What is advertising, advertising history, purpose and medium

Advertising is a marketing or marketing strategy that is a means of promoting any product or service to a potential customer. Promotional messages are called advertisements.

The goal of advertising is to reach people who have information about the product or service thereby creating a potential customer class. One of the purpose of advertising is to inform the product or service and increase customer demand.

Therefore, advertising is the means of communicating users with a product or service.

A brief history of advertising

Various sources say that the Egyptians started advertising by placing posters on the first wall. Thomas Jaberta in England is called “the father of modern advertising.” He was very excited by advertising a company called PearsSoap.

A survey of 20 shows that out of all the money spent on advertising worldwide, 1.5% is spent on television advertising. Mobiles cost about 5% in computer advertising, 5% in newspaper magazines, 5% in billboards, 5% in radio advertising, about 5% in radio and 5% in cinema.

Advertising medium

Television is the largest and most popular medium of advertising. Generally, big companies choose television as their main medium. Sports team sponsorship is known as the major medium of expenditure. Moreover, the means by which advertisements are given below

Online advertising media – Facebook, Google, Twitter, as well as social media, website banner ads , etc. are well known. There are more ways to advertise, such as media dot com, tabula dot com, mgid dot com etc. Google AdWords and Facebook are very effective in our country.

Offline advertising   media – Newspapers, billboards, wall posters, leaflets, mickings, etc. For example, the hacking of animal sacrifice is a type of offline advertising. Read more – How to do unfamiliar marketing.

How and where the ads are placed depends on the customer and product demand. For example, Tin commercials are usually seen on BTV, but Tin advertisements are rarely seen by other means. Again, Choladal.com or Daraj’s ads are more visible on Facebook or Google than they are not seen on BTV.

Advertising is done in conjunction with the product that the customer uses.

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