Acai berries: properties, how to take them and where to find them

The thousand properties of acai berries, small blue fruits rich in antioxidants and not by chance considered to be real superfoods.

The acai berries are small fruits blue color originating in the South American rainforest. They are related to blueberries, with which they share a high antioxidant content .

Properties and benefits of acai berries

For centuries, acai berries have been a staple food for the indigenous peoples of South America. They believed that these small fruits could instill strength and courage. Only in recent years has scientific research begun to investigate their beneficial properties for health that have led them to become, like goji berries , an appreciated superfoodespecially in the United States, used primarily for weight loss and anti-aging. However, this popularity gave rise to the exploitation of these berries and the birth of acai-based products that promised miracles without scientific evidence. It is no coincidence that several US sites ended up in the crosshairs of the FTC and closed for false communications to the public.

Beyond speculation, however, the properties of acai berries are also different, also confirmed by accredited studies , in particular for the massive presence of flavonoids and other substances useful for human health.

The acai berries are in fact rich in antioxidants considered useful to protect the heart and the cardiovascular system. They help lower blood cholesterol levels and contain plant sterols , valuable for safeguarding blood vessels. The beneficial substances present in the acai berries improve circulation and make the walls of the arteries more elastic.

According to some scientific studies conducted at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the extract obtained from acai berries is effective in fighting the germs that threaten our body.

Acai berries are recommended for those who want to lose weight or keep their weight under control. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Medicine has shown that the pulp obtained from acai berries is able to stimulate the metabolism and reduce the negative effects of a diet rich in fat, but, remember that alone, they absolutely do not represent the panacea for lose weight.

portentous oil for the skin is extracted from the acai berries . Its use as an ingredient in beauty products and anti-aging creams is quite frequent. The same acai kisses, when inserted into the diet, help the skin regain its lost splendor and a healthier appearance. The peoples of Brazil have used acai berries for centuries as a natural remedy for epidermal problems.

Those suffering from digestive problems can take acai berries to find relief. They have detoxifying properties, are useful for the liver and are an important source of vegetable fibers, essential for the proper functioning of the intestine. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help support the immune system and prevent allergic reactions.

More generally, acai berries protect the cells of our whole body from attacks by free radicals and the action of external agents. They have anti-cancer properties . They are very rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid, an antioxidant polyphenol. The combination of the two substances supports the immune system.

According to a scientific study published by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, the polyphenols contained in acai berries are able to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells by up to 86%. The substances present in acai berries would act by annihilating cancer cells before they multiply.

Acai berries improve the overall energy levels of our body. They help to counteract fatigue and stress . According to some preliminary studies, their consumption could be useful to prevent the typical symptoms of menopause , as well as to improve the quality of sexual relations , promoting blood circulation to the genital organs, especially as regards men.

Where to find acai berries

The best acai berries come from organic farming . Their intake is facilitated by the presence on the market of juices and supplements based on their extracts, which can be purchased in herbal medicine or online . The acai juice organic and 100% pure is considered useful to keep your weight under control, protect the heart and blood vessels and cleanse the body. It is rich in omega 3 , omega 6 and vitamins.

Acai berries are also sold as a highly concentrated natural supplement . The supplement based on acai extracts promotes the metabolism and the transformation of fats into energy, allowing you to face the day with more determination. In addition, it is recommended to protect eyesight . The products available on the market usually consist of vegetable capsules that contain a high amount of concentrated acai berry extract.

Here is one last option: powdered acai berries . Organic acai berry powder is considered the best way to integrate this precious fruit into your diet. It is used as a slimming product , but at the same time it is rich in health benefits, due to its content of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and mineral salts, among which we find calcium, potassium and phosphorus. The acai berry powder must be dissolved in small quantities in the water, in the smoothies or in the drinks for breakfast, so as to make its intake simple and pleasant.

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