit of Irons. But before that Irons will destroy the door and say I’m coming Sherry, which is another reference to this film.

Marvin – Officer of the Month

It is no coincidence that Marvin is the last police officer to remain on duty. It is him who is met by Leon and Claire upon arrival at the station. Despite a bite in the stomach and a guaranteed transformation into a zombie, the poor fellow continues to protect the rest of the people and fulfills his duty to the end. This dedication to the job befits an Officer of the Month award. On the territory of the police station, you can find several chaotically scattered posters confirming that Marvin is devoted to his cause.

Jill Sandwich

From ironic taunts to a popular meme, the original Resident Evil’s replayed dialogues are so much so because of the term “Jill Sandwich.” Of course, the Resident Evil series has come a long way, starting as a low-budget lineage (yes, it did). Since then, Capcom has realized the benefits of investing in professional and talented voice actors, but the company decided to bring this curious moment back to the game’s remake.

Head to the conference room in the east wing of the police station to find the discarded board. On it hangs a map of the first floor of the site and several seemingly indecipherable notes. However, after careful study of the scrawl on one of them, you will find the inscription Jill’s Sandwiches (Jill sandwich), accompanied by the numbers 555-1998.

Welcome Leon

Typos are found even in the AAA titles of modern games, let alone old projects. The original Resident Evil 2 was released in 1998. Police officers threw a welcome party in honor of Leon’s entry. Then, on the side of his table, there was an inscription Wellcome Leon (as you know, the word Welcome is spelled with one L). Of course, Capcom corrected this typo in the remake. However, if you study this inscription in Resident Evil 2 Remake, you will find a space between the letters, where there was once an extra L. Moreover, this letter can be found in the same office.

Rebecca’s photo

Apart from the quirky character Tofu, some of the incompatible things from the original Resident Evil 2 were never added to the remake. Capcom immediately stated that it would not add all the secrets that were in the original. Many might have thought it was about the secret photo with Rebecca that Wesker had. However, in fact, this photo is also in the remake, the method of obtaining was simply changed.

You will have to try hard to get it. To begin with, you need to find a film, which, when developed, will produce a photograph depicting a secret box in Wesker’s desk. Return to the STARS office and open this drawer by interacting with the table. Inside the box is a weapon upgrade.

Press the interact key again to have Leon or Claire re-examine the box and find the Rising Star image. Ultimate proof that Wesker didn’t hate everyone. Basically, it was about Chris.


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