Abdel Fattah al Sisi

Abdel Fattah al Sisi . Military career. Retired Marshal. Protagonist of the coup d’etat of the 3 of July of 2013 against Islamist President Mohammed Mursi . Elected president of Egypt in the elections held in May 2014 and assumed office on June 8 of the same year.


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  • 1 Biographical synthesis
    • 1 Military history
    • 2 Political trajectory
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Biographical synthesis

He was born in Cairo , Egypt , on November 19 , 1954 . He graduated in 1977 from the Heliopolis Military Academy with the rank of lieutenant in the mechanized infantry, specializing in anti-tank warfare tactics. During three decades an impeccable record of service was built, mainly in the intelligence service.

He has studied military improvement in the United Kingdom , the Cairo College of Command and General Staff, where he graduated in Military Sciences, and in the United States Army War College , where many other Egyptian military personnel have been trained. Hence his close ties to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel .

Military track record

When he reached the rank of general, he obtained command of mechanized infantry brigades and, later, of the II Mechanized Infantry Division, a unit of which he was chief of staff and commander. In 2008, he was appointed commander of the Northern Military Region, with headquarters in Alexandria. Later he became part of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, being appointed director of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Office.

Following the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, he was promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces replacing Mohamed Hussein Tantawi. He also held the position of Minister of Defense and Military Production in the government of Mohamed Morsi.

In 2011 , he rose to the Military Junta that hijacked executive powers after the fall of Mubarak. Despite having no combat experience – although he was mobilized in the 1991 Gulf War, in which Egypt formed the multinational coalition led by the United States – he was appointed by the interim government with the highest rank of Field Marshal.

She came to the fore in June 2011, when she justified the virginity tests to which members of the Army subjected women detained in Tahrir Square, during the popular revolt against the then president, Hosni Mubarak .

The 3 of July of 2013 he starred in the coup against Islamist President Mohammed Mursi , with the support of the Armed Forces, and much of the citizenry for having “saved” the nation from Islamic extremism, which represses under the argument of fight against terrorism.

He was also a military attaché in Saudi Arabia , where he cultivated his international projection among the countries of the Persian Gulf .

Political career

After resigning from the post of Defense Minister , a necessary step to opt for the Head of State, since the new Constitution requires that a civilian occupy that position, although paradoxically it reinforces the autonomy and prerogatives of the military power, he opted for the presidency of the North African nation [1] .

Al Sisi won the presidency in the elections held in May 2014 with an overwhelming margin over his only contender, Hamdeen Sabahi .

Egyptian interim president, Adly Mansour , delivered the 8 of June of 2014 the leadership of his successor state to the Sisi, who took office after more than 11 months of political turmoil and economic uncertainty. The ceremony was held at the Ittihadia Palace, in the upper-class district of Heliopolis.

During the transmission of command, the new president praised the support of Saudi Arabia and its convening of a donor conference to help Egypt overcome the economic crisis in which it finds itself and mentioned the intention of returning to his country the leading role that has played in Africa and the Levant [2] .

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