Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition walkthrough and guide

A comprehensive guide that provides a walkthrough of all Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition campaigns

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is the official remaster of the iconic strategy game of the late 90s. The collection includes the original Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings , as well as all previously released add-ons. You will find their walkthrough in this guide.

When you start the game and when selecting the Campaign mode, you will find many markers divided into four continents: Africa, America, Europe and Asia. When you hover over these markers, signed with the names of famous generals and military leaders, you will find out which specific campaign they belong to. The game has the following campaigns:

  1. Age of Kings.
  2. Forgotten heroes.
  3. Conquerors.
  4. African kingdoms.
  5. The flourishing of the rajas.
  6. The last khans.

There are also two types of special challenges – Historical Battles, which are related to the Forgotten Heroes and Conquerors campaigns, and The Art of War (challenges created exclusively for the Definitive Edition).

Part 1. Age of Kings

Since in the beginning there was the “Age of Kings”, then it is with it that we begin our passage.

Joan of Arc

Unexpected messiah

Mission difficulty : 1/3.

Recommendations :

  1. Keep Jeanne out of the action, but still close enough to your other units.
  2. Watch out for wolves.
  3. The battering ram is good for extinguishing fires on boats.
  4. Consider any warnings when the game tells you not to go somewhere.

This task is a banal movement from point “A” to point “B”, and from there – to “B” and so on

Choose knights, armed warriors and crossbowmen and send them south. Jeanne must follow behind them. You will see how the British beat the French. Follow the trail to the destroyed bridge on the west bank. Walk north, keeping close to the trees to the east. Deal with the thugs at the outpost and head further north. Cross the bridge and continue northwest towards the French camp. Jeanne must approach the units to enlist their support.

Starting location

No need to cross the northwest bridge. Instead, return to the bridge in the south and use the ram to attack the gate in the west. Get rid of all the red units attacking the ram and break through the gate. You can try to destroy the entire base, but there is no point in that. Travel across the river to the west and kill three wolves. Further west there will be an ambush. Stick to the south coast to get around it. Take advantage of the boats. It is important that Jeanne is saved . While everyone else is loading, send a battering ram that you no longer need to distract attention.

Follow south along the west coast. At the bottom you will see a cliff with trees. There is a gap at the edge where you can go. Do this, then click RMB on the flag in the north-west corner of the mini map. Your squads will get to the right place on their own.

Maiden of orleans

Mission difficulty : 1/3.

Recommendations :

  1. Look for boats outside Blois.
  2. West of Orleans, there are many farms and mills that you can use.
  3. Battering rams will allow you to finish the chapter faster.
  4. Build towers everywhere, even near peasants.
  5. Explore the map as there are many useful resources on it!

This is a more challenging and varied mission

Send troops north. You will encounter thugs halfway through . If healing is needed, use a monk. Continue north. Once you reach Blois, you will receive new units and six trade carts. Go outside the east gate to explore a bit of the area to the east and south as there are many resources there. When finished, head along the north coast. Don’t go east or you will have problems.

Along the coast you will find boats that will allow you to get to your new location. Do this without forgetting the carts.

There is gold in the west and farms and stone to the north. Farms will save you a lot of time. Go to Orleans. As soon as you approach the gate, the city will come under your control. The carts are optional, but thanks to them you will get a lot more supplies in the beginning.

So you have a nice walled base. Collect stone and surround the base with towers. The biggest challenge is protecting farmers, loggers and miners as they will all be working outside the city walls. Build at least one tower near every mining, timber harvesting and mill . If you feel danger, then immediately bring your peasants to the protective tower. Remember to keep an eye out there, as enemies will continue to attack them from time to time. Upgrade to Castle Age and build a castle north of your base, out of reach of the red towers. Your first three peasants should start farming. Use the food they brought to hire another 10-15 peasants. Have ranged units fill the defense towers along the southern and eastern edges of the base.

About five new peasants should be engaged in mining stone in the north of the free farms, and the rest – chopping wood near your castle.

Next to the new castle, you need to build a siege weapons workshop and a university. As soon as possible, purchase the Killing Pits Upgrade. Build about a dozen rams (trebuchets cannot be used). If possible, you can create more (there should be plenty of gold). Use battering rams to attack the red wall to the west of the red castle (the part surrounded by trees, between the row of corner towers). They will break through the wall but will be attacked. All the rams that survived must be sent across the abyss and ordered to attack the castle itself. Send all the remaining forces to them and simultaneously attack the castle. The main thing is not to send Jeanne there!If you’re lucky, the castle will fall, even though you have very few units left. We’ll have to keep an eye on the Mangonels. However, this method works, and the mission can be completed very quickly by simply using a bunch of rams and starting units.

If you decide to take a more difficult path (create an entire army), you will have to destroy many Mangonels, rams, horsemen, archers, and so on. In addition, you will need towers along each wall and shock cavalry, ready to instantly attack enemy siege weapons. And don’t forget about the need to protect your peasants.

Clearing the Loire

Mission difficulty : 1/3.

Recommendations :

  1. The less open to attack your base is, the better. Choosing a corner position is always better than one of the edges of the map.
  2. If you choose Burgundy at the start, then simplify the task.
  3. If possible, capture Fastolf. He is different from bodyguards.
  4. If you extract resources far outside the city walls, then defend these places with the help of towers. They can be attacked by your enemies. And one tower is not enough!
  5. Go to three red castles instead of one large base in the north.
  6. The towers by the river will allow you to eliminate all red ships.

This quest can be difficult or easy.

It all depends on how you approach its implementation and where you place the base.

First, send your units north, where you will encounter several ships. Lead them across the river and let them go. Then destroy ships to reduce the population limit. You can choose a location for your starting base or start by attacking Burgundy using whatever units you have. And it’s not difficult at all. Just head north from the starting position to find a small base protected by 4-5 towers. It is not difficult to disable them. When attacking one tower, stay out of the range of hitting others, and so on. First, clear the center of the city, making your way between the towers, get rid of the peasants and any warriors. In the long run, you will gain a significant advantage, as these opponents would spend precious gold and stone, which is everywhere in this location.

There are several places where you can base your base, but we recommend going down to the southernmost corner of the island across the river. To the east there will be a lot of gold and stone, several trees standing close to each other, which will create narrow passages and place a gate. There is a river to the southwest that will allow boats to be used to move upstream to the north. Finally, this area is located as far away from the enemy base as possible.

From time to time you will be attacked by enemies moving across the river. But this will be much less common if you obeyed us and got rid of Burgundy at the very beginning.

Most attacks will come from the northeast. But your walls and towers will cope with this threat. Explore north to find three castles two thirds of the way northeast from the top to the bottom of the map. There is a fourth castle on the northern outskirts, but it is more difficult to demolish.

When you destroy your first castle, you will be attacked by Fasltolf and his thugs . He is a strong warrior, but there will be no problem if you catch him by the monks. Its parameters are similar to those of Jeanne, so it is worth capturing it. You can also take control of Fastolfe’s base, which won’t be easy since it’s wide enough. But it is worth it as it will allow you to stealthily make your way to the back of the middle castle.

All three castles are behind small walls, so they are vulnerable to attacks from behind. Attack the walls with battering rams, then let your units through the gap formed and destroy the castles. The base in the north is more difficult. There are Mangonels, arrows, towers and high walls. It will be easier to attack the east wall. However, it is best to leave her alone, as there are three simpler options.


Mission difficulty : 1/3.

Recommendations :

  1. As soon as you can, then fence off both intersections.
  2. Keep a lot of fast, mobile units with you. Another group should be around the base. At this level, ranged units are practically useless.
  3. You have few stones, but there are castles at every intersection.
  4. You can get valuable resources if you capture the green base as soon as possible.
  5. Several siege weapons will help to cope with two of three opponents.
  6. When attacking enemy bases, aim at everything in the center of the city.
  7. Try to sneak into the yellow base instead of head-on.

From the starting point, head north along the coast in the far west

Thanks to this, you will avoid almost all opponents in the central part. As soon as you get Jeanne to the flag, you will receive several peasants, a city center, a mill, a lumber yard and a mining camp. Use berries for a quick meal.

Whatever you do, it will be difficult to defend this base for a long time due to its location. The nearest bottleneck is in the north across the river . As soon as possible, fence off this area. Otherwise, you will have to defend a lot and stubbornly until there is enough stone to build the castle. And this step will definitely be a watershed moment. For defense, we recommend using fast units instead of many walls and towers, since the area is too open and there is not much stone around. Keep several mobile units in the city center. The same should be on farms, since enemies can suddenly, almost out of nowhere, appear right inside your base.

Install the wall and gate at the crossroads to the north. At another intersection, build a castle with another set of walls and gates, as the eastern intersection is the most dangerous. As soon as you exhaust the nearby deposits of stone and gold, you will need to go east. By this time, they can be captured by the Red troops, but there is nothing difficult in driving them out of the fields.

The mission will be much easier to complete if you understand the main goal – to destroy the city centers of each of the three opponents . You don’t need to get rid of every enemy building and unit. And it’s actually very easy to demolish the center of the orange and green armies. The green base is located north of your castle. As soon as you create 4-5 rams, immediately send them to the enemy base. You probably won’t even have to send escorts with them for protection. The battering rams will get rid of the city center very quickly. Once this is done, the green army will simply cease to exist.

The same goes for the orange base, except that about six trebuchets should be sent there to the east intersection.

From there, you need to attack the gate and the city center, which is right next to the castle. The castle will collapse along with the city center and the orange base will be closed. Thus, two of the three enemy bases can be destroyed exclusively with siege weapons. The troops of the orange base can attack with catapults, but if there are enough of them, they will have time to destroy the city center before their opponents destroy them. Thus, you can try to attack these two bases in a standard way, by collecting a motley army and losing a lot of units, or you can just send in a few cheap siege weapons.

In the west, you can build a dock for ships sailing along the river. Then rebuild some galleons. Get rid of your opponents’ docks and stay away to the east of the orange castle. Pay attention to this aspect, as the enemy can attack your walls and gates.

The last base is much more complicated. This place is heavily guarded by towers, many mangonels and many archers. Trying to get there with a fight is a sheer nightmare , especially since there are two castles, in each of which archers appear, immediately attacking units. And behind them will appear Mangonels, which will instantly reduce the “population” of your army.

You can linger at the eastern gate and draw out archers one by one. Finish them off with your ranged units, which monks must constantly heal. This method has the added benefit of being out of the reach of the locks and away from any mangonels. Meanwhile, battering rams and trebuchets must attack the northern corner of the wall and break through there, to which the enemy will not even pay attention. Cavalry and siege weapons must infiltrate enemy territory and then head through the northern edge of the map. Siege weapons will shoot at the center of the city, and other units will distract the enemy’s attention. Remember, it doesn’t matter how many units you lose . The main task is to manage to destroy the city center, throwing all your forces on it.

Siege of Paris

Mission difficulty : 1/3.

Recommendations :

  1. Defend your siege weapons.
  2. Don’t chase enemy units too far. Better to let them come to you.
  3. Attack the monks with Jeanne.
  4. The study could end in disaster. Just follow the narrow route.
  5. Leave the Burgundians for a snack. Attack them when they are wounded by Compiegne.

Another mission that requires a lot of movement

This time, you need to follow through huge Paris and, as the hint says, protect the siege weapon, since it will be difficult to pass through this place without it.

Head north, keeping to the western edge of the map. You will soon reach a castle protected by towers and a wall. Destroy it and carefully move east. This path leads to the gate, which you need to attack with your cannons, while everyone else will fight off opponents coming out of them. Send someone through the destroyed gate to pick up the peasants, then go outside together. From here, simply firing cannons and trebuchets, you can knock out many buildings in Paris. Watch out for the castle to the south, which is guarded by a trebuchet.

Then follow the walls. In the south, there is a magnonela and a pair of galleons guarding the waterways. To make things easier, destroy all three units. You can destroy any buildings you want, but it doesn’t make much sense. Go to the bridge in the southeast. On the nearest side of it there are two towers and a galleon, on the middle islet there is a monk and one more tower, on the far end there is a mangonella and a third tower. Attack the monk in the middle using Jeanne.

After crossing the bridge, escort Jeanne east to the cathedral and kill the other two monks. There is another Mangonela hidden in the south that can shoot at you. Don’t let this fact drag you south to the dangerous defenders. Head southeast and pick up militias, scorpions, axes, and a couple of knights to help you take down the elite archers at the eastern wall. Then punch a hole in the wall where you met these archers and head through it to find a dirt road to the east. Follow it south and stop in front of the fork.

If you decide to join the battle, then this will be the most difficult part of the level. Instead, just keep an eye out for the battle to the east as Burgundy fights Compiegne.

Your purple opponents will prevail and hide inside the walls, but they will lose most of the troops. This will simplify your task. Send all your troops into the attack, and while the Burgundians are distracted, let Jeanne, along with six peasants, run past the hostilities.

Great martyr

Mission difficulty : 2/3.

Recommendations :

  1. The southern base of Burgundy is the best place to build a first base.
  2. Don’t let the enemies destroy your trading carriage. If you see the message “Destroyed” on the screen and do not understand what it refers to, then most likely the enemy destroyed the carriage.
  3. Donate starting units to make way for the peasants.
  4. Attack the orange base through the easternmost gate.
  5. The red base is not a threat if you stealthily go around it and send the cart while the rest of the units distract the attention.

During this quest you will not have Jeanne

On the other hand, now there is no need to fear for her life. The first task is to get rid of Burgundy , which is quite simple to do. Go south until you find a meeting point, where you get control of the army. Cross the river to the west for artillery. Select all units, including the trade wagon, and head to the southern edge of the map where the trees are. Continue west past the gold accumulation and stone deposit that appears to be blocked. If you want to build a base faster, you can choose not to pick up artillery instead. Just go around it and the enemy base. When you build your base and increase the number to 75, then return for the artillery.

If you received cannons, then group them into one squad, in another – cavalry, in the third – all other units except trebuchets. Thus, you will now have three squads. Place the remaining units, peasants, treasurers and a trade cart in the fourth group and keep away from hostilities. Place all three groups with combat units in a stance without attacking. Walk past the purple mill of Burgundy and the fishing grounds, head south through the ferry and place all units in an aggressive stance (except for cannons, as they can accidentally hit your own units). Make them destroy the enemy base. Make sure to get rid of the peasants.

As soon as you attack the settlement of Burgundy, the north will be empty, and all the remaining units will try to defend the twin base. Build your defenses at the southern end of the crossing you just passed, keeping your troops intact. Don’t let the guns go there! As soon as all Burgundians leave (be guided by the homeless peasants), the enemy will disintegrate, and you will receive his resources. Now you can start creating your own base in any of the places they just vacated.

As soon as your base is working and you will automatically and without any problems reflect the attacks of archers, knights, siege weapons and other troops, then take over the enemy base in orange, to the northwest of you.

For this it will be useful to create a second base in old Burgundy in the north . To do this, send your own combat units to destroy the red troops that may be hiding along the way. Then build walls and gates, after which – a castle in the gap between the trees to the west. Build a stable, a siege workshop, a monastery and whatever you want, and start mining for stone and gold. From now on, the first base shouldn’t have any problems as the enemy will be targeting the new one. Look out for her occasionally, though.

Reflect attacks of ranged units with the help of rams and cannons. Concentrate on the castle and the unit producing buildings. The battle may be drawn out, but you will still prevail. It remains to explore the surroundings and destroy the remaining peasants so that the orange base disappears from the map forever.

Destroy the two red towers above the river. Send all units to the enemy. Moving to the northwest is suicide , since this is where all the enemy fortifications are located. It is much easier to go north by taking out the towers. Walk on top of the map until you find the back gate. Make sure to grab the trade cart and then break through the gates and walls with all the units you have. Distract the enemy as the shopping cart approaches the flag. When this happens, the level will end. This will lead to the end of the story campaign for Joan of Arc.


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