Air freshener

Freshener . Widely used to deodorize and perfume closed rooms. The function of the air freshener is to aromatize the environment. It should be noted that the key and the essence of the air freshener is the perfume, that is, the air freshener is born as a consequence of the perfume.


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  • 1 Classes
    • 1 Sprinklers
    • 2 Gels
    • 3 Essential oils
    • 4 Lavender sachets
    • 5 scented candles
  • 2 Sources



The most common type of air freshener comes in the form of a spray. These air fresheners are made to cover odors, neutralize orders or simply clean up the environment.


Gels are gelatinous substances that contain a certain aroma. The hair, hitting the gel, releases a fragrance into the environment.

Essential oils

Spray your favorites with water or put them on a burner.

Lavender sachets

Use them to decorate drawers and cabinets, it will also help you to drive away the happy moths that can spoil your most loved clothes.

Scented candles

The scented candle industry has come a long way to include hundreds of different fragrances. As scented wax melts, an odor is released into the atmosphere.


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