9 diseases transmitted by kissing on the mouth

Is kissing on the mouth a thing of the past? No … And it never will be! But the kissers on duty must be attentive to avoid the diseases transmitted by the kiss on the mouth in order to avoid problems in the future that will end the party. See below what these diseases are and what you can do to protect yourself or treat diseases that are transmitted through kissing on the mouth.

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The kiss on the mouth is usually a way of expressing affection or interest in a person. In the time of our grandparents it was a common act between couples, today it can happen between two people who have just met.

Kissing on the mouth is very good and can even help you lose calories , but did you know that, despite this act generating a series of benefits – mainly related to the production of hormones that cause well-being -, kissing can also transmit diseases?

The mouth is a place full of bacteria, however not all transmit diseases or cause health problems. When you kiss someone else, you come into contact with the fluids – and bacteria – that are present in that person’s mouth. That is, there is a risk of getting a disease.

Know now the diseases that are transmitted through kissing on the mouth and learn to protect yourself properly!

  • 9 Diseases transmitted by kissing on the mouth:

1. Cold sores

Caused by a virus, the disease manifests itself from time to time through small sores on the lips and inside the mouth.

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There is no cure. Once in contact with the virus you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life.

The best way to prevent? Avoid kissing someone with mouth sores. Other infectious diseases can also be transmitted through this injury.

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2. Mononucleosis

Known as “the kiss disease”, mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein Barr virus and is transmitted through saliva.

Many people have contact with the virus that transmits the disease, but the vast majority of them do not develop symptoms. But a low immune system can be an opening to deal with the disease.

The most common symptoms are :

  • Fever;
    • Fatigue;
    • Swelling and sore throat.

When left untreated, mononucleosis can develop into something more serious, such as throat cancer.

To prevent yourself the best is to take good care of your hygiene and avoid kissing people who are suspected of the disease.

3. Gingivitis

The bacteria that cause gingivitis can also be transmitted through kissing. After all, it is a time when there is a great “exchange of saliva” and as you already know, our mouth is full of microorganisms that live there.

To prevent the best is to always be aware of oral health. No neglecting brushing.

4. Caries

Caries is caused by bacteria that penetrates the teeth and when left untreated can lead to tooth loss. The kiss can contribute to an increase or appearance of cavities.

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All this due to the exchange of fluids that occurs when you kiss another person.

The best way to prevent it is to carefully brush your teeth, especially if you do not have a steady partner and have “stayed” with several people.

5. Tonsillitis

The disease can be transmitted by viruses or bacteria and even if the person does not show any more symptoms, they can pass the disease if they are still under treatment.

When caused by viruses, even if you are taking palliative remedies for the symptoms, the ideal is to wait at least 7 days before kissing again on the mouth .

The same is true for those undergoing treatment for bacterial tonsillitis . Finish the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor and then allow yourself to kiss your partner again.

Those who date can bet on pecks and kisses on the face during the treatment period.

6. Flu A

It is not just sneezing that transmits flu A. A kiss with someone who has the disease can also cause you to develop it.

A person who already has the symptoms will probably remain at rest, but if he has not yet manifested anything he can transmit the virus through the kiss on the mouth.

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To prevent the best it is to avoid kissing many partners during the winter season, when the disease appears more often.

Body pain and high fever – above 38 degrees – are two of the main symptoms of influenza A.

7. Meningitis

Meningitis is a serious disease that can also be transmitted through the exchange of saliva. The greater the number of people you kiss the greater the chances of getting the disease.

It can be viral, bacterial or fungal, the first two most common ways of being transmitted through kissing on the mouth.

Symptoms involve :

  • Sudden high fever;
    • Headaches;
    • Photosensitivity;
    • Lack of appetite and the presence of red spots on the skin.

The best form of prevention is to decrease the number of people you kiss when you go to a party or club.

8. Syphilis

Although the most common form of syphilis transmission occurs through sexual contact, it is possible to contract the disease if the partner has a mouth sore.

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In the second stage of syphilis, it is common for wounds to appear on the most diverse parts of the body, including the mouth.

To prevent, avoid kissing if you have a sore in your mouth or if your partner has any injuries in that region.

9. Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A can be transmitted through the fluid exchange that happens during a kiss.

Its main symptoms are :

  • Fever;
    • Tiredness;
    • malaise;
    • Lack of appetite;
    • Dark urine and vomiting.

It is an inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. The treatment consists of rest, since it is caused by a virus the body itself will get rid of the infectious agent.

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To prevent it is worth the recommendation of the vast majority of diseases transmitted through kissing on the mouth: Avoid kissing many different people.

Diseases transmitted through kissing can be simple or more serious, but prevention is better than cure, isn’t it ?!


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