Work culture is the values ​​that become the nature and habits in work activities that change into a culture and norms carried out by an individual and a group. Meanwhile, bad work culture is bad values ​​and habits that are adhered to and implemented by individuals and team members who are outside the limits of reasonable norms.


A bad work culture can be implemented by several companies that we know, which are around us. Whether we realize it or not, a company with a bad work culture will put tremendous pressure on its employees. A wise man says that:

“It’s better to work alone, rather than working in the wrong company”.


Life is a choice. Do Career Advice colleagues agree with this statement? If fellow readers do agree that life is a choice, then the choice to stay or leave the company with a bad work culture is in each of us.


Signs are in a Company with a Poor Work Culture

When we want to make the choice to leave work at a company, we need to evaluate some signs that can serve as a warning that we must immediately “run” from the company. The following are signs that we can watch out for.


1. Always Link the Past with the Present.

The first sign that shows that the company is not very good for our development is always to underestimate us. This company has a work culture that always looks at its employees like the mistakes they made in the past. Even though the employee has changed and is progressing, that is not their focus .


Almost everyone in this company always associates a person’s mistakes and past with the present life, including his management. This is dangerous, because no employee can develop well in a company like this.


2. Proximity that is intertwined because “There Wants”.

As the proverb says “There is a shrimp behind a stone”, which means that a person’s attitude to us can be influenced by the desire for something or not sincere. Try fellow readers to consider how the interaction occurs between you and your colleagues, and between you and management. If they are difficult in allocating time for us, especially if they only want to talk and interact with us when “they want” or there is something they want to tell us. Believe me, this is not a good company for us to give a sense of loyalty and trust in the long term.


3. Many Discredit Our Dreams and Capabilities.

The third sign that indicates that we are in a poorly cultured company is that the people in it like to discredit our dreams and abilities. They seemed to not believe and underestimate the abilities we have. Not only that, the people in this company seemed to close the road to our career development.


Most of them think of us as a threat and a very dangerous competitor. In fact, we are all one team. Meanwhile, those who deserve to be competitors are those from external parties, not internal parties.


4. The people in them like to lie more than once.

Honesty is one of the most important characteristics for success in the workforce. Companies with a good and right work culture will always encourage their employees to be honest and have a high level of integrity. However, what if the people in the company have formed a dishonest work culture? Yep! we all already know the answer that this is not a good company for our future development.


If we have found coworkers and management who lie, and this lie is done more than once, then be prepared to look for companies with a better work culture.


5. There is coercion to make us into others.

When many companies and leaders want their employees to be themselves and display their uniqueness, this company instead wants all employees to be as uniform as they want or force each employee to be what they want, regardless of the uniqueness values ​​that are owned by each the employee.


If someone or a group of people expects us to be someone who is not ourselves, then we better retreat. There’s nothing worse than being like other people and nothing worse than staying in such a troublesome environment. Love and respect ourselves, it will be better for our development in the present and future.


6. Much Negativity Is Contagious to Us.

We can not control anything that other people say and do to us, but we have strong control to invite or reject them in channeling all the negativity or not. When these negative people have succeeded in spreading their negativity to us, even though we have exerted as much control as possible, we are in the wrong environment.


7. Many are Envy and Envy of What We Have.

A little jealousy is okay, instead it is good for encouraging fair competition within the company. However, what if the feelings of envy and envy have dominated many employees and even management in the company? This will create an uncomfortable working atmosphere because any achievement we give will cause jealousy in the environment. Companies with a good work culture will encourage each team member to excel and follow each other’s good examples, not jealous and envious.


8. Almost Everyone Encourages Us to Judge Each Other or Hate Others.

In fact, no one is far superior to other individuals. In other words, in this world there are no beliefs, races, sizes or tribes that are far superior to anything else. When an environment encourages each other to judge and hate others, then this environment can be said to be no longer healthy. People who motivate us to judge or hate others are as bad as bad companies. Therefore, all decisions are in our hands, whether we still want to survive or leave the company with a work culture like this.


9. Of All the Signs above, We Feel Very Trapped.

After seeing the eight signs before and we realize that 8 signs are in our company now, then the last sign in closing is that we feel really trapped inside the company. We feel like there’s nothing we can do anymore, other than just following the direction and direction. We feel unmotivated and not passionate about working anymore .


by Abdullah Sam
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