Advantages of affiliate marketing

The rise of the internet has brought about immense change in our society.

This is reflected in daily life (such as contact with friends via social media), but also in the business field.

After all, the rise of the internet has created all kinds of ways to earn money online.

In this article I will zoom in on one of these possibilities, namely affiliate marketing, and what its advantages are compared to other online earning models.

Affiliate marketing has become very popular in recent years.

This is of course not without reason. Compared to other revenue models, affiliate marketing distinguishes itself in several important ways.

After reading this article, you will know the benefits of affiliate marketing .

You will see that it is a fantastic way to make money online!

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Have you become curious about the benefits of affiliate marketing? Sit back and read this article at your leisure!


More and more digital entrepreneurs are engaged in making money online.

There are various options for making money online. I have written an extensive overview in the following blog article: Different ways to make money online .

The most common ways in Belgium and the Netherlands are:

  • Start your own website
  • Being an online coach of other people
  • Sell ​​online training and courses
  • Selling products through affiliate marketing
  • Sell ​​products through your own webshop
  • Selling products through dropshipping
  • Day trading with stocks
  • And so forth …

It should be clear: the possibilities to earn money online are quite varied.

You can see the balance in your bank account increase every month in several ways.

More and more entrepreneurs are engaged in affiliate marketing. So that’s already a good sign. What have been the main reasons for them to choose affiliate marketing?

In this article you will find the most important advantages of affiliate marketing compared to other online revenue models!


Before I explain to you the main benefits of affiliate marketing, it is important to take a closer look at this form of online marketing.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

With affiliate marketing you work together with advertisers and an affiliate network.

Advertisers place campaigns with this network containing certain products, after which you can promote these products.

For example, you can post an extensive review about a particular vacuum cleaner on your website.

When a visitor reads this review, he can click on a button or link.

This redirects the visitor to the website of the selling party (the advertiser).

If the visitor on that website makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

The goal of affiliate marketing is to link as many visitors as possible through your website to the advertisers’ websites.

If the visitors on that website make a purchase, you will receive a compensation for this.

After all, you managed to make the visitor enthusiastic about the product and referred the visitor to the website of the selling party.

As you start to attract more and more visitors to your website, the chance that you will score more and more orders will also increase.

In this way, the monthly earnings can rise considerably, while you run virtually no risk yourself .

That is also one of the most important advantages of affiliate marketing, about which you will read more later.

It is good to know that affiliate marketing works on the principle of ‘no cure no pay’ .

Does none of your visitors make a purchase? Then you earn nothing.

Only if results are booked through your website, you will receive a commission. That is one of the most important points of attention in affiliate marketing.

Read the following article if you want to know where to find good products to promote: The best affiliate networks in Belgium and the Netherlands .

Ok, then I will now explain the most important benefits of affiliate marketing:


Do you want to offer online courses and training? Then you have to develop these courses and training courses (or have them developed), while you also have to build or have a platform built.

Future students can register via that platform, so that they can eventually follow your course.

Do you want to start an online store? Then you have to buy products and have your webshop made.

Many online revenue models require a certain starting capital. That is not the case with affiliate marketing.

With this form of online marketing you can do a lot yourself. You therefore only have to invest time, but you do not have to deal with a high starting capital.

Because you hardly need any starting capital, starting with affiliate marketing is very accessible. I will come back to this later in this article.

If you want to start with affiliate marketing, you really only need three things:

  1. A domain name: only costs a few euros
  2. Web hosting: also only costs a few euros
  3. Signing up with an affiliate network: it’s free

By only spending a few tens of euros, you can already start your own affiliate marketing website or webshop.

Because you can quickly and easily create your own website with WordPress, for example, you don’t have to spend any costs on it.

The starting capital for an affiliate marketing website is therefore virtually nil .

Discover here a step-by-step plan to set up your own WordPress website without any problems: Create a WordPress website .


By being involved with affiliate marketing, you actually put yourself in a luxurious position. The fact is that you do not run any risk yourself.

You are not responsible for the shipping of the products, you have nothing to do with returns and you do not have to do direct customer service.

In addition, you do not have to keep your own stock; that is one of the most important advantages compared to your own webshop.

For example, because you do not have to keep your own stock, you run virtually no risk.

This is reinforced by the minimal starting capital you need.

Because you do not have to invest large amounts in the first instance, you also do not run the risk of losing that investment.

That is completely different if you have to develop a webshop, set up a platform for your courses or if you have to make a website for your company.


Are you an avid horseback riding enthusiast? Then you can start an affiliate website with, for example, reviews about the latest horse shoes and caps.

Are you a true lover of DVDs and LPs? Then you can start an affiliate website with DVDs and LPs that are newly manufactured.

Do you spend a lot of time investing online? Then you can promote online courses on this topic.

Moral of this story: regardless of what your hobby, passion or interest is, you can make money with it through affiliate marketing.

Selecting the products is quite simple thanks to the extensive range of the affiliate networks.

These networks actually offer all products, allowing you to build an affiliate business around the hobby you are so passionate about.

Being able to turn your hobby into your job, that is the true dream for many people. With affiliate marketing you can turn that dream into reality relatively easily.

You can get started with your passions and that provides two advantages.

You wake up every morning with a positive feeling and you can achieve better performance.

For example, write content about something you are passionate about and about something you are not passionate about.

The content about the subject you are passionate about is much better. This is purely due to your above-average knowledge and enthusiasm about the subject in question.

Regardless of which niche you choose, you can find a suitable affiliate program.

This is thanks to the large affiliate networks, including Tradetracker, Awin, Daisycon,, Wehkamp and Coolblue.

Yes, the large web shops and Coolblue have also developed their own affiliate program.

You can promote all products that can be found in these webshops via your own affiliate website!


If you have your own webshop, you have to deal with sending the packages. You can therefore not easily go on holiday for a week.

If you sell courses and training, you should always be available for questions.

If you have an affiliate marketing website, you can get to work from your beach bed. All you need is a laptop and a working internet connection.

One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is that you can work from anywhere and whenever you want.

In addition, you completely determine how many hours a day you spend on this and from which location you work. You simply don’t have to deal with other factors.

As long as you have a laptop, an internet connection and a good idea, you can be successful anywhere, anytime with affiliate marketing.

An additional advantage is that you can determine your own time completely. You decide yourself that you work in the evening and during the day, for example, lie by the pool.

In addition, you also have complete freedom. After all, you decide which products you are going to promote, how you are going to do this and how many affiliate websites you are going to start.


Another huge advantage of affiliate marketing can be found in the scalability.

If you have a thriving affiliate website, you have undoubtedly learned how to make this website successful. You can now use that knowledge for many more affiliate websites.

How many websites can you start up?

There are no rules for that. It is quite possible, for example, to start up 20 affiliate websites. Compared to other revenue models, affiliate marketing is incredibly scalable.

This scalability is not only reflected in the number of websites, but also in the earnings per website.

One month you earn 100 euros, while you can already double this to 200 euros the next month.

As long as you know how to take the right steps, you can become very successful with affiliate marketing.

In the meantime, you run few risks, you hardly need any starting capital, you can work anywhere and anytime, you have complete freedom and you can get started with your own passions.


Because affiliate marketing is so scalable, it is also a great revenue model to get rich.

You can, without a doubt, make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

An additional advantage of this revenue model is that this can also be done in a passive way . If you have a few well-run affiliate websites, you don’t really have to worry about that much anymore.

These websites attract the necessary visitors due to a good ranking in Google.

You can also get started with Facebook Ads or Google Ads to continuously attract new visitors to your affiliate website.

In the meantime you can enjoy the wonderful sun rays from your beach bed in Portugal.

It may be clear; affiliate marketing offers many advantages compared to other revenue models.

Get started right away and become a successful affiliate marketer too!


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