9 tricks for WhatsApp groups you should know

In case you are an administrator of a WhatsApp group, you will be interested in knowing some tricks to manage and make the most of the options offered by WhatsApp groups , so we are going to see a list of them so that you can know them and put them into practice.

WhatsApp groups, as their name suggests, bring together several participants in the same conversation, so any message that a person sends can be seen by the rest of the people who are inside, but being an administrator, you have more privileges .

For example, you can configure different group options in terms of privacy, personalization and other types of small adjustments to your liking , some that you probably do not know, but if you are an administrator of a group they will come in handy in certain cases.

Decide who writes

As an administrator of a WhatsApp group you can use a very interesting trick if you think that people talk too much, or if it is only going to be a group of information, you only want to publish yourself and someone else designated by you as administrator.

You can decide who writes , in this case, you can have only administrators write and the rest of the participants only read. If you want to activate this little trick, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp, go to your WhatsApp group and once inside, click on the name that appears at the top. Inside, enter “group settings” .
  • Now click on “send messages”.
  • Choose the option “only administrators” , in this way you can only write those people who are administrators of the group, which can be 1 or several as designated, although by default it is only one person and it is that person who decides whether to add more.

Decide who can edit group information

As an administrator, you can also use a trick that allows you to prevent the rest of the participants of a group from editing the information of the group itself, thus preventing them from modifying the photo, description, etc. To use it, follow these steps:

  • Access the WhatsApp group and click on the name to access the settings. Then go into “group settings” .
  • Now choose the option “edit group info” .
  • Choose the option “only administrators” , in this way only those who are will be able to modify the subject, the icon, the description and the configuration of the group’s temporary messages.

Mention a specific user

If you want to reply to a specific user within a group, you can use the mention trick using the @ , in this way a notification will reach that person because they will know that the message will be addressed directly to him or her.

Simply put the @ symbol and then choose the user to write the message, so everyone in the group will know that the message in question will be addressed to that person.

Prevent media content from being saved

Whether you are an administrator or a member of a WhatsApp group, by default, all the multimedia content that you receive within the group is stored in the photo gallery of your phone, which takes up space that you could use for other things.

This is easily avoidable, and you can prevent any photo or video that appears in the group conversation from being saved by activating this possibility, for which you must do the following:

  • Enter the group and access the configuration by clicking on the name at the top. Inside click on “save to photos . 
  • Select the option “never”, so no multimedia file will be stored on your phone, but it has the disadvantage that you can only see it within the group.

Mute the group

In case there are many participants within a WhatsApp group and, in addition, they are very active who speak at all times, it is likely that you want to silence the group to avoid so much notification on your phone, and you can do that with a few steps :

  • Access the group in question that you want to silence and enter the settings. Go to the “mute” section .
  • Now click on the option you want, you can silence the group for 8 hours, 1 week or forever.

Create a link for others to join

You might be interested in adding someone you do not have among your contacts to a WhatsApp group and in that case you can make use of the invitation links , which are nothing more than a URL so that those people can enter the group and be part of it .

You could send that link by mail and the user who opened it will decide whether to enter or not. This invitation link is generated as follows:

  • Enter the WhatsApp group and then to the settings, go down almost to the bottom and enter where it says ” group invitation link . 
  • You will see that the link appears above that you can share from the options below to send it by mail or generate a QR code that the other person could scan to access the WhatsApp group.

Export the whole conversation

Another trick that you should know is the possibility you have is to export the entire group chat to a compressed file that, among other things, contains a text file with the written conversations, so you have them stored under any circumstance.

To export a group chat follow these steps:

  • Within the WhatsApp group, access the settings and then click on the “export chat” option.
  • Choose where you want to send the file, if by mail, upload it to the cloud, etc.

Find out who reads your messages

Any participant in a group can know if their message has been read by the rest of the people who make it up, the trick is to make a long press on the message and enter the option “info”, there you can find out who has read the message and other data.

You will be able to know the exact date and time that it was read and in case it has not been read by someone in particular, you can also know it because it does not enter the list of people in the “seen by” section, but in one called “delivered to”.

Of course, you will not know if they have read it if those people have been able to deactivate the double blue check for reading confirmation, they probably have already seen it, but it will only appear as “delivered” to you, so do not trust too much This possibility.

Avoid being put into groups

It is not a proper trick to apply within a group, but it will help you in another case, avoid that some of your contacts can introduce you without notifying you within a WhatsApp group , a fairly common practice that many people do not like. .

Although there is no option to put that nobody can invite you, if you can do it in another way, it is the following:

  • Enter WhatsApp / settings / account / privacy. Now go to ” groups “.
  • Finally, select “my contacts, except …” and there you will have to choose which people you do not want to be invited, if you select all of them, no one will be able to invite you, although if you mark only some, those specific people will not be able to invite you to be part of a group.

These tricks for WhatsApp groups , along with other tricks in general for WhatsApp will allow you to make the most of the possibilities that this application gives you, so do not hesitate to try them all because they are very useful depending on the circumstances you are going to use them.

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