Action is the key to your success: effective strategies

Action is the key to your success, even more so if you have an important project such as creating your own online business.

Think of the name of any successful person who is inspirational for you, and you will see that success is the result of action. The most successful people in the business (and not only) are in fact all people of action.

It seems obvious, moreover, that if you do nothing, you will have nothing. Yet we are often specialists in putting off any concrete action.

Obviously it doesn’t make any sense to start with your head down without even knowing where to go. But once you have made it clear what you want to create, why you want it, and the direction to follow, then it’s time to act.

“Take time to think; but when the right moment of action comes: stop thinking and act. ” Andrew Jackson

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  • Learn from your actions
  • If you don’t act, you fail
  • Action is the key to all your progress
    • Act quickly
    • The first versions are training
    • Don’t seek perfection
  • In conclusion

Learn from your actions

Nobody wants to make bad figures and demonstrate their incompetence to the world. So we want to study, learn, prepare everything in the best way before leaving in the creation of our dream business.

All of this is partly understandable and fair. But …

In this way you risk never leaving. In fact, you begin to realize the skills that you lack, the knowledge still to be acquired, and continue to postpone.

Instead, you should take advantage of the fact that you learn a lot more in concrete action, rather than trying to set up a perfect plan. Even in this, therefore, action is the key to your success, because it allows you to gain experience, and by trying and trying again, you can finally become an expert.

“Taking action is the best way to find out what works and what doesn’t.” Amelia Earhart

Out of fear of making bad figures, many get stuck in planning actions rather than doing them.

Yet even if it is counterintuitive, the best thing to do is to get into action as soon as possible. The benefit you get from your project is more than embarrassment for your uncertain first steps.

Think, for example, of Thomas Edison. Before inventing the light bulb he tried thousands of times without success. But without ever getting discouraged.

If you don’t act, you fail

When you always postpone, the price to pay is the guaranteed failure. In fact, if you don’t start acting today, in a few years you will be in the same situation today.

Today, in fact, you postpone why you have to perfect some aspect, but tomorrow you will find some other reason and you will never begin to act.

Throwing yourself to do something for the first time, and failing, is not a failure, but rather the fastest way to improve.

“To start, you need to stop talking and take action.” Walt Disney

The good news is that inaction is not only your problem, but a common evil.

This therefore gives you an advantage, if you act without wasting time.

Action is the key to all your progress

Action is the key, but it is not always easy to do it right.

To act and maintain motivation over time, your project must be convincing for you. That is, it must be something you are passionate about and it must be aligned with your values. Only if you have all this, the following 3 strategies can be useful.

To focus on the action effectively:

  • Act quickly
  • The first versions are training
  • Don’t seek perfection

Act quickly

When some good ideas come to your mind, put it into practice as soon as possible.

“A new idea is delicate. It can be killed by a sneeze or a yawn; she can be stabbed by a joke or worry until she dies from the movement of a person’s right eyebrow. ” Charles H. Brower

In fact, ideas are often evanescent. If you wait too long then, the idea becomes more and more nebulous and in the end you do nothing.

The first versions are training

When you do something for the first time, the first versions fail well.
They are training and progressive improvement. This applies to all stages of your journey; whether it’s the very first step, marketing, or creating the right product for your niche customers,

Action is the key to all your progress and it is therefore only after, perhaps on the third attempt, that things start to get on and you start playing seriously.
And perseverance and motivation help you in this.

The faster you implement, the faster you go through the training phase.

Don’t seek perfection

Perfection does not exist, and if you wait to be perfect you will never move. So you should focus on constant improvement rather than perfection.

And if what you do is 80% ok, that’s okay.

“Perfection doesn’t exist – you can always do better and you can always grow.” Les Brown

It is therefore a matter of continuing to always find a better way, perhaps only with a small step at a time. There is no end to the possibility of improvement.

And to improve you have to do it, so action is the key again.

In conclusion

It may seem obvious that action is the key to your success. Yet then you find yourself at the starting blocks.

Getting started and taking your first steps is perhaps the most difficult thing. In fact, you find yourself having to overcome the inertia that holds you back with the excuse of having to plan better or acquire additional skills.

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and putting your thoughts into practice is the most difficult thing in the world.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe

It is a matter of initially overcoming that sort of force of gravity, and then the action becomes easier. If you then combine your action with excellent time management , you will be unstoppable.

So what is stopping you now from actually starting with your business idea? And how can you remove this obstacle?

What would allow you to act quickly, knowing that the real game starts no earlier than the third version?


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