9 Essential Tips For A Successful Texting Lover

Although texting is an integral part of our habits today, it’s not easy to aim right every time.

There are indeed some rules to follow so that his romantic SMS is successful and that the communication of his couple is healthy and fulfilling.

After all, who wants to repeat the same monotonous, colorless texts over and over again?

Without further ado, here are 9 essential tips for writing a successful romantic text , whether you are in a long-distance relationship or not.


1. Send and forget!

Too often when you send a message to the person you love, you tend to check every five minutes if the message has been seen or if you have received a reply.

Checking your phone when you might just be waiting for notification is a compulsive habit.

This is a very unhealthy and relatively stressful situation for your relationship. If this is the case for you, then there is one thing you need to understand.

Your other half can have thousands of reasons not to answer you immediately or even within hours: she is too busy, her phone is empty, she did not hear the notification, she forgot her phone, she does not has more credit, doesn’t feel like talking, doesn’t have a network, etc.

The only solution to overcome this major problem is to simply write the text, send it and then forget it. Don’t wait for an immediate response. Write and move on.

If it helps, try writing a message that is self-sufficient, assertive, and doesn’t include questions.

2. Don’t respond too quickly

Once the answer is received, keep that mentality and don’t rush to your smartphone. In order to show that you are detached from this, take at least 10 or 15 minutes before responding .

Of course, you don’t have to do this every time, especially when your partner is online and you can have an ongoing chat, but it is good to alternate so that you in turn appear as busy and having d. other priorities .

Why that ? Because from now on, it will be your other half who will await your message with excitement, making you in a certain way more attractive (e).

3. Share your world

Whether it’s your job, an outing or an activity, invite your partner into your world during these key moments .

Sharing your day-to-day life is a great way to stay connected and interesting.

Do you have any anecdotes to share? Personal stories? The best way to do this is to bring your other half into your world on a regular basis so that they know the background and the motivations.

Communicate by text on a daily basis about what makes your life, and what your partner’s day would be like if he or she were with you now.

4. Vary the pleasures

Surprise your partner and send them all kinds of texts, rather than sending them the same messages over and over again (“I miss you”, “What’s up?”, Etc.)

Your text messages are informative, funny, mysterious, love, interrogative, etc . No limits !

Avoid always sending the same texts, with the same phrases, at the same times and under the same conditions.

As I explain in the free Ebook “The 3 Capital Mistakes” , monotony and routine are not inevitable. You just need to learn to be more spontaneous in writing your SMS, but also to let your creativity speak.

5. Spice up your conversations

Likewise, nothing prevents you from raising the temperature and spicing up your exchanges to make your exchanges more fun .

This is a great way to ignite desire and make the conversation all the more fun. Stay light and tease your partner. Let the other enter the game and have fun for example through a role-playing game.

If you want to know more about it, I recommend you read the article “ How to Spice up and Sexualize Your Long Distance Relationship? “.

6. Don’t harass your partner

Sending too many texts is strongly discouraged. Especially if your partner doesn’t respond.

In other words, if your other half still hasn’t replied to your first message on topic A, don’t send them a second message on topic B, a third on topic C, and so on.

Understand that when your other half goes to check their messages, they are unlikely to appreciate being bombarded with questions and information that are not related to each other.

Wait for his response before sending him another message. It will always give you something to say and make the conversation much more enjoyable.

7. Send as much as your partner

Healthy communication must be balanced between the two partners. If one or the other sends the vast majority of messages, then from a certain point you will have an imbalance and a loss of attraction.

Don’t spam your partner at all times of the day. On the contrary, follow this very simple advice: send as many messages as your other half .

That is, you can either reduce the number of messages you send or encourage your partner to text more.

In this second situation, just tell him that you would love to hear more from him and that there is no holding back. Ask him or her to text you whenever he or she thinks a lot about you, something interesting happens, wants to talk, etc.

Finally, be careful not to always be the first to start the conversation each day, giving him that possibility in turn.

8. Don’t argue over text

Texting is probably the worst form of communication when it comes to arguments . Indeed, the text is too impersonal and indirect to fully understand the other, reducing the chances of resolving a conflict.

If you are communicating in writing and the tone is rising, it is better to go on the phone or Skype, so as not to risk misinterpretations .

Texting leaves too much of a mystery when trying to find out the other person’s real intentions. As such, having an argument over message only prolongs and unnecessarily reinforces all negative emotions .

In the end, your argument lasts much longer than a traditional argument and it will be stored in your phone so that it can be read at any time. Not bad is not it ?

Thus, I strongly recommend that you never argue by interposed message .

9. Be positive

Human beings are naturally drawn to the positive.

Prefer to keep sad stories, gossip, and complaints for your acquaintances and pets.

To stay attractive, it is essential not to lower your partner’s morale , but also not to harass with messages showing your jealousy (“Where are you?”, “Who are you with? ”,“ What are you doing? ”,“ Why didn’t you answer me? ”).

On the contrary, express your gratitude , optimism and enthusiasm as often as possible, so that you become a real source of positive waves for your sweetheart.


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