Achievements (achievements, trophies) The Sims 4

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) The Sims 4

  • Ultimate Sim Guru

Get all trophies

  • 50-Mile-High-Club

Successfully make woohoo on a spaceship

  • Night Vigil / All Nighter

Stay up to sleep 24 sim hours in a row

  • Alphabet Legacy

Run a family for 26 generations or more

  • Have you been entertained yet? / Are You Entertained?

Reach the maximum level in the Performer’s Career

  • Close Madness / Basketcase

Help the hero experience every basic emotional state in 24 sim hours

  • Beyond Repairs

Reach Max Level in Mechanics Skill

  • Black Widow

Make the hero survive five spouses

  • Treble clef / Bow-dacious

Reach Max Level in Violin Skill

  • Captain of Industry

Reach the maximum level in a businessman’s career

  • Robinson / Cast Away

Reach Max Level in Fishing Skill

  • TV and Radio Mania / Channel Surfer

One of the heroes must watch all TV channels and listen to all radio stations

  • Programmer Code / Code Monk

Get the maximum level in programming skill

  • Connoisseur / Connoisseurus Rex

Reach Max Level in Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Elementary! / Elementary

Reach Max Level in Logic Skill

  • Full motivation / Fired Up

Reach Max Level in Fitness Skill

  • Flying Colors

Reach the maximum level in the Artist Career

  • Full House

Managing a family of 8 in The Sims 4

  • Games Within Games

Reach Max Level in Video Game Skill

  • Ghost Family

Make a family with 8 playable ghosts

  • Ghost / Ghostly

Make a ghost in the family

  • Gardener / Green Thumb

Reach Max Level in Gardening Skill

  • Well, hello, darkness, my old friend / Hello, Darkness, My Old Chum

Befriend Death

  • I am a spy / I, Spy

Reach the maximum level in the Secret Agent Career

  • Introvert

Do not do communication actions for 24 sim-hours in a row

  • It’s Not Brain Surgery

Reach Max Level in Rocketry Skill

  • Ivory Tower

Reach Max Level in Piano Skill

  • Tradition Lover / Legacy Player

Run a family for ten generations or more

  • Literal Genius

Reach Max Level in Writing Skill

  • Strumming at height / Mael-strum

Reach Max Level in Guitar Skill

  • Mischief Mastered

Reach Max Level in Mischief Skill

  • Wow, how you have changed! / My, You’ve Changed!

Make one of the heroes as thin and as fat as possible during life

  • Older and Wiser / Old & Wiser

The hero got older

  • Over-Achiever

Help one of the heroes complete 5 life goals

  • Refined Palette

Get the maximum level in drawing skill

  • Rosebud / Rosebud

Earn 1,000,000 Simoleons with a single family

  • Krasnobai / Smooth Talker

Reach Max Level in Charm Skill

  • Splice of Life

Open access to a new plant species by cuttings

  • Successful / Startup Upstart

Achieve the highest level in your technical career

  • Stellar Work

Reach the maximum level in the Astronaut Career

  • Straight for the Jocular

Reach Max Level in Comedy Skill

  • Suave Criminal

Reach Max Level in Outlaw Career

  • Bar skill / Tender Loving

Reach Max Level in Drink Mixing Skill

  • The Circle of Life

Control the hero from birth to natural death

  • The Most Interesting Sim in the World

Get a hero with 12 or more traits

  • The Pen is Mightier

Reach the maximum level in your writing career

  • Triple Play

Let the heroine give birth to triplets

  • Head Chef / Tungsten Chef

Reach Max Level in Cooking Skill

  • New Level / Up a Notch

Reach Max Level in your Culinary Career

  • I wonder how it feels? / What Would It Be Like?

Make a woohoo with a ghost

  • World Competitor

Reach the maximum level in an athlete’s career

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