Alea Diet: finally the definitive?

Most of the people who want to lose weight have tried it before and have failed in the attempt , generally several times . These people also tend to automatically associate a diet with hunger, prohibited foods, anxiety, unflavored foods, lettuce, chicken and pineapple. The Alea diet comes to dismantle all of the above. And it comes to stay, “because it is sensible,” according to one of the nutritionists who promote it. And because it works, of course. You lose weight without having a bad time, at a good pace, without changing your mood, and above all, eating everything, “says Roberto Cabo, one of the four nutritionists who created this system and author of the book ” The Alea Diet “, where the method is explained. The key is, says Cabo, “that this is a traditional Mediterranean diet , moderately low in calories, to achieve a good rate of weight loss , with easy dishes of a lifetime, which we teach to cook.”

—Many when they start a diet what they usually think is «another one», without having much hope that this time it will be the definitive one. People are tired, and above all, of the rebound effect that occurs after leaving them.

—What happens is that people choose wrong, rare or restrictive diets , impossible to maintain over time, which makes them quit, because they cannot and do not want to follow that type of diet. In reality the Alea diet is not a novelty, it is an adaptation of the Mediterranean diet, low in calories, that is, in the amount that corresponds to you according to your caloric expenditure.

—That is to say that to lose weight, there are no more secrets than to “close your mouth.”

—You have to take the necessary calories to be well nourished, and make the appropriate energy restriction for each person. But yes, any diet that makes us lose weight is hypocaloric .

-There are no short cuts.

—In fact, the shortest path is the straight line, and a regimen must be long-term. A diet is not a race, “I have to lose so much weight for so long.” No. It is thinking about eating well and improving habits. With this diet, for example, you lose weight according to the health guidelines: the rate will depend on the starting weight, but it ranges from 500 mg. and the kilo each week. Logically, this caught with tweezers, and depending on the compliance of the “patient”.

—You say that it is not a diet of lettuce, chicken and pineapple, but that with this diet you eat everything and, above all, food is not prohibited.

—To enjoy good health you have to eat everything, every day . And any diet that prohibits a single food is unbalanced . We must also eat well when we want to lose weight. Also being on a diet should not mean eating strangely, or stop taking pasta, legumes, dairy, fruit … or substitute meals for products. First, I repeat, because it would be eating in an unreal way, second, because it would be not being well nourished, and third, because you do not learn to eat correctly, and you would resume the habits that led to being overweight. .

-As which?

—Not having breakfast, or eating pastries, not eating anything mid-morning or mid-afternoon, snacking between meals … having a sedentary life, without regular physical exercise, not planning the weekly shopping, or going hungry to buy and buy a lots of “kindergartens”, or neglecting food on weekends.

“We all know the theory.”

-Or not. We hear that phrase quite frequently in our practice. Do we know how to feed ourselves ? Yes and no . There are many false myths too, and the reality is that it is difficult to apply the theory on a daily basis.

“My problem is that I like to eat.”

—Another statement that we often hear people overweight say. But generally, the problem is not that we like to eat. Enjoying food is a privilege, a pleasure available to everyone, every day, but how to warm up in bed … It is good to enjoy eating, moreover, you have to enjoy eating, yes, while we diet.

—In your book you talk about the importance of dieting because the person has decided so, never forced.

“This, which seems obvious, we sometimes forget.” If they put some fries in front of us, it’s very common to say “I can’t.” The correct phrase is “yes I can, but I don’t want to, even if I feel like it.” If we start turning thoughts like “I can’t”, “don’t let me”, “it’s forbidden”, we only increase the pressure on our shoulders. Would you eat it Well of course. Can you eat it? Yes, it is a free country! But … do you really want to eat it, or lose weight? Distract yourself for 10 minutes and you will see how proud you will be when you realize that your desire is over. The most important thing about all this is that we realize that your desire has passed. And that nobody forces us to diet. We don’t have to get angry or despair while losing weight. It is something we have freely chosen.

—Okay, you affirm that to lose weight you have to want but … How can we have the willpower to diet?

“You don’t have the will power.” Willpower is acquired. In other words, it is not something that you have from birth, but it is a capacity that is exercised every day, at the different times when it is necessary. The more times you do a thing (for example, refusing to skip the diet), the less it costs you to do it again. In the first occasions it costs a lot, because it is something that we have not done several times, but as the days go by everything is flowing better because we have become accustomed to the new routines, and thus we better resist the temptations. And you have to see how great it feels to do something right, right? That is what willpower is based on, feeling that taste that generates a job well done, instead of letting ourselves be carried away by our primary impulses. There are no labels to put on, or sambenitos, like “I don’t have the will power.”

—Does genetics influence overweight?

—Many say they have “inherited” the fatness of their families. But that is not true, or not at all. Genes set a certain trend, influence … but nobody is born fat. No one is condemned to be “fat”. People are fat, they are not “fat”. If you are overweight it is because we have not yet found a way to change the bad habits that have made us fat. Point!. Please, do not turn in rounds.

Ten keys to the Alea diet

  1. In this diet you eat 5 times a day:breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. It is very important that, as much as possible, you do not skip any feed. You can choose from a wide variety.
  2. You eat everything, with the pattern of the Mediterranean diet. Nothing is prohibited, it is balanced and varied, it follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and WHO. You eat everything because, according to its creators, there are no good or bad foods, because it is the only way to be well nourished, not to give up, and not to have a rebound effect.
  3. Hypocaloric: Food must be weighed. This point is essential. Each person needs a certain amount of food to lose weight in a balanced way. Needs depend on sex, age, weight, and expense, among other factors. The ideal is to weigh food with a digital scale.
  4. The oil. It is healthy and has many health benefits, but in almost all houses it is abused. Keep in mind that a soup spoon contributes, on average, about 100 calories.
  5. The bread. What a rich truth? Gets very fat? Not especially . What happens is that it is a food that is easily abused (it is so delicious …) and that combines well with everything. But not all people who eat bread regularly are overweight, nor do all overweight people eat a lot of bread.
  6. Get organizedto do the shopping, not buy “kindergartens”, go grocery shopping, go to the supermarket with a closed list, and ask friends and family for help.
  7. Do not peck between meals. What is pecking? Eat anything that is not in your diet, whether between meals, cooking, or during meals. As insignificant as it may seem, a drink of beer, four or five nuts, a croquette or a couple of olives provide calories and, above all, they bring disorder to your diet. Disorder that generates more disorder.
  8. Chew slowly. If you don’t already have it, it’s important that you eat slowly. We know that it is one of the most difficult habits to change because it is something unconscious: when we want to realize it, we have already finished the plate. But you have to think about it. The issue is also not just chewing slowly: take less quantity in the place setting, occasionally leave the place setting on the plate for a few seconds, drink water in between …
  9. In no case is there a need to take weight loss products. Get out potingues!
  10. It is a diet that teaches you how to eat,and you can always do it. Because to lose weight, nutritionists who have written this book say, it only takes one thing: eat well.


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