Achievements (achievements, trophies) in Gran Turismo Sport

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) in Gran Turismo Sport

  • Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy

Collect all trophies in Gran Turismo Sport.

  • Record Number of Wins

Repeat Michael Schumacher’s record: 91 Formula 1 wins

  • Record Number of Races

Repeat Rubens Barrichello’s record: 322 Formula 1 races

  • Certified Genius

Repeat Ayrton Senna’s record: 65 pole positions

  • Finale

Unlock access to the final video

  • Tactical King

Earn a gold medal in all Meet the Trails workouts

  • No Longer a Novice

Earn gold in all Driving School challenges

  • The Real Sector King

Earn gold in all Sector King Challenges

  • Rival Crusher

Earn gold in all challenges

  • Cone Destroyer / Pylon King

Earn gold in all Cones challenges.

  • Super Rallier

Earn gold in all Special Rally Challenges

  • Relentless Chaser

Earn gold in all Pursuit challenges

  • Speed ​​Demon

Earn gold in all Speed ​​Challenges

  • Right on Time

Earn gold in all Time Trial Challenges

  • One Lap Wonder

Earn gold in all One Circle challenges

  • Experienced Driver

Drive a distance of 100 kilometers (about 62.5 miles)

  • Speed ​​King

Reach a speed of 187 mph (about 300 km / h)

  • My First Car

Buy your first car

  • First victory! / First Victory!

Win your first victory!

  • Route 66 Racer

Drive 3,945 kilometers (2,451 miles) equal to the famous American Route 66

  • Collection: 10 / Collection 10

Purchase ten cars

  • Endurance Racer

Total driving time reached 24 hours

  • Talent Discovered

Earn Bronze in all Driving School Challenges

  • Welcome to the Nordschleife

Complete the first lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife

  • Traveler / Globetrotter

Earn a Bronze in all Trails Exercises

  • Novice Drifter

Earn 1000 Drift Points

  • Decent Drifter

Earn 100,000 Drift Points

  • Elite Drifter / Top-Drawer Drifter

Earn 1,000,000 Drift Points

  • Newbie Driver

Reach level 15

  • Verified Racer / Veteran Driver

Reach level 25

  • Legendary Driver

Reaching level 40

  • Best Racer / Ultimate Driver

Reach level 50

  • King of the Ovals

Drive 806 kilometers (about 500 miles) on oval tracks

  • Experienced Photographer / Top Photographer

Take 100 or more shots in Views and Ride Mode

  • Self-expression / The Charm of Customization

Show off your first car modified in the paint scheme editor

  • Master of Manners

Unlock Sport Mode after completing all racing etiquette lessons

  • A Promise of Greatness

Any training in the “Driving School” mode is performed with the result 1 second better than gold

  • Faster, faster! / Run, Run, Run!

Finish your first daily workout

  • Tuning Addict

Complete car tuning for the first time using bonus miles

  • Souvenir from Le Mans

Take a photo in the “Views” mode on the Circuit de la Sarthe with an Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest)

  • Souvenir from the Nürburgring

Take a photo in the “Views” mode on the Nürburgring with a BMW class “Gr. 3 “

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