A GoPro camera or a professional camera which you choose

If you are looking for a camera to capture those adventures or actions that you want to do and you still don’t know if your best option is a GoPro camera or a professional one.

The GoPro camera has become an addiction for adventure lovers while for a cinematographic professional their security will always be their professional camera with all its accessories that make their photo a good quality to present.

We must take into account the environment where you will use it , as well as the comfort or quality you are looking for, although the finish will be provided by you editing your photos like a professional.

Technology advances and we want to manipulate everything from our android like our camera and connect it to our pc to make streaming or broadcasts.

A GoPro camera or a professional camera which you choose

If you are looking for a cinematic quality I do not recommend a GoPro but rather invest in a professional camera, the prices range relatively to those of a GoPro. A Gopro has access to wifi and you can also manipulate your camera from your android while a professional camera cannot.

A professional camera has a variety of lenses and flash to give more light to your photos. Besides, it has a much larger sensor to capture much more light information, therefore, obtaining a higher quality of light, it may not be 4k but the final quality will be much better.

If you are looking for a GoPro image quality it is not the one. GoPro offers us the opportunity to take types of shots that you cannot take with a professional camera due to weight, size, accessories, among other things.

GoPro gives us a spectacular shot but not quality. We can take pictures or videos under water. GoPro has designed underwater vision compared to a professional camera, being able to take a camera up to 10m underwater and if you have an underwater housing even much more.

GoPro also offers us images in action , that is, jumping from a parachute, jumping into a pool, or even surfing shots. Also moving photos using the Pixaloop App on Android that you cannot take with a professional camera.

Sports cameras vs professional cameras

Sports cameras are so small and light while professional cameras are so heavy and even more so if you have to carry any type of accessories such as the zoom.

Accessories for professional cameras are very expensive while accessories for a GoPro can be obtained from $ 10 , that is, extremely inexpensive.

The complicated thing about a sports camera is the lighting , if at the time of taking the picture there is not enough light, your photo will not come out very well. While professional cameras have lighting accessories that will give an excellent quality to your photography.

The quality given by a sports camera for the price they have is still low. In the case of professional cameras, the high prices of their cameras and accessories are worth it for their quality.

The take pictures underwater has been the most innovative technology for sports cameras has launched the market while a camera can not take pictures underwater.

For professional cameras there are also housings on the market but these have a very high price . Always on the market, accessories for professional cameras are very expensive while accessories for a GoPro can be obtained from $ 10.

If you want portability and creativity, sports cameras can offer it to you, but if you want quality, a professional camera will give it to you.

The stabilization of sports cameras is superior due to its haiger technology , thanks to this technology we can take shots of a lot of action without the need to have an extra stabilizer as in the case of professionals.

In addition, a professional camera with the help of an extra microphone, the audio quality is much higher, that is, you can take pictures without noise filtering. In the case of sports cameras, their audio quality is good even without an external microphone.


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