A new cryptocurrency mine with ten liquid-cooled RTX 3090s comes to light

Cryptocurrency miners start to take even more care of their graphics and show us how they use 10 GeForce RTX 3090 with liquid cooling.

We started on Monday with the “fashion theme” in the hardware world and also in the economic one, that is, we started with cryptocurrencies and their “mines” or “farms” places where teams with a multitude of connected graphics are created to perform certain processes that allow its holders to receive Ethereum or some other crypto, processes that are commonly known as “mining”.

During the last months we have shown you a lot of these mines, some even inside the trunk of a BMW and today’s one is special because it uses the most powerful NVIDIA graphics and because, given the shortage of graphics, miners seem to want to start taking care plus its GPUs looking for more advanced cooling solutions than cold rooms and some fans.

This time we are shown a system with 10 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics that reach temperatures of between 41 and 49º in mining processes thanks to liquid cooling . These graphics support about 93º of maximum temperature so reducing them to almost half allows to increase the useful life of these GPUs. In addition, that same system we see that it has an MSI B360-F PRO motherboard that supports up to 18 graphics and three Super Flower Leadex Titanium power supplies of 1600W power each.

Also, as a curiosity, you can see below another mine with eight ASUS ROG Strix GeForce graphics (the specific model is unknown) operating with a non-conductive mineral oil cooling that allows all equipment components to be kept at low temperature.

NVIDIA’s Solution: Graphics for Miners and Reduce GeForce “Mining Power”

Precisely to avoid images like the one in this news (that is, mines full of graphics intended for gamers) NVIDIA wants to “fight” against miners in two ways. The first is to reduce the mining power of your RTX 3060 graphics (it is said that it will also do so with the 3080 Ti ) and the second is to create specific models of graphics specially optimized for mining . With this they want to make GeForce graphics stop being attractive to these miners who will be able to have their own product on the market.


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