Advantages of printed marketing materials

Printed materials remain one of the most direct and functional forms of marketing for any company

Try to explore these six print marketing strategies that can help tell your brand story to small businesses:

  1. Flyers. 
    Every company should have a big opening, and a flyer is an excellent way to tell the community that your company is ready to open. Once your business is up and running, you can promote special offers and create brand awareness using updated flyers in the same style.


  1. Business cards. Whether you are entering a networking event or doing your daily routine, the right business card is essential to provide a strong representation for your brand. In fact, a survey conducted by The UPS Store found that 70% of small business owners use business cards to market their businesses.


  1. Brochures. When you need more space to tell the story of your business, brochures offer the perfect way to do that. The brochures offer you the opportunity to show customers what your brand offers in a simple way, but with colors and in a format that is easy to transport, and they can consult them as many times as necessary.


  1. Promotional products. Promotional products can be fun and economical ways to reach your customers. With branded items such as t-shirts, bags, mugs or key chains, you can provide a functional product for your customer and increase brand awareness.


  1. Postcards. With so many digital advertising options available, today’s consumers receive less traditional mail, and this is an opportunity for your brand to stand out. Postcards are a compact and economical way to advertise a new product, opening a new location, a holiday sale or other important notice. Even if the recipient does not take immediate action on the promotional message, postcards are also a good way to keep your brand in front of consumers and to remind them of the products or services they can offer.


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