Advantages of a ductless range hood

Ductless range hoods, also called recirculation hoods, suck in all kitchen odors, along with tiny particles of grease and dust that litter your kitchen and the air. The unit then pushes clean air into the room to replace bad air.

Although a vented hood is a bit more efficient at taking odors and depositing them outside through a vent, ductless range hoods have several advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of a ductless range hood is ease of installation. Traditional stove hoods must be installed so that they can be channeled to the outside. If your hood is on an interior wall, installing the ductwork and wiring can be an expensive project.

A ductless range hood can be installed virtually anywhere in the kitchen, without the need for an exhaust pipe through the ceiling or walls. This makes the Ductless Range Hood ideal for kitchen islands.

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Recirculating range hoods clean and filter the existing air in the kitchen and release it back into the living room, rather than pulling the air back into the kitchen.

Some of the latest range hoods have timers and most have digital readouts for easy operation. Hobbyists can set it to enter intervals to automatically keep the air in the kitchen clean and fresh.

Ductless hoods can clean the same volume as a vacuum hood, but because they don’t have to pump air out of the house, the units use less energy to perform their functions.

Although a ductless hood may need a stronger exhaust fan, if equipped with more efficient fans and filters it will take in the air, clean it, and send it back into the room at a faster rate than a high-pressure duct hood. energy efficiency.

Because they do not require installation through walls or ceilings, Ductless Range Hoods can be moved more easily. This means that if you decide to remodel your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new range hood, nor are you going to have to spend as much money for a professional installation.

Moving a range hood through ducts leaves holes in the walls and ceilings that will have to be repaired, plus the hassle of making new openings to drain the ducts at the new hood location. Moving a ductless range hood can leave some small marks on your kitchen, but repairs and reinstallation will be much less complex, and therefore less expensive.


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