Advantages and disadvantages of working in an NGO

Working in an NGO gives you great satisfaction to contribute and add positive change to the world; unfortunately it has its pros and cons … discover them!.Working in an organization is a great way to make big changes. Although it may seem like an excellent option with great advantages, working in an NGO also has certain disadvantages.

Find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of working in an NGO:


You work as a team . Working in an NGO is an excellent way to learn to work as a team, with people with different ideologies and even experts in different fields, something that will undoubtedly benefit you in a professional and personal way.

Growth opportunities . Participating in NGOs is definitely very valuable projects, since you develop more quickly in the professional field due to the varied work that is done.

Let’s not leave aside that this type of work is very significant, mainly personally, since it gives you a good taste in the mouth knowing that you can contribute your grain of sandand make big changes if you want to. At the same time you will be able to develop better in the labor field and highlight your curriculum vitae.

Traveling for work . Many NGOs operate internationally, something that can come in handy and leave you with a great experience of traveling and meeting other cultures, realities and very interesting people.

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On the other hand, working in an NGO also has its disadvantages, one of the most disadvantages is the salary , since generally most of these form teams through volunteers, and offer small grants where the only satisfaction is support in different projects. . So you know … if you intend to pay the rent, working in an NGO is not the best option.

If you have a passion for helping others or in humanitarian projects and social or community work, doing work in an NGO will leave you with great satisfaction, only you will have to put much of your time , since one of the objectives of organizations is to have a positive effect in the world, something that is expected of the members who participate in it, resulting in more hours of work.

If you are too sensitive , working in an NGO can be a problem that can affect your mood and mental health, so it will not be the best option for you.

Another aspect that can be frustrating like the previous one, is that the work in organizations is with modest and limited resources , in addition to the fact that there is not usually much technology and resources, so you will have to manage to be victorious in the objectives that They intend with the work you do.

Finally do not forget to consider that there is an endless number of applicationsFor a job in an organization, many of these also have very complex eligibility processes, so being one of the lucky ones to participate can be somewhat complicated, so relax and wait for luck.

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