Adult Secondary Education (ESA)

The ESA is an option for people over 18 who want to have the title of Secondary Education. It is a possibility to be able to have the title for people who have not been able to obtain it in any other way, whether they are 21 years old or 81 years old, they study due to need or to acquire knowledge. Although the agenda is very similar, it is somewhat simpler and adapted to the personal circumstances of the people who enter ESA. The registration and enrollment in this modality is done in the first fortnight of September. As an exception, people over 16 can access ESAwho work and have an employment contract and cannot access schools with an ordinary system or high-performance athletes with accreditation from the Higher Council for Sport or the Autonomous Community. To access ESA, you must be of legal age, or over 16 years of age in special circumstances, and pass an entrance exam. The main reasons that lead people to access this type of training are: they work and cannot access a regulated training center, they are over 18 years old and do not yet have a degree, passing is somewhat easier and there is more flexibility , they have not been able to study before and they want or need the title, they have been asked for the title in many jobs and they do not have it, etc. There are five fields of knowledge at ESA:

  • Communication Area (Spanish Language and Literature, Foreign Languages)
  • Nature Area (Natural Sciences, Physics and Chemistry)
  • Mathematics Area (Mathematics)
  • Society Area. (Social Sciences, geography and history)
  • Social and Functional Development Area

You can study ESA in face-to-face or blended mode, although in some areas it can already be done online. The fact of not taking the course in the face-to-face modality does not mean that the training is less or less tutored, since the students have a tutor who guides them throughout the process and sufficient teaching material to successfully complete their studies. The face-to-face modality is for people who can afford to attend classes and collect information better when communicated by a teacher, while the online modality is ideal for people who have no other option. With the title of ESA, which is the title of graduate in secondary education, you can access Formative cycles of Middle Degree of Professional Training or baccalaureate. Company workers can access ESA if they do not have a high school diploma, without having to give up their job, as it is characterized by its flexibility and the possibility of studying once you have stopped working. It is yet another form of growth in training and personnel for company workers who are barely educated.  

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